Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer

Playing golf really is a fun activity to take part in, especially when you are good at it.

If you feel like you are one of the more average golfers out there then you may be looking at ways that you can try and improve your game.

Before you go and spend unwanted money on a new set of clubs there are a few things you should think about.

First of all, it could be the clubs you are using, but most likely it isn’t. Really you should start to look towards what you are doing wrong in terms of your technique.

Once you have done that and are still feeling like you need to improve, you may want to start looking into what golf balls you are using.

The reason for that is because some balls offer different advantages over others.

If it is your long game that is holding you back then you want to start looking for balls that offer a high flight and low spin so that velocity is wasted drifting out wide. In other words the ball will travel straight.

If it is your short game you are trying to improve then you want a ball that is going to help you be more accurate.

These are miniscule little details but can really improve your game for the better. Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of all the best balls for you average golfers.


One of the best balls on the market is the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball.

One of the first things you will notice about playing golf is how far you can get the ball to travel, in many cases the further the ball travels the easier the hole will be for you.

With these specific balls the ball will be able to travel for a much longer distance.

This ball offers very low spin which means that when you take a swing at the ball, providing that your technique is that of a good one the ball will not skew to the side.

If a ball begins to skew to the side it will often mean that the overall distance that it travels is a lot less than if a ball travels more directly.

Though the ball is only available in one color, White. Many beginners like to use bright colors as they find it easier to track the ball.

Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about your short game. This ball has an increased drop and stop feature.

This will dramatically improve your short game. The reason for this is because it won’t travel further than it is supposed to. 

That may sound a little weird at first but some balls will often roll quite a lot, especially when you are on the green and it is a much smoother surface.


  • Will travel for longer distances
  • Low spin so the ball will not skew to the side
  • Will also improve your short game due to the drop and stop features of the ball


  • Only available in one color.

You can also find them here


Again another great golf ball on the market is the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball. It is actually quite a uniquely designed ball too. 

It has a 338 speed dimple pattern, this will improve its ability to travel in the wind over longer distances and in turn improve your long game, because you will be able to hit the ball at a much further distance than you previously could have.

The dimple design also improves the lift of the ball, this means that the ball will travel at a higher distance and reach that distance at a much quicker rate.

If a ball offers you poor lift then it will struggle to rise to the level that you want, this means that it is more likely to hit obstacles along the way.

Though they are not very durable and may pick up scuffs.

Due to the ball offering such a soft thin cover it will provide you with a lot of greenside spin, this will improve many other areas of your golf game and not just your long game. It will improve your chipping and your putts.

When you chip a ball you are normally looking to gain enough height to make it over something with greenside spin you will be able to lift the ball and have it travel a little further than before which can be extremely helpful.


  • Will perform very well in the wind and travel for longer distances
  • Will have great lift and reach higher distances at a much quicker rate.
  • Will also improve your chipping and putting game which is an area that many average golfers can struggle


  • Not very durable and may pick up scuffs.


These specific TaylorMade Distance Plus balls are again one of the best on the market for average golfers.

They have a very low spin and are able to travel at a high speed, this will improve your long game massively allowing you to make the ball travel at a much further distance than you previously may have been able to make it.

It has a 342 aero dimple pattern. This like the previous ball will allow it to travel at a very high performance rate during strong winds.

It is no surprise that in many cases the balls expected distance can be impacted by how strong the wind is and how far it is pushing against it. That shouldn’t be a problem with these specific balls.

The ball itself is only available in white so if you are someone who has always struggled to track your ball then you may want to look for options that include very bright colors.

Tracking a ball in golf can be difficult because they travel at such high speeds, if there is an option to improve that feature you should always take it, it just makes your life easier.


  • Will travel at a low spin rate meaning no power is wasted by the ball skewing to the side
  • Will also travel at a high speed which means it will cover more distance much quicker
  • Performs very well in the wind and will not be majorly impacted by it.


  • Only available in one color so if you struggle to track golf balls once you’ve hit them you may want to find a ball that is much brighter.


Another great ball for average golfers to use is the Vice Tour golf balls.

They again offer a 392 aerodynamic dimple design, this will keep the ball travelling at a great performance level during stronger winds. 

It will keep the balls flight much more stable, if a balls flight is unstable it can damage the end result of the distance travelled.

Distance really is key to this balls features, it has a soft energy speed core, this means that it will be able to travel those extra few yards that you are pining for, it will be incredibly smooth on impact and will really accentuate how good your technique really is. This will help improve your golf game as a whole.

This ball is great off the tee and will obviously travel a fair distance, though it doesn’t do much for improving your short game.

If your short game is the area in which you need to improve then you may be better looking at balls that are specifically designed to be more accurate on the green.


  • Will perform well in the wind
  • Will improve your technique
  • Great off the tee and will travel far


  • Doesn’t do much for improving your short game


Again another great ball for average golfers is the Kirkland Signature three piece golf ball, it is called a three piece golf ball due to the three piece urethane cover, this offers you a much softer feel and more control over the ball, this will aid immensely in improving your overall skill and technique.

The ball offers high spin that can be incredibly useful in improving your short game, when putting you are often on the green which is an incredibly smooth surface.

This means that the ball will spin effortlessly along it reaching its intended target, which of course is the hole.

Though it may be a little more difficult to keep the balls flight straight over longer distances.

Though the beall does offer high spin which in some cases can be difficult for longer shots due to the ball being susceptible to skewing to the side in high winds, this particular ball will maximize your distance in your long game, that way you are not only improving your short game but also your game over longer distances.


  • Urethane cover will offer you more control over the ball
  • Will also improve your short game and not just your long game
  • Can travel a good distance improving your long game


  • High spin can be difficult in some cases.

Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer Buying Guide

Short Game

Short game is an area of golf that most people falter at, so if you consider yourself an average golfer it is no surprise that that is an area in which you are trying to improve, after all it is where you are probably picking up your most attempts.

Short game isn’t about power, it is about being accurate and hitting the ball with just the right amount of strength for the ball to travel.

There are many balls on the above list that are great for improving your short game. This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to improving your golf game and turning you from an average golfer into a great golfer.

Short game is unavoidable so you need to have a good one if you are going to be taken seriously on the golf course.

That is why it is one of the most important things that you need to consider when it comes time to improve your golf game. As stated there are lots of balls above that can do that.

Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer

Long Game

Your long game again is just as important as your short game, i mean what is the point of having a really good short game if it is taking you 6 attempts to get onto the green.

The way to improve this is of course first by looking at your technique.

If you find that still is leaving you a few yards short of where you want to be then the best thing you can do is look at what type of ball you are using and if they are able to improve the distance in which you can hit the ball.

This will be in the areas of aerodynamic performance and low spinning balls. These will improve your distance game massively and help improve your game as a whole.

The above balls are all great for improving long game and maximizing the distance in which the ball will travel so if that is an area in which you are struggling then this will help you massively.

This really is an important aspect for you to consider when you are trying to become a better golfer.


The reason aerodynamic balls are important for you to consider is because it will mean that the ball will not struggle when there is very strong winds, if the ball struggles in high winds then it will be difficult for you to be able to make the ball travel for a very long distance.

Many of the above balls travel well in strong winds. If a ball does not travel well in long winds then it will be difficult for you to improve the distance that you can reach when playing golf.

Distance covered is one of the most important aspects of golf so improving that part of your game should be one of your highest priorities. This will take you from the amateurs to the pros in no time.

Low Spin

Balls that offer low spin are again incredibly useful when it comes to improving your golf game, the reason for this is because if a ball has high spin over longer distances it can start to skew to the side.

By doing this the ball is hindering the maximum distance that it is able to achieve. This can be incredibly irritating especially when you feel like you are doing nothing wrong.

This really is one of the most important things that you’ll need to consider when looking into what golf balls can improve your game.


The color of the ball isn’t always important unless you normally struggle to track your ball after you have hit it, this is due to the fact that balls travel at a very high speed and can in some cases blend into the background.

Balls that are bright colors are naturally much easier for you to be able to see them and track the distance in which you have covered when striking the ball.

If that is an area in which you struggle in then you should certainly look into what color golf balls you are using and if you are able to find a brighter one to make that much easier for you.

Soft Feel

Soft feel balls will greatly improve your technique when striking the ball as you will feel exactly what it is that you are doing wrong.

If technique is an area in which you find yourself struggling then selecting a soft feel ball may be the best idea for you, as stated it will enhance your ability to improve your technique which in many ways can help your performance more than anything.

This really can be important to you if you feel like your technique is lacking so should be considered with great importance.

Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer - FAQ's

Why Are Low Spin Balls So Good?

Low spin balls are great over long distances because they will not skew to the side, if a ball skews to the side then a lot of the initial power that you hit the ball with can be taken away by the ball travelling to the side instead of the ball travelling directly which is what you want the ball to be doing if you want to improve your long game.

How Do Aerodynamic Balls Help?

They will perform at a high level during strong winds, strong winds can majorly impact how well a ball performs so it is important to have a ball that will not be hindered by the wind pushing against it.

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