Best Golf Balls For Beginners

When beginning anything new, there are so many things to consider, and a lot to learn. The same is true for golf: it’s a very technical and skillful sport, for which you need a fair bit of equipment.

Once you’ve decided upon your clubs and picked a club to go to, the next thing you need is a set of your own golf balls.

As with any sport, there are a range of abilities in golf. This means that different players have different skills, and therefore look for different features in their golf balls. As a newbie, it might be a bit overwhelming to see how many different brands and types of golf balls there are.

There are so many things to consider! From the dimple pattern to the spin control, from the flight distance to the weight, each type of golf ball has a unique set of features that affect the way you play, and which need to be considered when purchasing your first set.

If you’re not yet sure what you’re looking for, don’t worry! In this article, we’ll explore some of the best golf balls for beginners, and try to help you decide which features are right for you. Carry on reading to see our best picks for beginners’ golf balls.

Best Golf Balls For Beginners


This golf ball is a reliable choice among a range of golfers - for rookies and high handicappers, alike! It is known for its consistency and is especially popular among new golfers because of it.

This golf ball model features the same high-quality spin coating technology as can be found on many premium golf balls. The spinskin on this model creates lots of friction with the air, which makes the ball spin more than most others of this caliber.

On top of the spin speed, the coating on this ball and increased friction enable you to have more control over it when putting and playing on the green.

Another special feature of the AD333 is its new-and-improved dimple pattern. The dimples have been designed to make the ball more aerodynamic than previous Srixon models.

The increased aerodynamics allow the ball to travel longer distances and to maintain more control against the wind.

This is a great feature for beginners, as it means you won’t have to start factoring in the wind as much as other players before you’ve had some good practice and are used to playing.

This golf ball is a two-piece model, meaning that inside the thin outer shell is just one other layer - the core. Two-piece constructions are often the more favorable choice for golfing beginners due to their ability to maximize the energy transfer from the club to the ball.

Basically, you don’t have to hit two-piece balls as hard as multi-layer balls, because they carry more energy so they can travel further, more easily.

The AD333’s core in particular is a lower-compression gradient growth core. This essentially means that the ball has a soft feel upon contact with the club, and delivers a long flight distance consistently. 


  • Spinskin is designed to increase spin and improve control on the green
  • Aerodynamic dimple placement
  • Two-piece design enables consistently long flight distances


  • Many owners of this ball have stated that when hit with a driver, this ball makes a click sound, which can be off putting for beginners


This two-piece golf ball offers an affordable yet high-quality option to golfing beginners. For starters, this model comes in a range of bright colors, which makes the balls easier to spot on the course and less easy to lose!

Their matte finish also means that they don’t reflect much light, so are easier to follow when in the air. That’s great if you’re a beginner and want to watch the ball clearly to assess your swing.

Another aesthetic feature of this design, that doubles as a practical feature, is the black line on one part of the ball. Having this thick line on the golf ball can give beginners something to focus on when they hit the ball.

The more focused on the ball you are, the better the accuracy of your swing; the better the accuracy of your swing, the more control you have over the shot!

As is pretty obvious from the name, these golf balls are pretty soft to the touch.

While this feature may make it easy to hit, and will create a soft feel for the golfer, the softness of the ball reduces the distance the ball can travel, when compared to tougher alternatives.

When you’re a beginner, though, distance may not be a priority for you, if you’re just trying to figure out how you can control your swing.

The outer shell is made of Surlyn; a resin that creates a protective barrier around the ball. This resin layer, as well as making the ball durable and long-lasting, also increases the friction, and thus the spin, of the ball.


  • Clear visibility, thanks to the bright colors and matte finish
  • The black line gives the player a focal point
  • Soft feel upon contact with
  • ball - a pleasant experience for newbiesStrong resin outer layer that increases durability and spin


  • Reduced distance capacity due to the softness of the ball


These golf balls are so-called primarily due to the three colored lines on the ball. This Triple Track technology helps to improve putting accuracy by making alignment with the ball much easier.

For beginners, this technology could really help build your accuracy and increase your contact with the ball.

Funnily enough, the inspiration behind the Triple Track technology was drawn not from a beginner-level golfer, but from a veteran golfer, who supposedly drew three lines on his golf balls to help him find them in the rough!

This model is not a two-piece, but a multi-piece ball. Callaway pride themselves on the high rate of energy transfer between the layers. The ball features a High Energy Core, which has been engineered to ensure long distance and high speeds.

Combined with the core is their High Speed Mantle, which has been designed to increase the efficiency of energy transfers between the ball’s layers. This, in turn, creates more speed, and more spin when used with a wedge.


  • Triple Track technology makes making contact with the ball easy for beginners
  • The High Energy Core and High Speed Mantle combine to make the ball energy efficient and powerful


  • According to a few players, the Triple Track technology is only actually super helpful when putting


This semi-soft ball is made up of five layers - all of which combine to make Taylor Made’s Speed-Layer System. The Urethane and paint soft-tough cover make this ball extremely durable.

The urethane cover also increases the grooves in the ball, so creates plenty of friction for that all-important greenside spin and control. Inside this shell are four increasingly sturdy layers.

These four layers act together to make the TP5 Taylor Made’s speediest ball yet in this range, which means they are easier to hit from the tee, and have stronger resistance against the wind.

At the center of the ball is the extra-large Low Compression Core. This fancy core helps you to hit further, because it reduces the drag experienced in the air.

The speed of this model is increased by the High-Flex Material that the company has adopted. In essence, this material acts as a sort of spring; it absorbs energy after the ball is hit and rebounds fast, and springs back to generate more speed. Clever!

This model is even used by serious golfers, so they must be pretty good.


  • High speed is enabled by the five-layer technology of the ball
  • The ball is long-lasting, thanks to the outer shell and its coating


  • Along with its high quality comes a slightly higher price. You get what you pay for, after all!


This snazzy ball is available in three colors: white, yellow, and orange. The brightness of these balls makes them easy to spot in the rough! The Honma NX also has a matte finish, which means less light reflection and more visibility.

This ball is perfect for beginners that want to increase their distance. It has a three-piece layering construction, and at the center of it lies a rubber core.

The soft core is of extremely high resilience, which helps to ensure great ball speed and to increase your hitting distance - especially if you’re a beginner and don’t have a quick swing!

On the outer shell of the ball, the dimples have been designed to create plenty of resistance, and make this ball pretty easy to hit in a straight line off the tee.

Hitting in a straight line isn’t easy, so this could be helpful if you’re only just starting.

As well as its functionality, this ball also feels nice to play. Its soft Ionomer outer shell covering and soft middle layer combine to give this ball a soft feel that many players enjoy.


  • Good visibility - even when you’re in the rough!
  • Helps beginners to reach long distances
  • Dimples aid straight-line accuracy and make hitting it off the tee a little easier


  • If you’ve got a high-speed swing, these might be a bit too speedy for your power


Our second Srixon ball on the list, this model is slightly pricier than the first, but certainly warrants it. The Z Star is particularly helpful if you’re trying to improve your short game.

Much like the AD333s, this Srixon ball has an innovative spinskin cover that creates friction and enables you to produce maximum spin with the ball. What’s better about this ball, though, is the special SeRM coating.

Srixon have added a chemical to the shell of this ball to give it a durable coating. The chemical also sticks to the grooves of wedges and irons, in order to create even more spin than the spinskin would alone.

With additional spin comes additional control, and a stronger stopping power.

The speed of this ball is helped by the Speed Dimple Pattern, which Srixon have developed to create a ball that can withstand even the strongest winds and continue to stay flying in a straight line.

This ball is so advanced that you’re more likely to find it among more experienced golfers than among beginners. However, it would be a great ball to start with, if you can afford to splash the extra bit of cash!


  • SeRM coating makes this ball more spinnable and accurate
  • It is not strongly affected by wind, thanks to the 338 Dimple Pattern
  • Overall high quality


  • Not as suitable for long distances
  • More pricey than the list’s alternatives


This brilliant distance ball is constructed with advanced two-piece technology, which, as we’ve mentioned, is ideal for beginners. What’s also appealing about this ball, is its price; it’s a really affordable model, so is perfect for your first set of golf balls.

Getting a Distance golf ball is also really helpful if you’re starting out, because they will help you to hit further, until your swing is powerful and fast enough to get you the distance you are looking for.

Another feature of the Ultra 500 Distance Golf Ball which aids its speed and distance is its titanium core.

The core is made out of high-energy titanium, which is able to generate a large velocity when you hit from the tee, and thus get the ball further, more quickly.

Unlike many of the balls listed in this article, as opposed to increasing spin, this ball is designed to reduce it. Wilson have done this to make it easier for beginners to hit in straight lines.

Thanks to its cut-proof outer shell, this ball is also extremely durable. No matter how many trees you hit or shots you mis-hit, this ball should last you a good while.


  • This distance ball makes it easier for beginners to reach long distances, thanks to the high-energy titanium core and two-piece technology
  • It’s affordable


  • If you’ve discovered that you are a fan of spin, this ball minimizes it, so would not be the best choice for you


These recycled balls have been used but returned to premium condition; for half the price of new Pinnacle balls, why don’t you choose these used golf balls as your initial practice set?

Each of the balls in this pack will have been tested independently by a professional, which ensures that the quality of these balls matches that of new ones.

Our favorite thing about these Reload golf balls is that there will be a variety of Pinnacle golf ball models in each pack!

This would be a great exercise for a beginner; using multiple types of balls could help you to discover which features you personally value most in a ball.

This would be helpful to know before investing large sums of money on expensive brand new golf balls.

Pinnacle is a renowned brand in the golfing industry, and their distance balls are often the ideal choice for a beginner. If you find a ball you love in this pack, you could go on to purchase a brand new set of that Pinnacle model!

This ball is a great option if you don’t want to spend money on your first load of balls, or if you want to try out a few different types before investing in one specific model.


  • Variety of balls gives you the ability to try out multiple types of golf balls
  • High quality balls at a fraction of the price of brand new balls


  • It may be confusing for a newbie to be constantly switching between different golf ball types

The Bottom Line

As you delve into the world of golf, you’ll soon realize that every player has different skills, and thus every player needs different things from their golf balls.

While most beginners will have a slow swing, and will therefore need a ball that maximizes their power, some beginners have a strong and fast swing from the start, so may not want a ball that increases their distance.

Similarly, as a beginner, you may not be ready to throw spin into the mix, so might want to stick to something like the Ultra 500 models that inhibit spin.

However, some beginners are big fans of spin, and use it to make their shots easier, so might want a ball that maximizes spin, like the Z-Star.

What we’re saying is that, as a newbie, there’s a lot you need to learn about your golfing style before you’re likely to find your best-suited golf ball, but that there are also so many great options for starting out.

We hope that this article has given you a little more insight into what you need to consider when buying your golf balls, and that there’s something on the list that you think will help to put you on the right track! 

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