Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers

So what is a mid handicapper I hear you ask? Well simply put a mid handicapper can be described as someone who plays with a handicap that is between 11 and 20. A mid handicapper is someone that is considered an above average golfer but not a great golfer.

That may lead you to consider what can improve your golf game and what you can use to do that. One of the main things that you can consider looking into to improve your golf game is what balls you are using and if they are the best balls for your level of play.

For example if you are a mid handicap player it could be a result of your swing speed or control over the ball so you want to find a ball that will not be hindered by a slow swing speed but also a ball that can provide control, for example one that can travel in a straight line.

This will mean that the ball is able to travel at a much greater distance than one that offers less control and is more prone to spin. This can be a major hindrance to your swing, especially when you are playing in very windy conditions.

Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers


This particular set of golf balls offers a very high level of performance, and is also a very soft ball. Normally if the ball is soft it can really halt the performance of the ball but that is something that you shouldn’t experience using these.

This ball will offer a bit of spin which is very helpful around the green which can help improve your game massively and make your handicap reach a new level of success.

The ball has a 342 dimple design which allows it to be a very responsive ball.

It is aimed for mid handicappers and because of that it is a mid compression ball which allows the ball to travel quite a far distance without making it seem like it is very easy to do so, so it will still provide you with a challenge.

Although if you know you can generate enough power to make a ball go 100mph this ball won’t do anything different for you.


  • High level of performance
  • Ball offers spin for more control on the green
  • Has a mid compression 


  • Won’t offer anything different if you can already hit a ball over 100mph


This ball is one with low compression, which means it is a lot easier for the ball to travel a further distance if you can’t generate enough swing speed.

What is also great about this ball is that because it is of a very soft feel when you finally take your swing it will have an amazing feel as well as offering an incredible ability to actually control the ball, this can help minimize how many shots you take and improve your handicap.

Due to its shape, long distance won’t be an issue that you need to worry about. The ball provides excellent lift meaning that it can travel at a greater height. This really is a great ball for mid handicappers to use to improve their game.

It will also stay true to its trajectory and you won’t have to worry about not being able to keep the ball in a straight line to improve the distance that it travels. This is incredibly helpful for someone looking to improve the amount of shots it is taking them to reach the green.


  • Perfect for a straight flight of the ball
  • Great for low swing speeds
  • Offers great lift


  • Some golfers may find that the ball is too soft.


Due to the increase of technology in general, golf balls are no stranger to it. Srixon uses a fastlayer technology that will allow this particular ball to feel incredibly comfortable when you make an impact with the ball and it will also increase the distance that the ball can travel.

It also has a 338 dimple design that will also improve its performance in the wind, by that it means many golf balls can often be taken with the wind which can decrease the distance that the ball actually travels but that won’t be an issue with this particular golf ball.

The ball will also be able to reach a very nice height from the moment of impact which again can increase the length of which the ball can actually travel, which like mentioned earlier is great for minimizing the amount of swings that it takes for the ball to reach the green, after that it is dependant on your ability to put well.

The ball will however, develop a couple of scuffs when you have used it a few times.


  • Very soft feel
  • Great ball for increasing the distance that you can hit it.
  • It travels well in the wind thanks to its dimple design.


  • Will pick up a couple of scuffs after a few uses of the ball


Normally playing in windy conditions can really hinder a golfers ability, especially if you are not an amazing golfer to begin with. Wind can often impact the trajectory of the ball causing it to travel more to one side than the other.

Luckily with the Srixon Q star 5 and its 338 dimple design the ball is able to travel without the wind having much say on how far it will go.

It also provides a lot less drag than some of the more standard balls which means that it can reach much higher distances which can help the ball travel at a much greater distance. This is very helpful for someone with a mid handicap.

This ball offers great control and an improved stopping power so the ball isn’t likely to continue to travel after it has reached the green, some balls can often land on the green and roll off of it due to the fact that it the surface area is much softer, this can create a more difficult time when it comes to putting.


  • Can travel a great distance without wind causing any unwanted issues
  • Has less drag so the ball can also travel at a much higher distance
  • The ball has improved stopping power and offers the user great control over it


  • It is on the expensive side.


This is one of the best balls you can use if you are a player that has a mid handicap. The cover of the ball is incredibly soft but still also really long lasting.

This gives the ball a great feel as well as providing lots of a spin, which can be useful around the putting area, which is the main focus of improvement that this ball makes to your game.

It also has a dimple pattern that is great for reducing the actual drag of the ball and can also increase the speed in which the ball travels at.

Think of it this way, when you use one of these balls you are actually increasing the distance of your shot by a few yards. This can be significant especially as you approach the green and want to make it there in as few shots as possible.

Due to the nature of the ball being so soft, the actual core of the ball will keep away any unwanted spin while still still providing a very lovely feel when you actually make contact with the ball.

This can actually help the ball reach a further distance and overall improve your game. The only issue with the ball is that it may pick up some unwanted scuffs fairly easily.


  • Can travel a good distance
  • Provides more control of the ball around the green which is incredibly helpful when putting, especially if you are not the best putter.
  • Dimple pattern will decrease the drag of the ball also allowing it to travel at a further distance


  • Ball is known to scuff quite easily, which can impact the ball quite a bit.


This ball has a very durable ionomeric cover ensuring that the ball can last the user a very long time with no issues of the ball picking up scuffs which has been known to happen with some balls.

This ball is also able to improve the distance that you can hit it, meaning that it will often take a lot less amount of shots to reach the green which is how you will be able to improve your handicap.

This ball will also offer a lot more control around the putting green meaning that you can often get the ball to actually go in the whole with a lot less difficulty than a ball that offers a lot less control. Although it is a great ball it is a little expensive.


  • It is a very durable ball
  • Can travel at a great distance
  • This ball also offers lots of control around the green which is great for improving your handicap


  • The ball is a little expensive.

Buyers Guide


Compression is an incredibly important aspect to consider when golfing especially when you are trying to improve your handicap. A ball that's compression is low will often feel much softer than a ball with high compression.

Realistically if you are a mid handicap player a lower compression can be found as being a lot more useful to you than a ball that has a high compression. If you know for a fact that you have a slow swing then lower compression balls will be the best choice.

This is something that you really need to consider when picking what the best ball is for you as it can help the ball travel for a much greater distance which can often improve your handicap as it means you may end up reaching the green at a rate which is much improved.

For that reason it is definitely one of the most important aspects that you have to consider when selecting the ball that you feel is right for you.


Distance is something that is one of the most important parts of golf, you want the ball to be able to travel a great distance while still providing an ability to travel fairly uncompromised by things such as wind.

For that reason the distance the ball will help increase should be at the forefront of your mind when selecting the right golf ball for you. Distance can be impacted by lots of things such as dimple design or the drag that the ball offers, realistically you want a low drag.

The dimple design can often stop the ball from being blown to one side by the wind. If the wind picks the ball up and starts to push it to the side you will notice that the ball doesn’t travel the same distance as if it were to travel just in a straight line.

This is something that needs to be considered when you are making your decision as it will help improve your handicap scorer making you a better golfer all round.


For an average golfer you want a ball that feels soft. Some golfers may complain that a ball can feel too soft. The feel is often in cohesion with the compression and the control of the ball.

So a ball that offers low compression will often feel like a very soft ball. This can also impact the distance that the ball will travel once you have made an impact with it. For that reason if you are somewhat of an average golfer the softer the ball the better.

This will improve your ability on the golf course, often allowing the ball to travel great distances and you will also feel like you have more control over the ball too.

Dimple Design

The dimple design is somewhat of an important one because it will often mean that the ball can travel through the wind with very little issue, if the design of the ball is not an aerodynamic design it will often be hindered by the wind impacting its travel.

Often the ball can be pushed to the side by the wind which will mean that it has traveled less distance rather than a design that will penetrate the wind allowing the ball to travel in almost a straight line which will obviously improve the distance of which it has travelled.


Durability of the ball is again something that needs strong consideration, just like it does with any product that you purchase, a golf ball's whole purpose is to be hit with a very strong force enabling it to travel for long distances.

Due to this a golf ball can sometimes pick up scuffs which can render the ball useless as it will not feel the same when you hit it and certainly not travel in the same way. If you are playing golf with a scuffed ball its like trying to read in a dark room with no light.

For that reason durability needs to be something that you think about long and hard.


The drag of a ball is what impacts what height the ball will reach, if it offers lots of drag it will find it difficult to reach a height where it can travel in the air freely.

If the ball offers little to no drag then it will reach its intended height and be able to travel at the height for a long distance.

If you find a ball offers lots of drag you will find it difficult to hit the ball for long distances as it will often be compromised by obstacles in the way, such as bunkers. Due to that your best bet at improving your golf game is a ball that offers very little drag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Compression Of The Ball Really Make That Much Difference?

Yes, the compression of the ball can have major implication to the trajectory of the ball, so when looking to improve your handicap it is best to be using balls with low compression so that they can travel for much greater distances rather than a ball with high compression that you may find it difficult to make travel those sorts of distances.

Is Durability That Important?

Durability is very important to consider due to the impactful nature of golf and how hard the ball can hit the ground.

If a ball has a low durability factor it is more likely to pick up scuffs after usage which can make the travel a lot less distance and also will offer you less control over the ball.

Why Do You Need A Ball With No Drag?

Ideally, the helmet should be used at all times when surfing, especially if you are a younger or less experienced surfer.

Although it is not a legel requirement, due to the severity of head injuries that can be caused by surfing, it is not worth the risk to go without.

How do I store and care for my helmet?

The reason for this is so that the ball can reach greater heights upon impact.

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