Best Golf Balls For Seniors

As you get older many things start to decline, one of those things being your physical mobility.

This can impact your golf swing in a number of negative ways, such as not being able to generate enough power and even not being able to generate enough speed when you swing for the ball.

Due to things such as this decreasing the overall distance that you can hit the ball is also a major factor that can be hindered, that is where some new golf balls can come into play and hopefully improve your golf game getting you back to the level that you once competed at.

For example, many older golfers think that a ball with compression that is much lower than a standard ball will still allow you to hit a fair distance.

Many balls are also designed so that they will reach a much higher distance which will allow it to come down a much steeper distance which can help it stop on the greens.

These are just a few of the things that can impact a golf ball's trajectory, this list will help you make your final decision on which is the best type of golf ball for you to use in your older years.

Best Golf Balls For Seniors


This particular golf ball operates with a compression that is incredibly soft, which will help push for more speed of the ball which makes it perfect for those who aren’t able to generate as much power from their swing any more.

It will also provide a very high launch and also a very low spin which works great when you are using clubs that are longer.

Callaway have used an impactful modifier which will help the ball travel a longer distance and also create a much more durable ball, but it will still feel the exact same as a regular ball.

It is also available in lots of different colors such as, red, pink, matte orange, green, yellow and also white. These can be very useful as you get older and your vision can begin to deteriorate.

You will find it much more helpful with a much brighter ball rather than using a more standard colored ball.


  • Low compression
  • Offers a high launch
  • Ball available in lots of different colors


  • If your swing speed hasn’t been hindered by old age you won’t notice anything different about this ball in regards to your swing.


Again another golf ball that offers an incredibly soft compression that can improve distance is the Mizuno RB566, it will provide a long flight.

This is due to the large core that has a cover which is unique due to the fact it has dimples which requate to 566.

The core of the ball will allow a much straighter and a ball flight which is much more stable. The design of the ball is used to slow down the ball's descents which will help reach a longer distance.

It again is available in a number of different colors such as, orange, white and yellow.

As you get older and your vision deteriorates you may find it much easier to track the trajectory of the ball if it is a much brighter color so this is something that you should definitely consider if you notice that your vision isn’t what it used to be.


  • Unique dimples of 566
  • The core will provide a much straighter flight
  • The balls are available in lots of different colors which can be very helpful


  • The cover of the ball is not very soft.


The Wilson Duo golf ball will offer a very high level of performance, this is due to the VelocititCOR which is claimed to actually be the longest and also the softest premium ball which is also a two piece that is on the market today.

It offers a very low spin which can provide you with a much straighter shot than more standard balls. It has a much higher stopping power which is great because the ball can launch at a much higher rate with a descent that is much steeper.

The low spin will often soften the hook and the slice spin to help provide the much straighter shots. With these features it is definitely a ball that you should consider if you are in your later years.


  • Can provide much straighter shots
  • The longest and softest two piece ball on the market
  • Offers a very high level of performance


  • The cover may feel a little hard for some greens.


This again is one of the best balls on the market for seniors. It is a soft feel ball that should provide a senior with a slower swing an ability to hit the ball for a very long distance and not actually have to compromise the feel of the ball.

The ball has a dimple number of 338, this allows the ball to very easily glide through the wind with very little difficulty. It will also completely minimise the drag of the ball when it is launching which will increase the actual lift of the ball during its descent.

The ball won’t spin like a premium ball would, but senior players may only find that they want to focus on the stability, performance and the distance that the ball can cover so spin isn’t a major issue for them.


  • Very soft ball
  • Glides through the wind with ease thanks to the design
  • Offers minimal drage


  • Doesn’t spin like a more premium ball.


This ball has been particularly designed with slow swing speeds at the forefront of the designers mind. It will provide a very good performance which also has a very soft feel. It is also a very durable ball thanks to its ionomer cover.

This ball is perfect for your long game as it will provide lots of distance as well as a very straight flight. This is also a consistent aspect of the ball also, so it won’t change each time you take a swing. It will perform well.

This ball is also brilliant for putting. As it is very smooth you will feel like you have lots of control over the ball and that it keeps its course with ease. This is very important as putting is an essential aspect of golf.


  • Offers a very good performance
  • Will stay straight over long distances
  • Very good ball for putting


  • Not a lot of spin control


This particular golf ball is available in plenty of different colors to choose from, 8 to be exact. They are yellow, orange, pink, red, green, purple, blue and white.

The more colorful balls are something that you should most definitely consider as you get older as the brighter colors are easier to track the trajectory of the ball.

If you are someone who feels their swing has gotten a lot slower over the years then this ball will offer a very low spinning, high launch formula that will provide you with much more distance when hitting the ball off of the tee.

The ball also is of a matte finish, this is to help reduce any chances of glare which can be seen as a distraction to golfers, so the finish will also have a hand in improving your actual concentration too.


  • Offers great distance
  • Lots of colors for you to choose from
  • High launch aspects of the ball


  • The finish of the ball is matte which may not be to the linking of everyone even though it will offer less distractions when playing with any of these types of golf ball.


This particular ball is an extremely affordable one at that. It has a soft core which still provides the user with lots of distance if they have a medium or low swing speed. Which is more prominent in senior golfers than in younger golfers.

They are also an extremely durable ball. This is because of the fact that it has a very cut resistant cover.

As well as this it will also provide the user of the ball a much higher spin rate which means you will have a lot more control over the ball as you approach the green ready to put.

Unfortunately unlike some of the other balls on this list it is only available in one color which can be difficult to track the trajectory of the ball after you have taken your swing at it.

It is very helpful to have balls that are a brighter color when your vision starts to deteriorate so that you still have a very good chance at actually following the ball's flight. 


  • Is a very affordable golf ball
  • The ball is also very durable
  • Offers a high spin rate which means you will have more control over the ball


  • Only available in one color, white.

Buyers Guide


The distance that a golf ball can travel is something that is of the highest importance. The reason for that is because as you get older you may not be able to hit the ball with the same amount of velocity that you once could.

This is normal for all older people. Luckily with the improvements that have been made such as offering low compression balls that should be an issue of the past for you.

Low compression golf balls will allow the ball to travel at a much greater distance than a ball with a high compression rate. So if you notice that your swing speed is deteriorating this may be something that you should consider when selecting the right set of golf balls for you.


The launch of a ball is also another highly important factor to consider. As you get older you may notice that you struggle to get the ball to reach a high distance, something that you wouldn’t have struggled with at a younger age when you can generate more speed and power with your swing.

You will need a high launch rate when playing golf because your path to the green may be obstructed by things such as bunkers.

That’s why a ball with a high launch is so useful as you get older because it will help the ball reach a high level where it can travel as well as creating a better descent for the ball when it reaches the green.

A high launch is something that you may find an absolute necessity as you get older and continue to play golf so it is most certainly something that you should consider when making your decision on which golf balls are best suited to you.


The color of the ball won’t impact the trajectory or any other sense of control that you have over the ball but it will make it much easier to see, especially if you pick a very bright colour, like yellow, red or orange.

As you get older it is no secret that your vision can deteriorate so it is helpful to have something that is made easier to see.

The brighter colored balls will allow it to become a lot easier for you to follow the actual trajectory of the ball which can help improve your game massively as you will find it a lot easier to see where your ball has actually landed.

For that reason the color of the ball you select should be quite important for you if you notice your vision is slipping a little. So it is again something that you should certainly consider when deciding on which is the best ball for you and your specific needs.

Luckily many of the above balls are all available in lots of different colors that can help fix that issue for you.

Spin Rate

The spin rate of the ball may or may not be important for you particularly; however, the higher spin rate often feels like you have less control especially when you are playing golf in very windy conditions.

If it has a lower spin rate the ball will often travel in a much straighter line which can improve the distance that the ball can travel as it is not going to be skewing off to one side very much, like other balls can.

Although a high spin rate may be more helpful when you are putting, in the long range it can often be counter productive. For that reason it is useful to consider what the spin rate of the ball is and if it is of importance to you when making your decision on what is the best golf ball for you.

Remember that like mentioned above, a lower spin rate may help with the ball being able to achieve further distances as it will hopefully be traveling in a straight line.


Durability is another important factor with golf balls as the whole act of golfing is hitting the ball with lots of force, but the ball also may run into unwanted obstacles along the way so you will want a ball with a high level of durability to ensure that the balls will last you for a long time without breaking or damaging.

This is something you should certainly consider when making your decision.


The design of the ball also can have an impact on the trajectory of the ball too. For example how many dimples the ball has can impact how the wind can determine the ball's flight.

For example the Srixon soft feel golf ball has a dimple number of 338 which will allow the ball to travel effortlessly through wind so this is again something to consider when you are making your final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Launch Of A Ball Really Have That Much Impact On The Trajectory?

Yes, a ball with a higher launch rate can often travel much further than a ball with a lower one as it may run into obstacles such as bunkers on the way to its destination that could bring the ball to a direct stop, for that reason you want a ball with a high launch rate to ensure that it shouldn’t hit anything on the way to its destination ensuring that the ball can also travel a lot further.

Is Spin Rate That Important?

The spin rate if it is low will often travel in quite a straight line which can maximise the distance that the ball travels because it is not wasting energy being pushed to the side by the rate it is spinning so it is quite important to consider if distance of the ball is at the forefront of your mind, a higher spin rate may still be good for putting.

Are bright colors helpful?

Bright colors are extremely helpful over long distances.

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