Best Golf Balls For Women

It may seem odd to some to create golf balls, especially for women. Golf is a game for everyone, no matter their age, skill set, or gender. So, why is it that there have been made golf balls for women?

Is There A Difference Between A Male And Female Golf Ball?

This is a reasonable question to ask – surely, a ball is a ball, right? Well, the truth is that there is a difference, and based on the ball you get, this can affect the quality of your game.

All golfers know that based on a golfer’s swing speed, the ball will react differently, and because of this, it is expected that there will be a difference between the swing of a male versus the swing of a female.

According to studies, it has been found that women, compared to male, have a naturally slower swing speed, averaging 60mph or less. However, this is not to be too deflated about as it is only natural.

Men are typically taller, heavier, and stronger than the average woman and have clubs and balls that are well-suited for them. Women, on the other hand, need equipment that is suitable for their stature in order to make a fair game.

Furthermore, it is known for women to struggle to lift the ball off the ground because of the shallow angle they have on the ball at contact. Because of all of these factors, changes have been made to support women golfers in achieving a fairly played game.

With new and alternative golfing products being adjusted to suit the female, golfers of every kind are able to enjoy the thrill of the game with no setbacks. The golfing market has explored the world of women’s golf and has come out with an array of different products to suit the female golfer. This is to allow the female players to feel more comfortable and provides the inclusivity that golfing needs.

What Makes A Golf Ball Different From Each Other?

There are specific qualities that differ one golf ball from another, and these differences are needed in order to support the female’s golfing experience.

The difference between a male and a female’s golf ball is all down to the compression rating. Firmer balls need a higher swing speed as they require more force. Softer balls, on the other hand, require the opposite. They require less force and a lower swing speed.

As well as this, many of the female-focused golf balls have dimple counts (these types of balls are the best rated by women). These dimples in the ball help to lift the ball off the ground and have a successful swing.

There are a variety of golf balls centered on the female audience, each holding a different style, a different ability, color, and brand. And it can be difficult finding the right one for you, so to make it easier we have cumulated a variety of the best golf balls for women to help you in your search.


Srixon Soft Feel Lady golf ball package

Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Ball


Taylor Made Kalea golf balls

TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Golf Balls


Wilson Staff 50 Elite Golf Balls

Wilson Staff 50 Elite Golf Balls


Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Ball

Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel is a popular brand of golf balls with multiple generations of golfing products aimed at women. These balls enable a great overall performance and enhance the quality of a woman’s swing.

Not only that, but these balls include a new and improved dimple pattern guaranteed to increase carry distance.


  • Color Options – the balls come in different colors with this specific item coming in either pink or white. This is great for visibility purposes and is ideal for those who struggle with sight.
  • FastLayer Core – the core of the ball is filled with a soft filling with a hard layered shell. This soft inner core helps with launching the ball higher and effortlessly.
  • Landing – the ball lands soft and does not roll too much after landing.


  • Softness – for someone not used to a ball with a soft core, you may find this product too soft. It can take time to adjust.


TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Golf Balls

TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls

Choose from either pink, purple, or white with these – the Kalea golf balls from Taylor Made are sure to stand out on the course.

Their balls have been engineered specifically to tailor to females and are designed to help women get more lift on their shots. This is a great option for women with a slow to moderate swing speed.


  • REACT Core – this ball is made with a high-energy REACT core that allows the ball to compress off the club face more quicker.
  • Ionomer Cover – this has a soft ionomer cover, providing a great spin around the green.


  • Purple ball – the purple balls can be difficult to locate after the swing.


Wilson Staff 50 Elite Golf Balls

These Wilson Staff 50 Elite golf balls are suitable for women as they are soft and have good control. Although aimed at beginners, this is still another suitable golf ball for females with lower swing speeds to use. The low compression of only 50 makes these balls easy to compress with a soft feel around the green.


  • Durability – its durability is increased due to its interior blended core.
  • Dimples – these balls have dimples that reduce air drag.
  • Great flight trajectory.


  • Cheap design
  • Too hard – the ball is not soft enough for some people.


Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

These golf balls have a very low compression rate, enhancing the golfer’s distance and height. If you are looking for a ball with control as well as a good reputation, Callaway Supersoft golf balls are the ones for you.


  • Colors – these balls come in the colors white, pink, and yellow.
  • Quality – high-quality cover.
  • Accurate – using this ball ensures accuracy and improved shots.


  • Softness – some people have claimed the ball is too soft or not soft enough; it is not suitable for everyone.


Trust Rosa Urethane Covered 3-Piece Golf Ball

Trust Rosa Urethane 3-Piece golf ball package

These beautifully designed golf balls are perfect for women who love pink. These are premium urethane covered and not only are you guaranteed a great performance, but you can do it in style too.


  • Easy to Spot – its vibrant pink color makes this ball easy to spot, no matter how far away.
  • Durability – this ball is confirmed durable, meaning this will be long-lasting and effective.
  • Responsive – the golf ball is responsive and proven to provide extra distance during your golf swing.


  • Not for Professionals – this ball is great for amateur golfers as it does the job and helps women improve their golfing abilities.

Buyer’s Guide

There is much to decide when looking for the right golfing equipment, particularly as a female golfer. Women do not have the satisfaction of choosing any equipment they desire, as it may not be appropriate for them and support their needs.

It is important when searching for the right golfer’s ball that you are concentrating on what makes that ball essential to your needs. It is also important to understand what holds a woman back from using the standard male-distinguished balls.

This buyer’s guide will guide women in the right direction, making sure that they are able to buy a product that is appropriate, which will help them better their performance, and that holds great value.


The dimples in a golf ball are something that you want to look out for when purchasing. The dimples play a significant role in the overall performance of a female golfer, and it is important to find one which works for you.

The dimples in a golf ball are those tiny craters, and the dimples are important as it has an impact on distance. Without dimples, your ball will not be sore, and this is something that a female golfer needs. They need a product that will heighten their performance and strengthen their abilities.


It is true that having a colored golf ball helps it to stand out, and nowadays you are finding more golfers ditching the traditional white and converting to bold colors such as pinks, purples, and blues.

This adds some personality to your golf ball and makes it stand out. However, it is also important to note that, depending on what color you choose, this may lead to some difficulty.

It has been known for people to lose their balls after swinging because the color blends in with the grass. White is the safer choice, but if you are wanting to try something different, make sure to choose your color wisely.


When specializing in female golf balls, what is most important is the softness of the ball. With a softball, less club speed is needed as they have a lower compression rating.

This is ideal for the female golfer as women are known to have a slower swing speed. With softball, this will raise your chances of having a good performance and allow you to better your skills.

However, before buying it is important to know how soft or how firm it is. Some people see golf balls as too soft or too firm. Although golf balls can be purchased online, testing one out/feeling the quality of the ball in person will have you make a decision.


Is your golf ball going to produce enough spin? This is an important question to think about when considering which ball you are wanting to purchase.

For female golfers, one of the many concerns is golf spin, and this is because they are not able to generate much spin due to there not being much force when swinging.

This means low spins can certainly be challenging along the greens. When choosing the right ball, you want to be reassured that you are choosing one which will help you to improve in this field.


Another important thing to consider when buying a golf ball is its durability. Is it durable? Will it last? You want to be sure that your ball is able to withstand wear and tear and still do its job.

With a golf ball, you will be constantly hitting it with a club, launching it into the sky, and having it land in different areas whether that be grass, sand, or water. You want to know that what you are purchasing will last and be able to handle the damage it may experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will A Damaged Ball Affect My Overall Performance?

This all depends on how damaged your ball is. If it is only a case of some paint chipping off or the odd dent here and there, it is more likely that your ball will still work efficiency.
However, if the damage is much worse with big cuts and gashes, and it is evidently broken, then your performance will be affected.
However, it is important to acknowledge that it is inevitable for your ball to become damaged. It is constantly being hit, thrown, and landing on the ground from high distances, so some wear and tear are expected – there is no need to worry if there are some imperfections.
The best way to know when it is time to change your ball is by monitoring its movements. Typically, a new ball will have a lot of bounce and height. Try bouncing a new ball next to the old one and see if the bounce matches. This is a good way to test if your ball needs changing or not.

Do Women Only Have To Use Golf Balls Made For Females?

Here is a question that many female golfers (especially those new to the golf scene) commonly ask. It is understood that the ability of the male golfer and the female golfer differ due to aspects such as height and strength, and because of this there has been specialized equipment made to enhance the woman’s ability and create a fair game.
But, does this mean all female players have to use female-adapted golf supplies?  Women have the choice and the right to use any equipment they desire, so long as it suits them and works well for their performance.
As well as this, there are many women who are as tall as men who benefit from the general equipment, whether that be the ball or the club. Although women are recommended to use adapted resources, there is nobody stopping a woman from using whatever suits them best.

What Is The Most Suitable Ball Color?

The color of your ball is important in order to allow your game to flow without disruption. When you hit the ball, you need to know where it has landed, but in some cases, the color of your ball can get lost in the scenery.
Recommended colors are the traditional white, or yellow. One color known to cause disruption and one to be avoided is dark purple.

Is It Fair For Men And Women to Play Golf Against One Another?

Men and women carry different abilities, for example, the speed of their swing. Because of their differences, it would not always be entirely fair to have them play against each other, especially in a professional tournament.
Men have an automatic advantage since they are able to drive the ball further and although women are provided with equipment to help them improve, this still would not be fair.
However, that is not to say that you shouldn’t play against men at all as a woman. The great thing about golf is that it is a hobby – you can have great fun playing the game. If you are a female and you are wanting to test your skills against a man, there is no stopping you.


Overall, it is apparent the struggles women face in golf. Compared to men, women do not have the ability to match the swing speed of a man and that is purely based on biology. However, because of this, things have been altered in order to benefit the female.

Above are listed five of the best golf balls for women, each holding characteristics and features which are guaranteed to help improve their golf performance. It is important in golf to be able to have a strong, speedy swing, as well as a good distance.

The products listed will be able to allow this to happen. When deciding on the right product for golf, it is important to recognize how it will benefit your overall performance.

You want to be able to produce enough spin and create enough distance. As well as this, you want to make sure that the ball shows off your personality. You may want a ball which is bright pink or perhaps you’d rather have the traditional white.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you choose something that you will love using. When choosing a ball, you want to know it will last, so durability is key. It is likely that your ball will have some damage, whether that be a few scratches or dents, however, this is normal.

A good quality ball, however, will be able to overcome these obstacles and last. Make sure that you are choosing something that is suited to you and enjoy your golfing experience.

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