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Golf courses have dress codes. You can’t wear jeans, for example, and you’re expected to wear a belt. If you weren’t wearing a sufficient outfit, you could risk being asked to leave the golf course. Or, worst case scenario, no-one may notice that you’re not wearing a belt – until your pants fall down!

There’s a very easy solution here, however, which is to get yourself a good golf belt that not only looks the part but also keeps your pants where they should be as you play.

We’ve been checking out and testing some of the best golf belts on the market and would like to share with you our honest reviews on them. Our reviews are unbiased and feature a summary of pros and cons.

But we certainly get that some people find it tricky to choose the perfect belt, so we’ve also put together a handy buying guide that will walk you through the key points to consider when shopping for one.

Then, we’re going to top that off with a section where we answer some of your most frequently asked questions on the subject. And without further ado, let’s get started, shall we? In a hurry? Check out our number one pick!


Nike Men's Tiger Woods Mesh 2 With G-Flex Belt  EDITORS CHOICE

Nike Men’s Tiger Woods Mesh 2 With G-Flex Belt


CHAOREN Elastic Stretch Golf Belt, 2 Pack

CHAOREN Elastic Stretch Golf Belt, 2 Pack


Chaoren Stretch Braided Golf Belt 2 Pack

Chaoren Stretch Braided Golf Belt 2 Pack


Nike Men’s Tiger Woods Mesh 2 With G-Flex Belt

Nike Men's Tiger Woods Mesh 2 With G-Flex Belt

If you’ve already started looking into golf belts, then this is one you may have heard of already. It happens to be Tiger Wood’s go-to belt on the course.

It’s a somewhat prominent bestseller with the leading online retailers, where it’s been met with excellent customer ratings and reviews.

It’s more of a classy, traditional belt than those elastic ones you can get, because it’s made with real leather, and features a traditional buckle and holes. But unlike a regular leather belt, it has some great features which really lends itself to your golf game…

Unlike your more traditional leather belts, this one features Nike’s G-flex technology, which is designed to move with your body as you take each swing, giving you a great range of motion.

The leather is highly perforated, which gives it excellent breathability and air flow, and it wicks moisture away too, which is great when you’re playing a good four-hour game.

It also offers excellent durability, too, since the belt holes are reinforced to protect them from wear. And everyone can tell you’re wearing a Nike Tiger Woods belt, because both logos are clearly visible. It’s available in two great colors, black or white, colors that are easy to work with and go great with golf shoes.

And it’s available in a range of different sizes starting from 32 inches long and going up in stages of two inches, up to a generous 42 inches long. So finding the best size should be a breeze.

Sure, it’s a little expensive, but one quick glance at the customer ratings show that customers definitely feel it’s worth the money.

Our experience using the belt: Wearing the same brand of golf belt on the course kind of made us feel more like pros, and for one of us we actually think it improved their game!

It was also quite breathable to wear and didn’t make us sweat.


  • Same golf belt as Tiger Woods!
  • Made with genuine leather
  • It’s perforated for breathability
  • Wicks away any excess sweat
  • Allows a full range of motion!
  • Available in either black or white


  • Premium product at a premium price

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CHAOREN Elastic Stretch Golf Belt, 2 Pack

CHAOREN Elastic Stretch Golf Belt, 2 Pack

Now, here’s a golf belt that’s seen even more sales (on Amazon, at least) than the Tiger Woods belt. And we can certainly see why… First off, it comes in a pack of two, which is a great money saver.

You can either go for a pack of both the same color, or choose a different pairing to match the clothes you most often wear on the golf course.

Lots of good strong masculine colors to choose from. But what really makes it such a good belt for playing golf in is just how much it can stretch.

It’s high quality elastic polyester offers 15% comfort elasticity. This is perfect for when you bend down because it prevents your pants from opening out at the back and showing “plumber’s crack”.

And of course, it also gives you full range of motion as you take each swing.

It’s a ratchet belt, as most golf belts usually are (more on this in lour buying guide later) and as such it has more of a sporty look than a traditional belt with holes. And the latch is exceptional…

The latch is made with high quality electroplated zinc alloy for highly effective scratch resistance to prevent your belt from getting scuffed, keeping your belt in excellent condition.

What’s more, the latch can be secured one-handed, and without the latch scraping your hands. It features an exclusive locking mechanism that keeps your pants up no matter what.

The material of the belt is thicker than a regular webbing belt to boost its; pilling resistance, making it strong, but at the same time making it comfortably soft as well.

It’s available in sizes from 24 to 32-inch waists up to 40 to 54-inch waists, and there’s a handy guide on the product page showing you how to properly trim the length of the belt down if required.

Our experience using the belt: We each gave this belt a really good test, and found that the description of the belt was true to it’s word, and no matter how much we bent or squatted, our underpants never went on show.


  • Prominent bestseller with online retailers
  • Thick & strong, yet elastic and stretchy
  • Pack of two – great value for money
  • Latch is highly scratch resistant
  • Innovative one-handed closure


  • It can take a few tries to figure out how the locking mechanism works

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Chaoren Stretch Braided Golf Belt 2 Pack

Chaoren Stretch Braided Golf Belt 2 Pack

Now, if you’re looking for a more intricate looking design for your golf belt, then this is could be right up your alley. It has a stunning woven, braided aesthetic, but still remains very understated and modest in appearance.

It comes in a pack of two, so is excellent value for money. What’s more, there’s a great choice of color options, with something to suit just about every man’s golfing wardrobe.

It has the same sort of buckle as with a traditional belt, but rather than featuring large holes for the buckle to go through, you instead push the buckle through the weave, and it will remain firmly in place.

But despite it’s tightly woven design, the belt is surprisingly stretchy, offering just as much stretch in fact as the Chaoren Elastic Stretch Golf Belt that we showed you earlier, coming in at 15% comfort elasticity.

And that’s all the flex you need when golfing, giving you a full range of movement to perfect that swing.

It’s an interesting fabric and design, made with 54% viscose fiber, 25% diene elastic fiber, and 10.5% each of cotton and polyester.

This is how it establishes its elasticity, and why it doesn’t deform when stretched. It’s also very tightly woven, which is what makes it so durable, too.

As for the buckle, it’s made with zinc alloy which is rustproof, and is also built to last. It’s available in several different sizes, starting at 30 to 32 inches, and going up to 46 to 48 inches.

What’s more, the belts come backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Our experience using the belt: We both tried this belt out on the golf course and found it very comfortable to wear. It didn’t impede our movement in any way as we golfed, and there were zero cases of plumber’s crack.


  • Stunning tightly woven aesthetic
  • Comes as a pack of two belts
  • Great color options available
  • Allows a full range of movement
  • Built to really last and endure


  • Some customers say the belt is too long, others say it’s too short. I guess you can’t please everybody


PGA TOUR Multicolor Stretch Braid Men’s Belt

PGA TOUR Multicolor Stretch Braid Men's Belt

Now, with a brand like PGA Tour, you just know the product is going to be great for golfing, and we can confirm that this golfing belt is no exception!

We just love the multicolored design, featuring 3 different colored braids woven tightly together in a smart, co-ordinating fashion.

Our favorite color option was the gray, featuring black, gray and white braids, since this best matched our outfits. But we also liked the darker black version, and we liked the pale blue in the blue version, too.

It features a traditional buckle closure, and to secure the belt in position, all you have to do is bush the buckle through a suitable gap in the weave. And the buckle has a smart nickel brush finish.

But what makes it such a good belt for golfing in is how, despite the tightly woven braids, the belt offers plenty of stretch, since the braids are made of stretchy elastic nylon, so as not to impede your golf swing. In fact, it can stretch up to an additional 2 inches!

It’s truly well-made and built to last.

It’s available in several different sizes, starting at small, and going up to extra large. Unfortunately, there’s no size guide on the product page, but we can report that most customers describe it as true to size.

At the moment it isn’t featured as a bestselling item with the big online retailers, however it has been met with excellent customer ratings and reviews.

Our experience using the belt: We loved how the different colors in the belt really helped to tie our outfit colors together, and we just couldn’t get over how much the belt could stretch.


  • Made by top golfing brand PGA Tour
  • Stunning braided multicolored design
  • It can stretch up to a whopping 2 inches
  • Excellent customer ratings and reviews


  • The size guide isn’t very good
  • It’s a little more expensive than we would like, costing about the same as a pack of two golf belts, but at least it’s not as expensive as the Nike Tiger Woods one we showed you earlier

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BC3109- Italian Calfskin Leather Designer Golf and Dress Belt For Men

BC3109- Italian Calfskin Leather Designer Golf and Dress Belt For Men

Now, if you’re looking for a golf belt to gift to the golfer in our life, this could just be it. It’s a designer dress belt with a strong golf theme.

It’s made with genuine Italian calfskin leather, in a snakeskin-like design, and it features several silver plated golf conchos, where you can make out golf clubs, golf balls, flags at the hole, and a golfer about to take a swing.

It can make for a good conversation starter, since as soon as it’s spotted, the wearer will be asked whether they enjoy golf.

It’s a much smarter, more sophisticated belt than your typical golf belt, with a clear emphasis on an elegant, stylish appearance, rather than a sporty one.

As such, it’s not something that can only been worn on the golf course, and it’s perfect for transitioning from day wear to evening wear.

And as with any traditional leather belt, the closure is self-explanatory and does not require you to damage the fabric by forcing the buckle through a random place in the belt, since the belt holes are already in position for you.

It’s available in a whopping 11 different color options. Our favorite was the Alligator tan, because it went really well with most of our golfing outfits.

It’s also available in a wide range of sizes, starting at 32 inches, and going all the way up to a whopping 54 inches. The majority of customers describe it as being true to size, but there are occasional outliers.

Our experience using the belt: We were a bit wary about testing this belt out on the golf course, because it’s a leather one rather than an elasticated or stretch one. 

Both of us felt the belt there when we played, but neither of us felt it hindered our performance.


  • Genuine Italian calfskin leather
  • Several silver plated golf conchos
  • Excellent as a conversation starter
  • Smart, sophisticated aesthetic
  • Wide range of colors and sizes


  • This belt is quite wide at about 1.13 inches, so you might struggle to get it through some belt loops

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Best Golf Belts Buying Guide

As promised, here’s your buying guide. Let’s walk you through some of the key points to consider before you buy your golf belt.

Best Golf Belts

Size, Width And Fit

Belts often come in different sizes, and you need to get the right size for your waist.

But there’s no need to worry if you don’t know whether you’re a small, large, or medium, because when you’re buying online there’s always a side guide to help you decide which is right for you.

Finding a belt of the perfect size and fit is key to feeling comfortable as you take each swing.


Traditionally, men have always worn belts that match their shoes, or at the very least belts of a color that bring different elements of the outfit together.

It doesn’t necessarily have to match color with another item of clothing, so long as it goes well and doesn’t look too out of place.

White has typically been a very popular color of belt on the golf course, but this is only because so many golfers wear white golf shoes. But really it’s up to you what color belt you wear.

Type Of Belt And Material

Ratchet Belt

The most common type of golf belt is what’s known as a ratchet belt.

For those of you who don’t already know, a ratchet belt is basically a belt with no holes. Instead of this, a ratchet belt maintains its position by using a metal latch inside the buckle to hold onto the teeth along the strap.

Ratchet belts can sometimes be elasticated which offers excellent comfort while golfing, such as our number two pick, the Chaoren Elastic Stretch Golf Belt.

Or they can sometimes feature a nice woven braid, making the belt look more intricate, much like our number three pick, the Chaoren Stretch Braided Golf Belt.

Traditional Leather/Faux Leather Belt

If you feel perfectly comfortable wearing a traditional leather belt as you play golf, then there’s no harm in wearing one. What’s more, this aids the transition into evening wear at the golf club in the evening.


You may also be interested in buying from a top brand, such as Nike, like our number one pick, or Puma, or Adidas, or Under Armor. They all produce good quality golf belts.

Value For Money

Let’s face it, golf can be quite an expensive hobby with all those clubs and gadgets to buy. So, we can certainly understand if you want to save money on your golfing attire. And if budget is of a concern to you, we recommend that you check prices as you go along.

You may find that you can save money on your golf belts by buying a pack or two or three, or by buying a reversible one with a different color on each side that you could get extra use out of.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Belts Do Golf Pros Wear?

We mentioned this earlier, but in case you missed it, the golf belt that world renowned golfer Tiger Woods wears is our number one pick, the Nike Men’s Tiger Woods Mesh 2 with G-Flex Belt. It’s an amazing belt, and we thoroughly recommend it.

What Brand Of Belt Is The Best?

The best-selling brand of golf belts is probably Under Armor. However, we would argue that Chaoren belts are much better for playing golf in because they offer more stretch, and better yet, they come as a pack of two!

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