Best Golf Shorts

Choosing out clothes to wear on the golf course can be quite intimidating, especially if you don’t have much golf attire as part of your wardrobe already.

There are a lot of companies that design golf attire, so you're certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding which best suits you. In this article, we're going to focus on golf shorts and which is the best to buy.

Lots of factors come into play when determining what makes a good set of shorts, such as length, comfort and breathability just to name a few.

During the warmer months you will want to ensure that you have lots of different shorts to choose from, because you may find that you end up going golfing more than one time a week so it is always good to have a selection at your disposal.

Don’t worry about losing some style, these golf shorts can be used in a range of different environments and they don’t have to be specific for golf. While some look the part of 'golfer', there are many other brands getting into the space with more of a lifestyle perspective in mind.

Best Golf Shorts


First on our list we have the Adidas Ultimate 365 Golf shorts. These are a brilliant product because they offer you a very high quality fabric, exactly as you come to expect with the Adidas brand.

These shorts offer incredible breathability to reduce the effect of sweat on your comfort, with flexible material to ensure that you can move around freely - no worrying about your swing suffering because you can’t move properly.

Adidas offers a variety of different colors to choose from, an added bonus for somebody who is concerned that they may end up losing their style when playing golf. 


  • High quality fabric
  • Flexible
  • Keep you dry and cool due to the breathability materials


  • Sizing been known to miss expectations


Puma's Jackpot shorts offer an incredibly soft material which can increase levels of comfort when you are playing golf, allowing you to focus on your round.

Similar to the Adidas shorts, they have a stretch fit which improves comfort and allows you to feel very flexible.There's nothing worse than your shorts catching at the top of your backswing, hindering the quality of your shot.

These shorts use Drycell technology, keeping the them from absorbing moisture, which can also make your shorts heavy and uncomfortable - a recipe for a nagging experience on the course.


  • Soft material
  • Stretch fit to increase flexibility
  • Drycell technology to keep them from collecting moisture


  • Not a good fit for all body types/preferences


IZOD is a long-standing name in golf apparel, and for good reason. These golf shorts are perfect for hot days as they are an incredibly light fit, which allows a calm breeze which can stop sweating increasing your discomfort.

They are also very durable and won’t start to get wrecked after a few washes. They will manage to keep both the shape and the color which is great because they will last you more than a few rounds before getting sun-faded.

They are also flexible and offer a lot of comfort with very little restriction, highly important as it can have an impact on the technique of your swing if you can’t move freely and feel that an item of clothing is too tight.


  • Light fit
  • Durable shorts
  • Flexible


  • Not high performance materials compared to Adidas and Puma


Royal and Awesome (surely a play on Royal and Ancient Golf Club that sets the rules of golf in Europe) makes a fun pair of shorts. These are quite loud in style with a multi-colored floral design, so if you are a person who loves to stand out on the golf course, then these are perfect for you.

They are also a highly flexible and durable, and made from a cotton blend to ensure breathability. One feature that people love are the deep pockets, making sure space isn't a challenge when you're deciding what equipment to carry on your person.

Because they are cotton, these shorts are known to shrink a little after being washed, so if you feel you need these shorts to maximize your style on the golf course, you may consider erring on the larger side to ensure that they will fit down the line.


  • Stylish choice
  • Flexible product
  • Very Durable
  • Cotton blend allows for breathability


  • Been known to shrink after being washed


If you haven't seen PGA Tour golf apparel before, they're actually quite a good brand to consider. While not flashy, they're a good standard for those who aren't sure they want to go for high-performance brands like Adidas but want something they are confident will work on each golf course.

These shorts incorporate the same Drycell technology as the Puma brand, ensureing that the shorts aren’t ruined by wet conditions or excessive sweating.

They are also available in different colors so you don't have to stick with just one color which can increase your style, while maintaining flexibility with elastane fabric.


  • No doubt about their suitability on a golf course or in the clubhouse
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Flexible material (elastane fabric)


  • Not a fashion-forward choice


Oakley excels at gear for outdoor actvities, and these shorts are no different.

They are also machine washable as they are a very durable product. Durability is important because you don’t want to find yourself wearing a cheap pair of shorts that could rip at the first sign of tension.

They are also a very flexible set of shorts due to the fact that they are made with a little bit of spandex as well as a cotton. The spandex will provide you with the movement that you feel necessary for your perfect golf swing.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Very durable product
  • Smooth material


  • They are on the expensive side.


These are a very soft textured product which allows the user to not only feel comfortable but to also feel like they are not going to rip the shorts when following through with their swing.

They also have four pockets which means that storage won’t be an issue - it's always a bummer to notice that a back pocket is missing when you expected one on each side.

They are also a durable product which is something you will expect due to the fact that they are made by Under Armour, a highly respectable brand, who is making a name for themselves with their golf attire.


  • Soft product
  • Lots of storage
  • Very durable


  • They are quite expensive


Another from the Under Armour collection is their tech shorts. There are 100% Polyester and an incredibly smooth feeling pair of shorts which will increase your comfortability and also their very light feel.

They are also a very durable pair of shorts which like mentioned previously is what you expect from a band such as Under Armour.

Due to their 4 way stretch construction they make it very easy for the golfer to feel free and allow them to take the best swing possible. Sweat will also dry quickly and not ruin the shorts.

They again have a 4 pocket design and will provide the user with lots of storage on the golf course.


  • These are a very comfortable material
  • They are also an incredibly durable material 
  • You will also have plenty of storage when you are wearing these shorts.


  • Not a lot of colors to choose from
  • A bit expensive due to higher quality

Buyers Guide


Comfort is an obviously important factor because like we mentioned earlier, you can often end up playing a round of golf for up to five hours.

Either way it is important to have a very comfortable set of shorts at your selection, luckily all of the above products offer an incredibly comfortable fit allowing the golfer to play golf comfortably.

Comfortability can be decided on lots of different things, such as fit and what material has been used to make the shorts in the first place. You will want to ensure that the shorts that you select for being the right ones for you offer you plenty of comfort when you are playing.

The reason for this is because when you are making your swing you will want very little distractions being offered to you and a comfortable short is something that will minimize.


Flexibility is again another factor that you should consider as you will not want the shorts to be constricting your movement in the act of taking a swing.

Flexibility, just like comfortability can be impacted by what material has been used when making the shorts. Luckily all of the above shorts are of a flexible design so as to not make the golfer feel rigid.

It is important to move freely on the golf course to get the best out of your game. If you end up playing golf in some shorts that are very rigid you may notice that your actual ability to play golf has decreased.

This is normally because you are struggling to get the proper technique on your swing. Like mentioned flexibility is a key aspect in any good golf shorts so it is important to properly research that the shorts you select offer you lots of flexibility.


Like any product you want the shorts you select to be highly durable, like with how comfortable and flexible they are is often dependent on what material has been used to craft the shorts.

The reason for this is because you want your shorts to be able to last you for a very long time so as to stop you from having to buy another pair of shorts not so long after you just have.

You will also want to ensure that after a wash the shorts don’t fade or shrink, this is very much important as it is something that can happen to lots of clothing products if they are not made to the highest of qualities.

So ensure that the shorts you select are highly durable so that they will be able to survive multiple machine washes and also be able to survive any tension that they may experience on the golf course, for example when you are swinging for the ball.

You wouldn’t want the shorts to rip at the most physical part of golfing. This will make sure you get the most out of your selected product


Design is kind of only important if you care about your style on the golf course, many brands offer plenty of different colors to choose from which can be an added bonus if that is something that is important to you, another important aspect of the design is the pattern of the actual shorts as well.

Some shorts can offer a floral design or perhaps stripes. However, mainly the selection of golf short design will be just a block color, that being said plenty of brands still do offer lots of colors to choose from.


Breathability is again a highly important aspect of golfing as you don’t want to find that you are getting sweaty. Breathability can be impacted by how heavy the shorts are when you put them on.

But it can also be impacted by how wide the leg is, many of the above listed products all offer a wide leg fit to help the breathability of the shorts so this may not be an issue that you end up experiencing.

But in case it is something you are worried about then it is highly recommended to look for a product that is very light and also offers lots of leg room, as well as flexibility as this can help you air the shorts out if you do find that you are getting a little sweaty.


Storage is an important factor if you know for a fact that you will be out on the golf course for a long period of time, many of the above shorts offer plenty of storage including pockets, so that you can bring your phone or wallet onto the course with you and not have to put it down every time you want to take a swing.

For that reason storage may be important for you to consider when making your final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Comfort Really That Important?

Comfort is very important due to the length of a golf game and in general just because it is nice to feel comfy.

The above listed products all have comfort at the forefront of their minds so being uncomfortable in these shorts is something you won’t experience very regularly.

Comfort can be impacted by what material is used and if the shorts are in any way flexible as to allow you to move freely when taking a swing.

Do Golf Shorts Really Have To Be Durable?

Well they don’t have to be durable but it is good to know that you have a high quality product at your hands that won’t become damaged when exposed to different weather conditions or just different levels of tension that can become apparent when you are out golfing.

Why Does It Matter If They Are Breathable Shorts?

Mainly to help with the comfort of the golfer. Breathability allows you to feel like you are not overheating sweating which can actually damage many clothing items, so Breathability is a very important factor.

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