Best Golf Tees

Tee shots are arguably the most important shot in golf, regardless of the level of play and even the type of hole or course that’s being played.

The impact of a quality tee shot has been evident since Tiger Woods first came to prominence in the ‘90s and showed just how key athleticism and technique could be in totally dominating the opposition and the course, and maximizing the advantage a huge tee shot can provide over the course of a full 18 holes.

This, combined with the massive improvements to clubs, balls, and other golf equipment has compounded the importance of the tee shot, and even forced course designers and tournaments to rethink how they keep pace with these advancements and continue to offer challenges to players as well as maintaining the competitiveness of the game as a whole.

One key aspect of the tee shot which is often overlooked is the tee itself, and even while the majority of players are totally focused on their own technique and the clubs they’re using, many don’t realize the difference using the right tee can provide.

This can lead to everything from inconsistencies in your tee shot, to poor elevation and accuracy, to simply wasting a lot of tee’s if they are flimsy and break very often.

In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the best golf tees currently available to help get your ball down the fairway as far and as consistently as possible, while also looking at key aspects of tee performance and design to help you find the perfect match for you.

We’re also going to provide a buyers guide looking at the important features to look for in a golf tee so that you can always find one that suits you, even if you aren’t convinced by any of the tee’s in our list…

however we’re going to include some of the best options available so we’re pretty sure at least one of these options will be right for you.

But let's take a look at the tees themselves and see what they have to offer.

Best Golf Tees


First off we have these very popular tees from Pride, known as the Professional Tee System.

These tees are very popular due to several excellent features such as their tough hardwood construction and classic design, which offer a great mix of durability and sturdiness with lightness to offer a strong platform to tee off from without offering any resistance to stroke speed.

The tees come in a range of sizes, but the size featured here is the 2 and three-quarter-inch version which is suitable for most woods and smaller-sized drivers offering a great blend of versatility, and performance, without being overkill.

Naturally, you can look at the other longer versions of these tees for larger 400cc drivers, and this is the beauty of the Professional Tee System, you can keep consistency while using slightly larger or smaller versions of this excellent tee system.

The colors of the tees are coordinated with the tee length so you can never end up using the wrong tee for a particular shot or club, and these tees are known for their excellent positioning, allowing for maximal launch angles and swing speed, encouraging excellent performance.

Overall these are a great tee for golfers at any level and offer a great blend of affordability and performance in a versatile package and is popular among many golfers on the PGA Tour, so it's definitely a reliable choice.


  • USA made
  • 100% Hardwood
  • Versatile tee length
  • Tried and tested shape
  • Various size packages


  • Simple features
  • Hardwood tees do have a tendency to break quite frequently


Callaway is a leading brand in the golf world and is known for its array of excellent gear, from clubs and balls in particular to apparel and other equipment.

Their reputation for quality and performance has naturally extended to all their products, and the Par-tee golf tee system is an interesting offering that breaks the mold a little, offering some neat features and great performance for golfers of all abilities.

These tees are made with a durable dual-material construction, featuring a rubberized tee top to allow for greater grip and durability for both the ball and club, while the lower part of the tee is made of tough plastic for maximum durability and longevity.

This means the tees give excellent performance in all conditions while offering great value and breaking very rarely.

The tees have sharpened tips to allow them to be used in almost any condition and can double effectively as groove cleaners for your clubs in a pinch without damaging the club or the tee.

This set comes with four 3 and a quarter inch tees and two 1 and a quarter inch tees to allow for maximum versatility with various clubs from drivers to woods and even irons, and while this may seem like a small number of tees, these tees can afford to offer less due to their incredible durability and longevity, which is their main selling point.


  • Extremely durable
  • Various sizes
  • Rubberized for grip and performance
  • Nice appearance
  • Excellent performance


  • Few tees in the set despite the durability


Another well-known brand in the golf world is Maxfli who produces all sorts of equipment for golfers, from balls to tees and other essentials, and has great experience and reliability in manufacturing these products.

The performance series of tees they produce are interesting in that they offer competition to the above Callaway tees, being made of durable plastic, however, they don’t have quite as many features.

They do however sport an excellent 4 prong design which maximizes the grip and control they offer to longer more difficult tee shots, and they also come with a helpful stripe system to encourage consistency with tee lengths for beginners.

The pack comes with a very competitive 50 tees, comprising forty 3 and a quarter tees and 10 1 and a half inch tees to offer you a lot of options at varying sizes and provide excellent value for money.

Overall these are an outstanding tee for beginners and will last a very long time giving great value and performance too.


  • Great durability
  • Great grip and performance
  • Nice height markers for optimal launch
  • Great value


  • Not as many features as some other tees


Another interesting tee is the Green Keepers 4 Yards More tee, which purports to offer additional yards to your shots, making them immediately desirable to a lot of beginners or amateurs looking to extend their tee shots as much as possible.

The manufacturers have used robotic and field testing to confirm in their own tests that the tee consistently offers more distance, and while this may be hard to take as total gospel, it’s definitely encouraging for golfers who need help adding a bit more length to their drives.

The tee uses a 6 prong tip to reduce resistance at the point of contact and allow better grip and control from the clubface leading to far better grip, distance, and accuracy as well as power transfer which is a part of the reason why this tee performs so well.

Additionally, it helps reduce spin and is quite durable, purportedly being designed to last 100 drives, which may not be as durable as some tees but is still quite respectable.

Made of plastic the tee should perform well in almost all conditions, however, be aware that this pack only offers four 3 and a quarter inch tees, which is a fairly small amount of tees and may require multiple purchases to ensure you have enough tees available.


  • Great performance
  • Versatile size
  • Adds distance
  • Good grip
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Not as durable as some other tees
  • Few tees included


Finally, we have the SAPLIZE bamboo golf tees, which offer something different for the eco-friendly golfer.

This pack offers excellent value for money first and foremost, not only due to the durability of the tees, but to the fact that the pack contains 150 tees which are huge and will keep you equipped for a good amount of time.

The pack comes in several different size options to include varying tee heights, and some packs include multiple sizes to allow you maximum value and versatility which is ideal.

The bamboo construction is more durable than other wooden tees, and is biodegradable which is important particularly as tees do tend to break or get lost in the grass and other areas of the environment and can be small enough to pose a danger to wildlife.

The tees are a classic construction too and offer tried and tested performance for golfers who want something standard.

The included stripes for measuring tee height consistently are a nice touch also.


  • Great value
  • Good size selection
  • Striped for heigh and launch consistency
  • Biodegradable
  • Durable


  • Basic design and features

Buyer’s Guide

In this section we’re going to look at the important factors to consider when looking for a top-quality golf tee, to ensure you get the best performance for your money and a tee that not only suits your needs but lasts as long as possible while doing so.

We’re also including an FAQ below to answer common questions regarding tee types and how to use tee’s properly to ensure you get the best use out of them and maximize your distance and accuracy.


The material of your golf tee will have a big impact on a variety of factors such as its performance and durability. There are various popular materials used by golf tees to try and offer the best possible results for these factors.

One of the traditional materials which remain highly popular is wood. Various types of wood are used, most typically hardwoods which are lightweight and offer decent control, however, the durability of these tees is often not the best, and tees made of wood are the most likely to totally snap during a tee shot.

Plastic is an increasingly popular and common choice for golf tees, as it offers the lightness of wood but has increased durability and performance, and also allows manufacturers to experiment with tongs and forks in the design to offer even greater control and performance which most wooden tees can’t utilize.

Finally, there are also rubber or partial rubber tees which offer even better durability and control but are often more expensive due to the blend of materials used in the design of the tee.

Consider your needs carefully and whether you want a smaller number of more durable tees or a larger number of easily replaced wooden tees.

Experiment with a few different types to find what’s best for you as this can be really beneficial for improving your distance and accuracy from the tee.


Value is a huge factor with tees, and different styles of tee offer varying levels of value. For example, wooden tees are often available in much larger packs and can be very cheap, but are far more likely to break during use and need replacing.

Whereas more durable tees are often far less numerous but rely on their greater durability to significantly outlast wooden tees providing good value. Consider what’s most important for you and choose accordingly.

Tee Type

Consider your equipment before you choose a type of tee, as well as your style as a player. If you struggle with elevation, a higher tee may suit you better.

If you’re struggling with distance, a slightly shorter tee may be better. If you struggle with consistency, a pronged tee may be better. Test a few different types to find what works best for you.


Tee size is also very important, as your club size will dictate what tee size is appropriate for you. 400cc drivers are the largest clubs and require tees of around 4 inches, while smaller 360cc clubs and woods require shorter tees of around 2 and a half to three inches.


The appearance of the tee is not massively important but make sure to choose a tee with strikes on it to help with working out how deep to plant your tee and help build good habits and consistency especially for beginners.


We’ve touched on this with materials but it’s worth mentioning again that durability is a key factor when looking at tees. If you want something more durable, look at plastic tees to avoid breakages.

However, if you’re not phased by broken tees or want a larger pack go for wooden tees and go for quantity over quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’re going to answer some common questions about golf tees to give you as much information as possible about them and their use.

Is Using The Correct Size Tee Important?

Yes, this is very important to ensure you get the best possible shot off the tee. Using a tee that is too small for your club of choice will result in a very poor shot and will affect the entire trajectory as well as distance and accuracy.

Always choose taller tees for larger clubs such as woods and drivers, and smaller tees for irons or hybrids as a tee which is too large for these smaller clubs will result in mishits and massive slices which can be disastrous and even irresponsible/dangerous.

Should I Always Use A Tee For A Tee Shot?

This depends. Most golfers will always use a tee while in the tee box, as this is the only area of the golf course where you are allowed to take advantage of the tee and what it offers.

The tee gives you the cleanest strike at your ball and the best chance for optimum distance and control which is why it’s limited to this single use per hole, so generally, you should take advantage of this.

However on some smaller holes such as par 3’s, it has been known for some golfers to choose to start a hole without a tee, however, this is rare, particularly in the modern game as tees offer much more consistency and power.

Are Some Tee Types Illegal Or Prohibited In The Rules?

Believe it or not, yes! While this may not be enforced very strictly at the amateur level, the official rules of golf state that no tee can be taller than 4 inches, and that certain materials are not permitted.

It’s also not allowed to use a tee that influences the velocity or direction of the stroke, which means it’s really important to use tees from reputable and well-known brands. If you’re in doubt, speak to your course pro and ask for their advice if you’re considering a lesser-known tee type.

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