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One of the worst things about golf is playing on a muddy day. The reason for this is simply because when you are playing on a wetter, muddier part of the course then sometimes mud can spray around and cover you and your clubs in it.

If this happens it can be a nightmare to clean your clubs, if you don’t clean your clubs it can massively affect your ability to hit the ball well.

That issue will be a thing of the past if you have a golf towel, not only are they helpful to just have with you on the course, for example if it is a particularly hot day and you start to sweat you can use them to dab your head to get rid of the excess sweat, but like mentioned above you are able to clean your clubs before you take a shot and in that way don’t risk taking a bad shot.

There are a few things you will want to look into before you feel like you have selected the perfect towel for you and your golfing needs, like whether it is non abrasive, very absorbent and also quick drying.

These are just a few of the things and there are still many more things to consider.

If this perfectly describes you then you have no need to worry, you are in the perfect place to find the best golf towel for you and your needs, so with that being said, let's get started. 


The first thing to note about this particular towel is the clips that it has located at the top of the towel.

The reason that these are extremely helpful for golfers is that it means you are able to hook them onto your golfing back without the need to scrunch it up and find it at the bottom of your bag after you’ve been looking for it for a while.

This particular towel is also very soft and non abrasive, this means that it will not cause you any irritation if you are whipping some sweat off of your forehead during a more intense putting scenario.

As well as being soft and non abrasive it is also very quick drying, so you will not need to worry about it dripping everywhere. Though it is quite expensive for a towel.

One of the best things about these specific towels is the range of different colors and styles that they are available in, for those that are incredibly patriotic you even have an option of an american flag.

You even have some floral patterns which could match your golfing shorts. 

For those who like to have a few beers either before or after your game you can even have one that has lots of different beers on.


  • Many different style options for you to choose from
  • Very non abrasive and soft feel will cause you less irritation
  • Has metal hooks that you can hook onto your golfing bag for convenience


  • Maybe a little expensive for just a towel


What is great about this specific set of towels is that it’s not just the towels that you are getting when you purchase them, you are also getting a microfiber waffle weave and a club brush.

This is great for cleaning the tougher mud stains off of your club that can dramatically impact the quality of your shot.

They too have clips which will come in very helpful as you can clip them onto your golf bag which will aid in the convenience of the towel.

If a golf towel doesn’t have clips then you obviously have to think of somewhere to put.

If it is wet out you don’t want to put it on the floor so you’ll have to squash it in your bag which will be very difficult in terms of getting it out when you need it.

Though unlike the last set of towels you don’t have options to choose from.

The material is also incredibly soft and also water absorbent. This is great for a very hot day when you are dripping with sweat out on the golf course.

The fact that it is also very soft material is an added bonus because it will not cause you any irritation on your skin. Towels that are tougher can scratch your skin causing irritation.


  • You will also get a club brush and a microfiber waffle weave which can come in very handy
  • Has metal clips that you can hook onto your golf bag to aid with convenience
  • The material used is a very soft and water absorbent one which again can come in very handy


  • You don’t have options to choose from in terms of the style of the towel.


This again is another great set for you to choose. Like the last set of towels you don’t just get towels but you also get a club brush

This can come in very handy when it comes to getting the dryer mud off of your golf club.

If you have muddy golf clubs it can be very difficult to take a good shot as it will greatly impact the distance the ball will travel.

Like the previous mentioned towels you also get a metal hook on it which can aid greatly in terms of convenience.

If you don't have a hook it can be a nightmare trying to find a place to store the towel then it can just cause you irritation on the course which is the last thing you need when you are playing golf because it can already be an irritating game.

Though you do get three different coloured towels in one set which can be great because it give you a lot of options to choose from, you may even have one that matches your golf outfit perfectly. That being said, they are a little bit expensive.


  • Also will get a club brush in this set
  • Has a metal hook which can come in very useful
  • You will have a few options to choose from and not just be limited to one


  • A little on the expensive side


With this specific golf towel set you are provided with many options to choose from, these include Jet Black, Awareness Pink, Black-Black, Cardinal Red, Caribbean Blue and Caribbean Black.

This is sure to give you enough options to find the set of towels that feel perfect for you.

They too come with a clip that you can hook onto your golf bag which will come incredibly handy as it will mean that you can just hook it onto your golf bag and not need to carry it around with you.

If you have to carry it with you at all times it can be difficult when it comes time to take your shot.

They are also incredibly lightweight towels and very absorbent. This is a great feature as obviously when something is absorbed it can add a lot of weight to something so the fact that it doesn’t gain that much weight will mean that you don’t feel like you are carrying something unnecessarily heavy.


  • Lots of different color options for you to choose from
  • Metal clip that can be hooked to your golf bag which will aid greatly with convenience
  • Very lightweight and absorbent towels


  • Fabric been stated as not the nicest


Titleist is one of the most well respected brands in the golfing world so it is absolutely no surprise that they have made it onto this list with their version of a golfing towel, unlike some of the others this specific one doesn’t come with a clip.

Though it is available in another color option. You can either have Black or White.

The material used is Terry and is incredibly absorbent. This can come in extremely handy when it is time to dab your sweaty face down on an extremely hot day on the golf course.

You can also use it when your clubs get wet which can impact the trajectory of the ball massively. This really is a great feature and something that should be considered that way.

This also has a large centre slit through the middle of it which will make cleaning the bigger sized club heads incredibly easy as it will just completely cover them.

The towel in terms of size is also perfect. It is not so big that you feel like you are carrying a bath towel around with you and not so small that you don't really cover much of the surface when you are trying to clean your clubs.


  • Available in two different colors for you to choose from, either black or white
  • The material used is incredibly absorbent
  • The towel also has a large slit through the middle which makes cleaning the bigger sized clubs a lot easier.


  • Doesn’t have a clip that can easily hook onto your bag.

Best Golf Towel Buying Guide


One of the most important things to do with a towel is how absorbent it is. If a towel is not absorbent then it will struggle to pick up any moisture.

How absorbent a towel is a direct answer to how good the towel actually is. This really is one of the most important things that you need to consider when selecting if the towel is right for you and your needs.

If you live in a particularly hot part of the world then you will know how hot you can get out on the golf course.

Sweating on the golf course can be a very irritating thing to have to deal with, in some cases if you do not have the proper equipment then sweat can get in your eyes which will majorly affect your vision which can subsequently impact what you’re able to do on the golf course and overall impact your game in a very negative way, for that reason this really is one of the most important things that you consider when selecting the towel that is right for you and your needs.

Best Golf Towel

Abrasive Material

This again is one of the most important things that you will need to consider when selecting if a towel is a good one or not.

Abrasive material can cause irritation to your skin and in some cases even scratch your clubs, if your clubs are scratched then it can really damage the quality of the club and in turn impact how good your shot will be.

This really is one of the most important things that you are considering when selecting the best towels for you and your needs.

One of the worst things that can happen to you on the golf course is the fact that in some cases if the material of your towel is not soft then it can cause you some skin irritation which can just overall impact you experience on the golf course so it is always best to avoid something like this whenever possible.

As stated this really is one of the most important things for you to consider when you are selecting the best golf towel.

Metal Clip

This is a really nifty feature of many of the golf towels that are listed above. This really will help aid in the battle for convenience.

If a towel doesn’t have a clip it can be a nightmare trying to find somewhere to store the towel.

If a towel does have a clip then you will find it incredibly easy to store the towel as you just have to clip it on to your golf bag and carry it around with you. As stated above it does really help in terms of ease. 

Carrying a wet towel around with you can just really be an annoying experience so it is always best to avoid that when you can.

Many of the towels stated will have this feature. This really can be very important to some people so should be treated as such when you are making your decision on the best towel for you.

What Comes With It

Some of the above towels selected also come with things like club brushes.

These again are great features that are welcomed by many people. The reason for this is because they will be extremely helpful in getting some of the tougher mud stains off of your clubs.

A mud stain can really affect the quality of your shot so can come in extremely handy when it comes to getting the tougher stains that a towel will struggle to deal with. These are really handy so you should treat this aspect with the highest of importance.

Towels that don’t come with club brushes will always struggle in comparison to ones that do come with club brushes.

Colors To Choose From

This again is quite an important aspect for you to consider when choosing the best golf towel for you and your needs.

Aesthetics may be important to you so for you to be able to find one that meets that criteria for you can be very helpful.

It won’t impact the quality of the towel but it just means that you can find one that is best suited to you and your needs.

Maybe your favorite color is red and the towel you want isn’t available in that color, this can be disappointing so it is always best to find a towel that affords you the option of choice. As it won’t leave you in any way disappointed.


The weight of the towel that you select is again something that is very important, as you get the towel wetter then the towel will weigh more, nobody wants to be lugging extra weight around so if you can select a towel that is lightweight you will find it much easier to carry around all day than a towel that start to weigh a lot the more water it absorbs.

This really can be an important aspect to consider because something heavier will fatigue you much quicker which can greatly impact your ability on the golf course in terms of how far you will be able to hit the ball.

Best Golf Towel - FAQ's

Why Is How Soft A Towel Is Important?

The reason it is important for you to consider how soft the towel is, is because it will mean that it is less likely to cause you skin irritation.

Skin irritation can be a nightmare on the golf course so it is almost always something you want to avoid when you can for that reason it is very important.

What Does A Lightweight Towel Mean?

A lightweight towel is basically determined by how heavy the towel gets when it begins to absorb water. The heavier the towel gets the more difficult it is to carry on course.

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