Best Golf Umbrella

When the heavens open and wet weather strikes it can mean the end of your enjoyment on the golf course. Afterall, who wants to continue playing with slippery clubs and soggy pants?!

However, a quality golfing umbrella can make all the difference, and allow you to get the most out of your game even when the elements are against you.

There are no shortage of brands and models available to buy, and with such a saturated market, the decision about which golf umbrella will serve you best can be a tricky one.

But fear not. We have put together a list of the best golf umbrellas to make your life easier, plus a comprehensive buyer’s guide which covers all the key factors you should consider when choosing your brolly.

With the right canopy overhead, you can stay sheltered from wind, rain and sun, so all you'll have to worry about is your swing!

Best Golf Umbrella


For windy weather, you really cannot get a better umbrella than the GustBuster Pro. These guys invented the double canopy system and nobody does it better.

Wind whips through the overlapping flaps so that the brolly is unflippable and almost unbreakable, yet rain and sleet do not seep in.

As wind is often a problem on golf courses due to the nature of the wide, open fairways and greens, having a windproof umbrella really is essential.

However, the GustBuster Pro is also 100% waterproof and will keep both you and your gear dry even in a heavy rainstorm.

It has a lightweight fiberglass frame so that your wrists and hands will not become fatigued, even if you have to hold the umbrella for an extended period of time.

This means your golfing grip will not be impeded and you can get back to swinging like a pro as soon as you like.

Speaking of pros, the GustBuster is a popular choice amongst professionals and its many fantastic features leave us in no doubt as to why.


  • 100% waterproof canopy
  • Innovative double canopy, wind proof design
  • Lightweight and lightning resistant fiberglass shaft
  • Pinchless release system
  • Comfort grip rubber handle
  • Tour and pro golfer’s choice


  • Expensive price point
  • No auto-open mechanism

    Also available from


For affordable quality the G4Free golf umbrella scores a hole-in-one. This brolly is a best seller on Amazon and its price point is just one of the reasons why.

It also draws praise for the wide range of canopy sizes and color combinations available.

You can choose a design which really reflects your character and also makes you highly visible to other golfers even from a distance.

The G4Free golf umbrella has a single push auto opening system, which is great for older players who suffer from arthritis and joint pain.

When rain strikes, this umbrella will open up swiftly and easily, without any unnecessary fiddling or pinching required.

The double canopy is wind resistant and made from 210T pongee waterproof fabric for your protection against bad weather.

It has been noted that the ribs are somewhat less durable than those on more expensive models, however the frame and shaft are lightweight and convenient to carry and store. A great, budget option.


  • Automatic open mechanism
  • Windproof double canopy
  • Extra large canopy size
  • Non-slip foam rubber handle with comfort EVA grip
  • 210T pongee fabric for waterproof protection
  • Choice of 10 color combinations
  • Budget friendly


  • Less durable than some more expensive makes


For sunny weather this Coolibar tournament golf umbrella has all your UV protection needs covered.

People often forget that a gold umbrella can be used as much to provide shade from the sun as it does shelter from the rain.

In many cases, exposure to sunshine can be far more harmful and hindering than even the heaviest downpour.

Luckily, this brolly has UPF 50+ sun protection and blocks out 98% of the nasty stuff for you.

The underside of this large canopy also has glare reducing qualities, which can aid your performance on bright, sunny days.

The nylon canopy is durable and water repellent. What’s more, the double canopy system is lined with a lightweight mesh which provides added stability and structure in high wind situations. This brolly really is fit for all weather conditions.

The open / close mechanism is not automatic but it is simple and smooth thanks to the pinchless design.

With a lightweight fiberglass frame and pro-grip rubber handle, this umbrella is as comfortable and convenient as it is protective.


  • UPF 50+ Sun protection blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Underside reduces glare
  • Durable, water repellent nylon fabric
  • Double canopy with mesh insert for ultimate wind resistance
  • Lightweight yet sturdy fibreglass shaft and ribs
  • Pinchless open / close system
  • Pro-grip rubber handle



For professional quality you can’t find much better than TaylorMade. These guys really are a leading golfing brand and are highly renowned and respected for their top quality products.

In this case, their golf umbrella has all the attention to detail and design innovation of one of their famous golf balls!

The shaft and frame of this TaylorMade umbrella are made from aircraft aluminium, which is extremely lightweight yet highly durable.

You will be able to pop this in your golf trolley and transport it without feeling laden in the slightest.

Other awesome design features include the elasticated wind vents, which are reinforced for ultimate strength and stability, but also flexible enough to allow air to pass through easily.

You will be able to stand firm and tall holding this brolly even in blustery conditions.

The innovative tip tensioning system means that the fabric tension is evenly distributed and held taught, making this umbrella streamlined and windproof.

And the bold, TaylorMade logo stands out fantastically against the black fabric. The only downside is that this pro product comes at a premium price.


  • Windproof thanks to tip tensioning system
  • Durable and stable thanks to elasticated vents
  • Lightweight and highly durable thanks to aircraft aluminium shaft
  • Bold TaylorMade logo design
  • Ergonomic, sport-grip handle



For dark days when the sun is hiding behind heavy clouds, this transparent golf umbrella by R-Horse is a top option.

The POE plastic material is completely see-through so allows what little sunlight there may be to shine through.

This is really important, because very often a player’s performance can be negatively impacted when trying to contend with wet weather and the shadow created by a large umbrella.

Visibility need not be an issue with this brolley around.

The POE material is also highly waterproof and will not allow drips and leaks to get through even when there is a deluge of rain.

Of course, it is not the best choice for sunny destinations as it does not provide shade, nor does it have a double canopy to improve wind resistance, however that does not mean that this brolley isn’t versatile.

It actually doubles very well as a wedding or event umbrella as the wide canopy and transparency are great for photographs and big dresses!

The shaft and frame are lightweight, and the 60 inch canopy folds down to a neat and portable size. Nifty and innovative, we think it is a great rainy day option.


  • POE (Polyolefin Elastomer) transparent material for vizibility
  • Highly waterproof and leak proof canopy
  • Automatic open mechanism and button
  • Lightweight thanks to fiberglass shaft and ribs
  • 60 inch canopy make this umbrella smaller and more portable
  • Doubles as great wedding/event umbrella


  • Does not provide shade
  • No double canopy design
  • Cannot be seen from a distance

    Also available from


This last brolley is award winning, and it really is no surprise. It has been used by such golfing superstars as Tiger Woods and Jack Nichlaus, and yet it is not as expensive as many of the big brand umbrellas out there.

Procella are renowned for making expert golfing gear, and this umbrella really is no exception.

The shaft and frame are made from strong yet lightweight fiberglass that can stand up to heavy wind and rain. The 8 ribs are reinforced for extra durability and stability, meaning that the elements do not scare this brolley.

In fact, this is one of the most lightweight models on the market, making it easy to transport and carry between holes.

Better still, the handle and shaft are designed to be compatible with most universal golf umbrella holders, meaning you can fix it to your trolley or cart and enjoy hands free shelter.

The canopy is generous enough to keep you and all your kit covered, and it also boasts a double layered design with mesh lining.

The mesh layer creates greater structural stability so that this canopy won’t flip or rip and is virtually unbreakable.

To top it all off, the Procella umbrella has a double velcro strap so that you can fold it away neatly after use without risk of it bursting open. Brilliant! 


  • Highly respected golfing brand
  • Easy auto open button
  • 8 Sturdy reinforced ribs
  • Extremely lightweight and strong fiberglass shaft
  • Tear resistant mesh and double canopy ventilation
  • Fits universal golf umbrella holders
  • Double velcro strap for secure closure
  • Affordable price point


Buyer’s Guide

Still undecided on which golf umbrella is best for you? Here are a few things that you can consider in order to make your choice easier.

Size Of Canopy

It may seem obvious, but the size of a golf umbrella canopy needs to be considerably larger than that of a standard umbrella.

This is because it needs to keep you and your clubs and kit dry in order for you to be able to continue playing. If you know that you play in a rainy area, then investing in a twin canopy umbrella is a good idea.

The additional coverage will enable you to keep dry even in heavy downpours - and will keep your caddie dry too!

Strength Of Frame And Handle

If you want to enjoy full protection from both wind and rain, a strong handle and frame are essential. No one wants their golf umbrella to flip inside out, and with such a large canopy, strong spokes and handle are key.

Many brands offer super strong fibreglass frames that are also lightweight. This saves your wrists and arms from becoming fatigued if you have to hold your umbrella during prolonged showers.

A lightweight frame also makes carrying and transporting the umbrella easier when folded away.

Handle Grip

Look out for umbrellas that offer comfort grip and an ergonomic handle design.

These features really do alleviate fatigue and pain when you have to hold the brolly for a long time, and they also mean that the handle is less slippery even if the weather is very wet.

For older players with arthritis, a well designed handle grip can make all the difference.

Opening Mechanism

Many golf umbrellas have an automatic opening mechanism whereby the canopy opens at the press of a button.

This is a really great feature to look out for as it saves time and effort. When a sudden rain shower strikes, the last thing you want is to be battling a tricky umbrella clasp, and an automatic opening mechanism is speedy and convenient.

These mechanisms are also really beneficial to those who suffer from arthritis and joint pain.

Double Canopy

Double canopy umbrellas are purpose built with overlapping flaps through which air can pass without letting rain or sunlight in.

They are a brilliant design feature as they allow golf umbrellas to withstand high winds without being flipped inside out, and they alleviate pressure and strain on the frame spokes.

If you know that you play on a blustery course then these vents are a must have.

Waterproof Fabric

Any umbrella, golfing or not, needs to be waterproof. However, some fabrics are more waterproof than others. Be sure to check out the waterproof grade and rating of your umbrella before purchasing.

A high rating will indicate that the fabric will keep you dry even in heavy rain, and this in turn indicates a more durable and long lasting product.

UV Fabric

Developments in material technology means that certain fabrics respond and react to UV rays in order to provide better protection.

Opting for an umbrella with intelligent UV fabric will ensure that you enjoy ample shade from the sun’s rays as well as shelter from the rain.

When playing out in the sunshine for many hours, protection from UV is absolutely paramount, so this really is an important feature to look out for.


If visibility is an issue for you then you might wish to opt for an umbrella with transparent panels.

Gold umbrellas with just a couple of transparent panels in their canopy offer far more light and visibility than those with none. Entirely transparent umbrellas are fun but they do not offer UV protection or shade.

Color And Design

Choosing a golf umbrella that looks great and appeals to your sense of style is a must.

Not only will it make you look and feel the part, but bright, distinctive designs make you more visible to other players from afar and also make your brolly harder to forget and lose.

Closure And Storage

Finally, consider the closure and storage solutions offered by any umbrella. There is nothing more frustrating than keeping dry throughout a rainstorm only to get soaked afterwards from your dripping umbrella.

Drip control, drying mechanisms, and drip proof covers are all great things to look out for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Should A Golf Umbrella Be?

The standard size canopy for a golf umbrella is 62 inches across the arc.

However, the best size for you will depend on the weight to canopy ratio, as a large canopy on a heavy umbrella will cause more trouble than it’s worth. In general, golf umbrellas range from 46 to 68 inches in size.

How Do I Stop My Golf Umbrella Blowing Away?

Double canopy golf umbrellas are designed to stand up against high winds by allowing air to pass through the gaps between flaps.

If you are going to be playing in particularly gusty conditions you can reinforce the structure of your brolly with bungee cords. These help the frame to stay strong by adding additional resistance against heavy gusts.

Do I Need A Golf Umbrella Holder?

Umbrella holders are a really useful accessory for any player as they allow you to fix your umbrella to the side of a cart or trolley. This saves you the effort of having to hold the brolly yourself and allows you to get on with your game unimpeded.

Most umbrella holders have universal fittings so they are compatible with any brolly and trolley. Although not essential, they certainly are highly recommended.

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