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Playing golf can be a very fun way to spend your time, whether that be at a driving range or a full round of golf with some friends, it really can just be a fun activity that you partake in.

That being said when the game is not going your way it can be one of the most infuriating things to be a part of. One of the most irritating things about golf is how much spin a ball can gather once you have taken your shot.

The way you can stop this from having such an impact on your game is by using low-spin balls. This will be sure to help your game improve by extending the range in which you can hit a ball.

If a ball spins too much it can often reduce the overall length the ball will travel. If you are unsure of what specifically to be looking for in terms of what you are specifically looking for to reduce the spin of your shot then look no further because you have come to the right place.

We have gathered all of the relevant information that you will need in terms of finding the right ball for you to be using. This will be sure to improve your game in no time and really help in terms of performance. As stated above the ball will naturally spin so in any way if you can reduce that and get the ball to travel more direct, You should.


Titleist ProV1 golf balls 12-pack

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls


Wilson Smart Core golf ball package

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball – Pack Of 24


Callaway Hex Soft golf ball package (24 pack)

Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls


Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Titleist ProV1 golf balls 12-pack

These specific golf balls offer very low spin and a very high penetrating trajectory, this will be sure to extend the range of your overall shot.

By doing this you will improve your game astronomically, after all the whole point of golf is to get the ball in the hole with as few shots as you can manage. The balls are also available in a few different colors which will help you massively because you will be able to see the ball travel much easier.

It is quite difficult to follow the trajectory of your ball because it moves so fast and in some cases can really blend into the background.

The colors available are White, Pink, and Yellow. Though you may find that the balls are quite expensive. In terms of improving your short game, these balls are also perfect.

They have an increased drop and stop short game control. This ensures that you will also be improving your short game and not just your long game.

Putting can be a very difficult task but is made much easier with the use of these balls.


  • Very low spin when you strike the ball over long distances
  • Multiple colors to choose from to help increase your ability to follow the ball’s trajectory.
  • Will also improve your short game with the drop and stop short game control


  • The balls are on the more expensive side of things.

You can also find them here


Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball – Pack Of 24

Wilson Smart Core golf ball package

Wilson is a well-respected brand in the sports industry so it is no surprise that they feature on this list with its pack of 24 low-spinning golf balls.

Low-spinning balls will increase your range of distance when you take your swing which as stated earlier will drastically improve your golf game making you have a much more enjoyable experience. The spin control on short shots is also incredible. They will be able to ensure that your short game is also improved and not just your long range.

Again as stated above putting can be difficult, it’s where you can actually pick up your most attempts because it is mainly about accuracy. That should no longer be the case when you are using these balls. They are also a much more affordable option for some people. As well as improving your game the balls are also incredibly durable which will ensure that the balls you play with are able to be used for a very long time.

Due to the fact that golf is about impact, you will need to ensure that the balls you select are all incredibly durable. Though you only have one color option with these specific balls.


  • Very low spinning balls to increase the distance
  • Able to drastically improve your short game and not just your long game
  • Much more affordable option than the previously mentioned items on this list.
  • Very durable golf balls ensure that they will last you for a very long time.


  • Only available in one color

They are also available here.


Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls

Callaway Hex Soft golf ball package (24 pack)

Callaway is an incredibly well-respected brand in the golfing world so again it should be expected to see them on this list of the best low-spinning golf balls.

They are very low in compression which makes them spin a lot less.

This will improve the distance that you are able to achieve and hopefully reduce the number of shots that you will need to take to achieve your best-performing game of golf. Due to the fact that the balls have such a soft feel, they will be able to feel great when you make your connection with them.

This will help improve your technique and perhaps see where other areas of your game need improving.

Whether that be putting a ball or perhaps just keeping the ball straight during flight. They are a little on the expensive side though. The short game is also improved with the use of the balls as the soft feel allows it to glide across the green in a much more accurate way than a ball that doesn’t feel as soft.

As stated above this is where you can really improve your game in terms of the number of shots taken.


  • Low Spin to improve your distance covered
  • A soft feel can improve your technique
  • The short game is improved with low spin


  • On the expensive side


Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls – 12

Bridgestone e6 golf ball package

These specific balls will offer you a very soft feel and low spin. The low spin that is provided by the ball will be sure to maximize the distance that you cover with your long game and also make it a much more accurate shot.

If a ball spins too much then the ball can begin to drift with the wind at a quick rate and will minimize the distance in which the ball travels. Though they are quite expensive. The balls will also work well on the green improving your short game as they will not be spinning away from the hole which can happen with balls that have high spin.

This again will improve your game massively as hopefully, it will take you much fewer attempts at getting the ball to sink into the hole. There are 12 balls so you will be sure to have enough that you won’t run out any time soon unless obviously, you hit into the water around the course you are playing on in which case the ball will become lost.

They offer a high-level performance alternative to some of the other brands such as Wilson and Callaway.


  • Low spin will improve the distance the ball is able to travel as it is not wasting its velocity going out wide and should be much straighter.
  • Will improve your short game with great accuracy.
  • 12 balls so you shouldn’t run out any time soon.


  • On the more expensive side.

They are also available here.

Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball – 12 Pack

Nitro Maximum Distance orange golf balls package

These specific golf balls will offer a super reactive feel that generates very little spin.

The benefit of this is that it will massively improve your technique because it really will feel like the shot relies on your ability more than how good the ball actually is. That being said, they are really good balls. They are also a very durable set of balls that will be sure to last you a very long time and not really show any damage from impact.

Everyone knows that the game of golf is about the impact and impact can often damage the ball if it is not durable enough to withstand the impact of your shot. They will also greatly improve the distance you are able to make the ball travel, this is due to the low spin that will keep the ball traveling straight and true.

In terms of your long-range game, this will greatly improve it because the ball is not wasting any velocity traveling in a direction that is unwanted by you.


  • Will improve your technique
  • Durable balls to ensure they will last you a long time
  • Will travel over long distances


  • Some colors are not as bright as pictured.

Best Low Spin Golf Balls Buying Guide


The distance that you can make a ball travel is something that, well, is simply a very important aspect of golf.

The reason for this is that if you can get the ball to travel further then you will hopefully get onto the green in much fewer shots than you would have been able to before.

Lots of things can impact how far a ball travels such as the velocity that you generate while taking a swing at the ball.

Obviously, the impact you make is important but also the technique that you are using will also help this. As stated earlier the aim of golf is to get the ball to sink into the hole in as few shots as possible.

These aren’t the only things that will help improve your game but they really will make a drastic impact on your game overall and therefore should be treated as such.

Golf Ball Resting On Tee

Low Spin

Low spin is one of the most important aspects of golf in terms of helping a ball reach its intended target.

The reason for this is that in many cases if a ball starts to skew to the left or right a lot of the initial power you hit the ball with will be lost in terms of distance and accuracy.

The low spin balls provided for you above will be sure to keep the ball traveling as straight as possible

This will be sure to make the overall distance covered by the ball a much greater one than previous. Low spin can also help improve your short game.

For this reason, low-spin balls absolutely have to be considered if you are really going to take your golf game seriously.

Having balls that will spin too much will be counterproductive and hinder you from improving your game. The balls above will all offer you very low spin help to achieve that goal.

Short Game

Your short game as stated earlier is one of the most frustrating parts of golf. It’s not about power. It is about technique and accuracy.

That being said, if you can find a ball that can aid you in that regard then you should definitely take that opportunity.

The above balls will also help your short game improve drastically as well as your long game.

This will hopefully limit the number of attempts you need to take to get the ball to effortlessly sink into the hole which of course is the overall ambition of golf.

So for that reason, this will need to be considered with the highest regard if you are going to be taken seriously on the golf course.

Balls that will not aid your short game again can be very counterproductive to your improvement and therefore you should try to avoid them whenever possible.


Durability is important in any area of life that can be either a new set of plates or a new set of tires on your car. This is no different in golf.

Golf is a game of impact so you will need a ball that is durable enough to sustain itself after many many swings.

If a ball becomes damaged then it will not be a good ball for you to use. A damaged ball will not be able to travel far or remain on a straight path.

It really is one of the most important things to consider when looking for new golf balls because of the nature of how you play gold.

The above balls are all incredibly durable and will be a massive help in your golf game and actually save you money in the long run because you will not have to be replacing the balls anytime soon.

Soft Feel

The soft feel of a ball will help in improving your technique. You will be able to feel everything that you are doing wrong and also everything that you are doing right.

The most important thing in reality with golf is how you are making your connection with your ball and how good your technique is while taking a swing.

Regardless of how low a ball spins, if you are not making the right type of connection with the great technique you will always be limited to what you can actually achieve in the game of golf.

For that reason, soft-feel golf balls should be very high on your priority list as they will massively aid the ability that you actually have.


The color of a ball is important. If you always find yourself struggling to be able to spot exactly in which way your ball is traveling then lighter colors such as pink or yellow can be a massive help in that regard.

The color will have no impact on performance but may help you be able to properly track where the ball is actually going and for that reason should really be considered quite high.

If you can’t see your ball you are just hurting your own game because you won’t be able to track exactly where it is going.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Durability So Important With Golf Balls?

The reason that durability is such an important aspect for you to consider with golf balls is because of how much impact a ball takes on a regular basis.
If a ball starts to become damaged it will not perform in the way that you want it to perform.
A ball being more durable will hopefully limit the damage it takes and be sure to perform at the highest level that it is able to.

Why Are Low Spin Balls So Helpful?

The reason that low spin balls are so helpful is because it will keep the ball on a much straighter path and will actually maximize the distance that the ball is able to achieve.

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