Best Women’s Golf Shoes

Golfing is a great sport which is both relaxing and challenging. It allows you to get outdoors and enjoy fresh air whilst exercising and learning new skills. Whether you are new to golf or an experienced golfer, it is very important to have the right equipment and clothing. This includes the clubs, the bag, and the clothing.

One item that often gets overlooked is a great pair of golfing shoes. The right shoes will provide you with support and comfort whilst allowing you to carry out flexible and dynamic movement. They should also be breathable to keep your feet cool.

When it comes to choosing golfing shoes, there are a lot of different products available. There are many brands and styles which offer different benefits depending on their individual features.

It can be overwhelming to narrow down the options, but we have made things easier for you. We have put together a list of the best golfing shoes available on Amazon along with a buyer’s guide to help you decide which product is going to suit your needs.

Keep reading to find your next pair of golfing shoes. 

Best Women’s Golf Shoes


These Adidas golf shoes have spiked traction and are designed to be stable and comfortable. The 6 spikes are removable with permanent traction lugs.

The mesh uppers are breathable, allowing good airflow through the shoe to keep you cool. It also makes them lightweight, but they aren’t waterproof so they are not designed for wearing in wet conditions.

The cloudfoam sockliner provides additional comfort, along with the EVA midsole. The shoes have a low profile for an enhanced feel and a TPU outsole for good grip and support.

These shoes are secured with laces.They come in 3 different colors - black silver and grey, white silver and grey, and white silver and hazel sky.

These shoes are a great option if you’re looking for a lightweight, comfortable golf shoe which is affordable and good quality. 


The Footjoy women’s slip on golf shoes have a Duramax rubber outsole which grips well to the turf to improve your performance.

The fine tune foam in the cushioning provides superior comfort without weighing the shoes down. The fitbeds are made from ethyl vinyl acetate for lightweight cushioning.

The synthetic uppers are durable, breathable, and waterproof. They are easy to wipe down and keep clean.

The tab on the heel of the shoe makes them easy to pull on and off as these shoes have a slip on design. There are also some elastic laces to keep the shoes secure. 


These shoes are ultra lightweight but very supportive. They have synthetic uppers with breathable mesh material to keep your feet cool and ventilated as you play.

The woven fabric is textured with diamond detail and synthetic overlays at the toe, laces, and heel panel. The shoes are water resistant with Dri-Lex interior moisture management.

The TPU outsole has incredible grip whilst the GOGA Max insole provides high-rebound cushioning. The shoes have a soft fabric lining and cushioned comfort insole so you can play golf for longer without any rubbing or discomfort.

These shoes are secured with laces and have a heel tab so they can be pulled on and off easily.

There are multiple color and design options to choose from so you will be sure to find a pair of shoes that suits your style and the rest of your golf clothes. The shoes are very affordable and made from excellent quality materials. 


These golf shoes from New Balance are made with rubber spikeless outsoles. The outsoles have pressure mapping colors to highlight the performance zones.

The uppers are made from breathable performance mesh which makes them lightweight and breathable, so your feet can stay cool and dry. The mesh has synthetic overlays to provide extra support and protection, and to make the shoes more durable.

The midsole has fresh foam cushioning for a cloud-like feel and superior support. The molded insole also provides excellent cushioning support.

You have 4 colors to choose from- grey, navy, white and black. The shoes are secured with laces for a snug fit. They are moderately priced and will suit a variety of golfers.


Callaway is an American company based in California and is one of the most respected brands in golf. These shoes are designed to be comfortable enough to wear all the way around the golf course.

The Dura-rubber outsole is spineless and offers great traction. The traction control lugs dig into the ground to help you to maintain your balance while you swing.

The PU insole is extra thick for great support and the soft EVA midsole provides incredible comfort with Opti-soft technology.

The Opti-dry technology ensures the leather shoes are waterproof so you can play in comfort in wet weather conditions. The shoes have a breathable mesh liner to keep your feet cool and comfortable while you play.

You can choose between navy and grey, and both options are very sleek and stylish. Despite Callaway being such an established brand these shoes are very reasonably priced. 


The Puma women’s Laguna fashion golf shoes are made from 100% synthetic materials. They have a performance mesh upper which is both waterproof and breathable.

The TPU outsole is durable and comfortable with crystal carbon and strategically placed traction lugs and hexagonal texture for extra grip and multi-directional traction.

They have a fusion foam midsole and fusion foam windows in the heel and forefoot for extra cushioning.

There are 14 different colors to choose from including black and white, lavender and white, grey and white, and lemon and metallic silver. They are moderately priced with great durability. 


These shoes are made with GORE-TEX waterproof technology to provide your feet with excellent protection against adverse weather conditions, so you can still enjoy playing golf in the rain.

The soles benefit from an E-DTS traction system with 100 TPU traction bars which give you great grip in multiple directions.

The Ecco waterproof hybrid golf shoes have zonal fluidform technology. This means that the midsole has 3 different zones to offer the best possible support and cushioning.

The shoes are secured with the Boa fit system- elastic laces which can be adjusted and locked into place with the twist of a dial.

The ortholite insoles provide amazing support, cushioning, and breathability. The insoles are removable so you can wash them easily.

These shoes are a bit more expensive than some of the others on this list, but you are paying for premium materials and design which will be long lasting.


These Adidas response bounce golf shoes are made from leather with a rubber sole. The microfibre uppers are breathable and very lightweight.

The Adidas bounce midsole provides great cushioning as well as excellent flexibility so you still have your full range of movement. These shoes have a cloud foam sockliner for extra support and comfort inside the shoe.

The thintech outsole has six spikes for great traction with abrasion resistant adiwear. The shoes are water resistant and breathable with water repellent technology to keep your feet dry even in wet conditions.

These shoes come in 7 colors including black and white, blue and white, grey and coral, and pink white and metallic silver.

The cleats dig into the ground to help you keep your balance even while you are performing dynamic movements. Adidas is a reliable brand which is surprisingly affordable.


If you are looking for traditional golf shoes then this could be the perfect product for you. They are made from full grain leather which is breathable and very durable.

The other benefit of the leather is that it provides you with waterproof protection. The shape of the shoe is traditional with a refined rounded toe and a slightly narrowed heel to create the classic profile.

These shoes come in 6 different colors including white, blue and white, black and white and black and white plaid.

The molded fit-bed insole is lightweight whilst providing excellent heel support and comfort. The cleats are comfortable to walk on whilst allowing you to grip the turf.

The radiused legs make the cleats durable and the webbing makes them easier to clean. These shoes are quite reasonably priced considering the quality materials and high-end design


These Skechers golf shoes are a great blend of practical and fashionable. They have a lace up style with a padded collar and tongue.

The GOGA MAX technology insole provides high rebound cushioning for ultimate comfort. They have a durable rubber traction plate.

Even though there’s no spikes on these shoes, they still provide great grip with a durable rubber sole.

The most unique feature of these shoes is the graphic design on the side panels which shows dogs playing golf. You can choose a white design or a grey and pink design.

The leather uppers are smooth and the shoes have a soft inner lining with breathable Dri-Lex moisture wicking technology.

Skechers are a well known brand who design durable, comfortable shoes which benefit from innovative technology. They are also reasonably priced.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have more information about the best golf shoes available, it is time to narrow it down and decide which shoes will suit your needs.

If you are still struggling to make your choice then we have put together a buyer’s guide to give you the advice you need to help you make your decision.

There are a few things to consider to help you choose your golf shoes. One of the main things you will need to decide is whether you want spikes or cleats on your shoes or whether you would prefer a spikeless sole.

Spikes or cleats will dig into the ground to provide good grip while you swing. Soles without spikes are better for gripping turf rather than grass, soil and sand.

It depends on where you are going to be wearing the shoes and what kind of course you play on as to which style will best suit your needs.

The next thing to think about is whether you want a traditional style of golfing shoe, or a more modern sporty style. The traditional style has a rounded toe and a narrow heel and those shoes are normally made from leather, often with a pattern.

They have classic laces to keep them secure and usually have cleats. The modern style golf shoes are shaped more like trainers and tend to be made from synthetic materials.

Some of them have traditional laces and others have a slip-on style with elastic laces. The modern golf shoes benefit from innovative technology when it comes to breathability, cushioning and support.

Another thing to consider is what weather conditions you are going to be wearing your shoes in. There is a compromise between having shoes that are very waterproof and shoes that are very lightweight.

If the uppers of the shoes are made from mostly mesh material then they might be water resistant or water repellent but are unlikely to be completely waterproof.

But, they will be very lightweight and breathable which will keep your feet cool and prevent sweat from building up inside the shoes. If you want a shoe that is waterproof then it will need to be made of leather or a synthetic leather or something similar which will keep out all of the water.

This will be heavier than mesh and not as breathable. If you are going to play in warm conditions with only some light rain then you would be better off with golf shoes that are lightweight with plenty of mesh material.

If you are likely to be playing in heavier rain then you will need something more sturdy and durable that is also waterproof.

When it comes to durability, there are some great features that can make the shoes last longer.

A strong rubber sole is important, along with supportive panels on the areas of the shoes that get the most wear like the heel and toe. Some golf shoes even have rubber panels on those areas.

Another important feature of golf shoes is the cushioning. These shoes need to be comfortable enough to wear around a full golf course with no rubbing or chafing and plenty of support.

An EVA midsole is a great feature, along with a cushioned insole and a supportive design. Each brand has their own technologies and designs when it comes to cushioning and support, but lightweight foam cushioning tends to be the best option.

The final point to think about which could help you make your choice is the color of the shoes. Some of the products on this list come in multiple different color designs which gives you plenty of options to match your shoes with the rest of your golfing clothing or to find a pair that suit your personal style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Spikeless Golf Shoes Effective?

There are several types of golf shoes including ones with permanent spikes, ones with removable spikes, or ones with no spikes at all.

The spikeless golf shoes have traction lugs which are spread strategically across the bottom of the sole to provide grip and support where it is needed.

This means that you can move in multiple different directions whilst maintaining good traction. They made very versatile shoes as they can be worn both on and off the golf course.

They also keep you closer to the ground which can help with stability. Spikeless shoes are definitely very effective. 

What Is Hybrid Traction?

Hybrid traction features the traction lugs mentioned above along with non-removable spikes that are smaller than removable spikes but still dig into the ground to provide great grip.

The downside to this kind of traction is that it's not replaceable - once the sole has worn you will need new shoes. With removable spikes or cleats, you can get new spikes when they begin to wear out.

Spikeless golf shoes also have traction that is not replaceable. 

Can You Wear Running Shoes To Play gGolf?

You can wear running shoes or other types of sporty shoes to play golf, as long as your feet are comfortable and supported.

Golf shoes are specifically designed to support your feet through the movements that you perform whilst you are playing golf so they are the best choice.

You should also check with the golf club or course that you will be using as some of them have strict rules when it comes to dress code.

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