Birdie Ball Review

For those that don’t know, a Birdie Ball is an incredibly sought-after product that can improve your golf game drastically. How does it do this you ask? Well basically the Birdie Ball will only travel 40 yards, so you won’t have to worry about hitting the ball too far.

The Birdie Ball will Feel like a regular golf ball and also mimic the flight that a golf ball would take coming off of your swing. However, the ball itself will actually be more of a ring for napkins. The middle is completely hollow so you can actually see through it. You can find the product here

The principle behind the Birdie Ball is to simply make golf much easier to play wherever you are, whether that be in a parking lot or your back garden. It is designed so that you can practice with whatever club you want to practice with and it isn’t specific to just one club.

Air will then travel through the hollowed-out center part which will then slow the ball down relatively quickly. It is also a durable product as it is made from a PVC material which is hard and built to be able to cope with the excessive impact. 

Does It Work?

Well, simply put, yes it does. To set the Birdie Ball up you will need to literally just take it out of the box. That’s right it is that easy, you need to lay down the practice turf, place the Birdie Ball onto it, and simply swing with your club.

It is stated that the ball on average will travel 40 yards, however, if you are using a club that is meant for hitting more long-range shots then the Birdie Ball will travel a little further than that. If you have 75 yards of free space then you shouldn’t have to worry about hitting anyone or anything that is a little further away.

Luckily if you miss hitting the ball then you don’t have to worry about it skewing off to the side and hitting a car window causing it to smash or worry about it actually denting a car either. The one thing you will have to consider is that it won’t actually sound like a golf ball.

What that means is that when you first make contact with the ball you will hear the sound that regular golf makes when you first make contact with it but due to the fact that the middle of the Birdie Ball is hollowed out you will then instead receive a swooshing sound.

At first, you may find this a little strange because, well it is a different sound entirely to the way that an actual ball would make but after you do get used to the sound that the Birdie Ball makes you are setting yourself up for unlimited fun for countless hours. As mentioned above the product is for improving your golf game and it does that well so in terms of it working? Yes, it does.


The turf itself is a very durable product also, it is also extremely high quality and will make you think that you are taking a swing on the PGA tour. The turf itself weighs 15 pounds so it is not a particularly heavy turf and its thickness is around 1 inch. It measures 22 x 36.

As well as being a durable product it is also incredibly portable and has a handle so that you can carry it around with ease. It also has a little divot so that you can lay all of the Birdie Balls down instead of keeping them in the box while you practice. This really does make the turf feel like one that you would stand on at the driving range, of course, it is a little smaller.

Due to the weight of the turf, it will also not move when you take a swing at the Birdie Balls ensuring that you can get the most accurate reading of your swing and any improvements that you may need to make to your game. Due to its thickness, you are also able to be worry-free that you are damaging any of your clubs also.

Having a mat of this quality is something that anyone who is trying to take their golf game seriously. The turf isn’t included with the product but you can find it here. 

It’s not essential that you have the turf but it will make the whole process a lot easier and cause a lot less damage to your clubs if you miss judging the distance to the ground so it is definitely worth investing.

This will help you find consistency with your shot, which let’s be honest is the most important aspect of improving your golf game. Consistency is the most important part of improving anything.

What’s So Great About it

The fact that you can set the whole thing up in a matter of moments and provided that you have enough space without really being able to cause vehicles any damage or smash any windows is a big win. All you need to use this product properly is open space, and in comparison to real golf balls, not even a lot of it.

Due to this and the fact that it will genuinely improve your ability and technique the product comes with a very high recommendation and it is something that you should definitely consider when looking to improve your game.

What’s Not So Great

A few things that people have noted with the Birdie Ball products is that after they have been hit with an incredibly forceful strike repeatedly the “balls” have been known to skew out of shape minorly.

This can only be expected with a product that has a hollow central point though so it is not a major surprise that after some repetitive bumps they may start to show their bruises.

That being said it’s not like they won’t work the same way and a little bit of escapement doesn’t seem to make the product useless. 

The other thing to consider when using Birdie Balls is that hitting them off of regular grass without actually using the turf is something that doesn’t work as well.

The balls are designed in a way that they are meant to sit flat on the ground and when being played on grass you will notice that they often skew to the side meaning that when you hit the ball it will often also skew to the side and not give you an accurate representation of where or how good your shot is actually getting.

Though it is not essential that you have the regulated turf it is highly recommended as it will stop issues like this from occurring and give you the best reading of your results.

As mentioned earlier, consistency is pretty important with regard to golf so keeping your practice routine as consistent as possible is something that should be done with necessity rather than something that you don’t really care about.

Again these aren’t complete and utter deal breakers with the product because they still work regardless of these issues. With regards to the way, the ball can become a little out of shape as long as it still travels through the air like it is meant to then does that really matter?

The turf and regular grass debate is something that you should consider with more prominence as it will actually hinder the performance of the ball. Other than that though the product does exactly what it says it will do.


Birdie Ball is a spherical object that has a hollow middle point which is used to improve your golf game, it does this by not allowing the ball to travel more than 40 yards and causing any serious damage to vehicles if you have decided to set up in a parking lot.

But it will also not cause any serious damage to windows so you really don’t have anything to worry about all you need to ensure is that you have more than enough room directly in front of you to play, for example, if someone is 10 yards in front of you, it definitely won’t be a good idea to continue to practice in that area because that wouldn’t be anywhere near enough room.

You should also consider purchasing the Birdie Ball turf too as this will give you a more consistent reading of your skill level and actually allow you to hit the ball much better than you will be able to if you are striking the ball from regular grass which can cause the product to slightly skew to one side unless you have pushed it into the ground so it holds still, but this would also take some sting away from your shot, hence why the turf may be important to some people.

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