Blue Tees Rangefinder Review

The blue tees rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders on the market today, it comes full of features that will prove this point also.

Like many laser range finders, it will help determine how far your target is away from where you are. It’s used to help determine the actual accuracy of your shot also as well as determining the distance you need to hit the ball to achieve your goal.

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The industry for rangefinders has often been taken up by two extremes, one is a high price high-quality rangefinder and the other is more basic designs that will focus on your budget, Blue tee’s main goal is to essentially sit in the middle of that market with a high-quality design but also being more affordable.

Some of the cheaper branded rangefinders will still get the job done but they will do it a lot less gracefully than a rangefinder made by Blue Tees, this is due to the number of features that the specific range finder made by Blue Tees actually offers you.

Also if you are not a fan of this product after a few uses they will offer a 60-day money-back guarantee which can come in quite useful if you find that it’s not the perfect one for you, although we doubt you’ll need to.

It also has a very nice aesthetic and comes in a blue and white combination of colors, this provides an incredibly slick feel to the Blue Tees rangefinder that you may not get with other rangefinders manufactured by different companies. 


Obviously, a rangefinder is only as good as the service that it can provide for you when you are golfing. Luckily the Blue Tees rangefinder has plenty of features that can help create a more enjoyable game of golf for you.

Some of these features, are the rangefinder’s waterproof nature,  The rangefinder’s optical screen that will show the results, the quick and accurate responses that the rangefinder will give you, and The magnet strip which makes being able to place the rangefinder anywhere very easy and helpful and also the spare batteries that are provided with the rangefinder.

These are just a few of the features that you will find extremely helpful. Blue Tees need to stand out from the crowded marketplace and with just these mentioned features you can see why they are often considered to stand alone.

Optical Screen

One of the best features of this rangefinder is the optical view it will give you. It will magnify by 7 times providing an excellent view of your intended target with plenty of information also, but not make you feel like you are being overloaded with information that you may not fully understand.

It will adjust to the light that it is experiencing so as not to cause any unwanted brightness, whatever you are trying to use as a target this rangefinder will have no issue finding it.

Whether it be a flag you are looking for or a tree that you want to use to gauge the distance you will have no issue using the Blue Tees rangefinder, personally when playing in the hours that are considered dusk The way the screen adjusted was very helpful, and still presented no issues when finding a target.

Quick And Accurate Results

Another great feature is how quick the rangefinder is at providing you an accurate distance to your target, obviously lots of different laser rangefinders will use different engines to power it and provide the information that you need which can often be a lot slower when it comes time to provide the information, this will not be an issue with the Blue Tees rangefinder.

Another great factor of this specific rangefinder is the pulse and flatlock features that it possesses. This will ensure that you know when you have hit your intended target and will not need to worry about guessing if you have hit the target or not or even reshooting because you have assumed you missed the target.

That aspect will be gone from your gameplay with these features as it eliminates the need for reshoots by alerting you if you have or haven’t hit the target. 

Magnet Strip

The rangefinder also has a magnetic strip that will hold the actual product to anything that is metal, this comes incredibly handy when you are often riding around in golf carts because the course may be a very big one, but it means that you can attach the rangefinder to literally anything that is metal making it very easy to store and not have to worry about holding it or placing it down on the green when it comes time to take your swing.

This is a really helpful feature that some other rangefinders may not always accommodate. That’s why Blue Tees stands apart from the crowd in a very overcrowded market.

Due to the fact that it can often make the product a lot easier to keep track of and not have to worry about it, it truly is a stand-out feature of the product and something that should be considered as one also.


Another brilliant feature of this rangefinder is the fact that it is also waterproof, this ensures that even on wetter days you can still find your targets fairly easily, even if it is a cloudy, miserable day. This means that the product will still work perfectly at providing you accurate data quickly even if you have accidentally dropped in a puddle that has formed due to the rain.

Not many rangefinders on the market are waterproof so it comes as a very welcomed feature that Blue Tees have included in their design for the rangefinder.

It is highly helpful especially if you live and play golf in an area where rain is sometimes unavoidable then this is a must-have feature, it will also maintain a very clear reading so you won’t have to worry about not being able to read the information clearly if that is a concern for you if you do live a wetter part of the world.

As mentioned before the waterproof feature may be something that you actually require more than something that is a nice bonus depending on where you live or where you play golf.

Spare Batteries

Another great feature of the Blue Tees rangefinder is the fact that you are also provided a battery backup. Two batteries in fact. Obviously, it also comes with a battery that is expected to last a full season. It can be very infuriating if the batteries die when you need them most.

For that reason, the two extra batteries that have been provided are always very useful to have in your hand as you never know when you will actually need to use them This makes the Blue Tees product really stand out against the rest of the market as it will mean that you are always covered in the event of a battery dying.

It can also be very useful in case somebody else’s rangefinder runs out of battery and they need to borrow one, then you can simply just lend them your spare for the time being. As mentioned you will not need to needlessly replace the batteries for your rangefinder because the one that is provided for you should last a full season of golf.


The Blue Tees rangefinder is an incredibly useful product that has many features that it offers its user, this can be anything from the speed of the results that the rangefinder provides you with or the accuracy that it does it with. It really is a graceful laser rangefinder that will be hard to beat.

Some other great feature of the Blue Tees rangefinder is the waterproof nature of the device itself, this ensures that you can use the device all year round and not have to worry about perhaps some of the readings that it provides you with being a little off. In some parts of the world, this feature may be a necessity.

Other great features include the optical screen which is great for magnifying your target up to 7 times, this helps spot specific targets that you may be aiming for such as bunkers, trees, or even flags. Again this feature will hold up in the rain due to the waterproof features.

It is also great that this device features a magnetic strip which means that it can pretty much be connected to anything that is metal so you do not have to worry about carrying it around all the time.

The spare batteries that you are also provided with can come in very handy just in case a battery dies on you when you do not expect it. This shouldn’t need to be changed regularly, however, as the first battery should last the whole season.

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