Callaway 300 Pro Review

Golfers should never underestimate the importance of bringing a high-quality rangefinder on the course.

These technologies aid golfers in not just calculating distance, but also in anticipating their next stroke.


Callaway 300 pro

Callaway 300 pro

The Callaway 300 Pro Slope Laser Golf Rangefinder is one of the best-selling budget laser rangefinders on the market, and we’ve put together this detailed review to ensure you get the most out of this modelAlthough the 300 Pro is not a new rangefinder, it is a great addition to Callaway’s golf equipment line, which is a market leader in the United States.

With the same features as more expensive models, this is an amazing golf rangefinder, but is it helpful and will it help you improve your game? Read on to learn more about this gadget. 

Pin Lock-On 

The Callaway 300 ensures accurate pin readings of up to a yard in any direction. Additionally, you may use the scanner modes on the unit to receive more precise readings of the course ahead of you.The rangefinder’s simple binocular configuration provides a great view of the course as it stretches in front of you.

It also has a tiny LCD display that shows the distance between you and your target, as well as the battery life left in the device. The auto-locking technology will always be a benefit both for new players, those who are playing on new courses, or people who have difficulties reading distances at the best of times. However, if you do not have a steady hand, you must have caution regarding the consistency of your readings.

If your hand is shaky as you take the readings, you may find that they do not make much sense. But as long as you are careful and consistent, you will be able to get a huge amount of useful data to improve your game.

Child Holding Callaway 300 Pro

Design And Look 

We were really taken aback by the Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder’s appearance. It has an extremely ergonomic design that makes it simple to use, as well as a durable structure that protects it on the golf course from damage caused by accidental drops.The case is made of a durable, high-quality polycarbonate that feels strong and safe in your hands.

The rubberized exterior ensures a secure grip on the device even when your hands are damp or sweaty.The ergonomic grip and strategically placed buttons make operating this low-cost laser rangefinder feel fairly natural and comfortable.

The top of the device has a smart push-button power switch that swiftly switches the gadget on and off in any golf course situation.

It is even easy to use in heavy wind and rain!With a length of little over 4 inches, it conveniently fits within a trouser pocket or side compartment of a golf bag, making it the ideal golf gadget.The red end casing is quite prominent and gives the Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder a very appealing appearance.

Finally, the carry case is very well made and gives the impression that this rangefinder is more expensive than it actually is. This device is stylish as well as practical, and whether you’re a pro or newbie to golf, you will love using this rangefinder.


The pro 300 is filled to the brim with features designed to improve your golf game, as well as make your time on the course generally easier. Here are a few of the best ones.

6x Magnification 

This feature is something that all golfers will love. It allows you to very quickly and easily get precise distances between you and your target, allowing you to choose the right golf club and plan your swing accordingly.

This zoom function has a range of 5-1000 yards, so you will be able to see as far as you need to. The device is accurate to one yard give or take.

If you prefer the metric system, then you will be happy to know that you can change the yards to meters if that makes it easier for you.The clear and accurate image it provides is also useful for golfers who have some eyesight issues but are not ready to give up on the game yet. 

It lets the player very easily see the flag at a far distance and gives you the freedom to play the game that you love without struggling to see. 

Slope Measurement 

The slope-adjusted distance is calculated by taking elevation changes into account and determining the incline/decline angle.

This feature is very important as these features will affect your swing speed, how hard you hit the ball, and possibly what club you should be using. 

Slope Toggle Function 

An issue with many rangefinders is that the use of them is not allowed in tournament play due to the features. Luckily, the Callaway 300 has the Sloper Toggle Function. This is a feature that disables a few other features on the device, making it legal to use in tournaments. 

Pin-Locking Capabilities 

Playing a round in bright, sunny weather is always the best option, but sadly we can not control when the clouds will come in.

So what are you to do when it gets a bit hazy or when light rain starts? You may be tempted to stop, but with the Callaway 300 this is not necessary at all. This device features Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T). Also known as precision laser measure, this lets the device lock on to a pin-up to 300 yards away, no matter what the weather is like. Now you can keep playing even on those darker days.

Confirmed Distance Vibration Check 

How will know that the device has locked on to the flag? You will feel the device vibrate in your hand for a second or two to indicate that the device has locked on and that the distance has been measured accurately.

Carry Case 

While not a feature of the device itself, it is still worth a mention because it is so useful. This carry case protects the Callaway 300 from everything.

No more will you have to worry about accidentally scratching the device, or it getting a bit too wet, as this case is very strong and durable. Having a carry case, in general, is very useful, and not just for protecting your device. It makes it easier to travel with the rangefinder, as you always know where it will be, and it helps with storing it away as well.

Pros And Cons 


  • Very durable – the last thing you want to do is spend a load of money on a rangefinder, only for it to break if you accidentally drop it. You won’t have to worry about this happening with the Callaway 300, as this is an extremely durable device, as well as being very lightweight
  • Very accurate – What’s the point in a rangefinder if it is not accurate? This device is accurate within a yard, so you’re guaranteed to know the correct distance between you and your target
  • Very easy to use – this device is very user-friendly, so people who have never used one of these devices before should be able to pick up all the functions easily. Scanning is very straightforward, and the lock-on technology used will make it easier to get a few points off your game
  • Can be used in all weather – no longer will you have to end your round of gold if it gets a bit rainy or hazy, as this device is guaranteed to work just as well in all weathers


  • Issues if you do not have a steady hand – the main issue with this device is that if you do not have a steady hand, then after measuring a distance you may find that the readings look a bit off or weird. This inconstancy can be fixed by measuring the distance again though to try and get a more accurate reading
  • Pin-lock is not extensive – While the pin-lock mode is a useful feature, it is a bit limited as it can only see up to 300 yards ahead of you. This is simply not enough if you are standing far away from the target
  • Kind of pricy – though coming in at around $200, this is still expensive compared to other models of rangefinders. If you think it is a bit expensive, maybe shop around a bit to see if you can find something cheaper


Consistently hitting the green in regulation is a difficult achievement, and judging the distance to the green may make it even harder, especially if you play on several different courses.

The Callaway 300 golf rangefinder is an outstanding golf rangefinder from a respected manufacturer that operates perfectly and does exactly what you need it to do.

You’re getting a high-end rangefinder for around $200, and with the slope function active, you’re guaranteed to shave a few shots from your round. This is a clear winner in every area for us.

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