Callaway Mavrik Irons Review

If you’re part of the golfing world, you’ve likely heard of the set of three different irons that were introduced in 2020 and have since caused some attention, but in this review, we will see if that attention was well deserved or if it was unfounded.

The beauty of the Callaway Mavrik Irons is that you don’t need to be a professional golfer to justify getting them. You also don’t have to be a beginner because they have three irons that you can choose from which are aimed at varying levels of experience.

We will talk about the design, performance, and the advantages and disadvantages of the Callaway Mavrik Irons before we delve into frequently asked questions about them so that you come away from the review with as much information as you need when making a decision about whether you can see yourself bring one to your next golf game or not.



Callaway Mavrik Irons

Callaway Mavrik Irons

The three irons in the set are the standard Mavrik irons, Mavrik Max, and the Mavrik Pro. 

The Mavrik pro is targeted at those who are better golfers who would rather have an iron that has a club face that is more compact whilst looking like a player’s iron.

They are game-improvement irons which means that they are designed to help you hit the ball further, higher, and with more precision.

The club head profile of these irons is mid-large and the offset is pretty clear to see. They are very attractive clubs, and you will be proud to take these out of your golf bag when you get to the course.

The irons come in three different lengths, the long irons are for launch and speed, the mid-length irons are for spin consistency and speed, and the short irons are designed for precision and spin for pinpoint shot-making.

Callaway has been innovative and has used artificial intelligence in their irons which creates a face that is unique to every loft which is the angle made between the club face and the ground.

They did this by using an algorithm that sorted through 15,000 potential club face designs before deciding on the Flash Face Cup Technology.

This was done to increase ball speed and spin robustness. Even when you strike the ball, the sound alone will let you know that it has taken off with speed.

There are also lots of little ripples in the Mavrik irons that run all the way from the heel to the toe.

They are not there for decoration but are instead there to enhance the C.O.R which stands for Coefficient of Restitution in the center of the club face.

C.O.R is the term used for the measurement of energy that has been lost when two objects collide, therefore the enhancement of it in the club face is able to increase the speed of the ball, distance, and carry.

Callaway was able to determine the center of gravity by using custom weights that were tungsten-infused. It weighs twice as much as steel and gives the ability for a lot of mass to be concentrated in one small area.

This is one of the reasons why the irons have optimal trajectories, launch speed, spin rates, and land angles.

The irons are made with tungsten alloy which allows them to have an optimized center of gravity, providing a better trajectory and launch.

There are two important ways in which the Mavrik standard irons differ from the Max irons and one of these is the stronger lofts that the standard irons have which are two to three degrees stronger which increases ball speed, lowers the launch, and decreases the spin.

This works well with the low and mid-irons, but you may find gapping issues when using the long irons.

As well as this, the standard Mavrik irons do not have the strong draw bias that the Max has which gives you the ability to hit more draws.

The Max irons are long and large which makes them easy to draw than cut. You can say that these Max irons are designed to be forgiving as they are very big and have a substantial top-line and offset.

It has a sleek design with two thin lines of orange that let people know what brand it is without being too loud, the iron also has a mixture of different textures which keeps it interesting without sacrificing performance.

The irons have more than one million urethane microspheres which make the contact feel nice and solid and offer a lot of feedback without stinging your hands.

The microspheres work by absorbing certain vibrations whilst improving the feel and sound. They have been used in some previous Callaway irons and have stuck around since they have proven to be very beneficial. 


The standard Mavrik irons are designed for golfers with mid-handicap who don’t want to sacrifice forgiveness and distance for the feel of a player’s iron. 

It lets you achieve great distance and trajectory but also gives good stopping power, so you can get close to pins when needed.

Another thing that the standard Mavrik irons do well at is getting a lot of speed with the balls traveling at an average of 5-mph which is faster than both the Pro and the Max.

Getting this balance is hard but Mavrik seems to have cracked the code which is why they are a very well-respected brand.

When tested, the long and mid-irons gave a great launch that gave good stopping power and the short irons were better at precision and wherever you looked, the ball was sure to follow.

Getting a good trajectory is one thing, but if it goes too high, you end up falling short on the distance, but the irons are good at helping you balance that out.

For the average person, the launch angle of the standard Mavrik iron will be around 15 degrees which is only a couple of degrees lower than the Max and Pro irons a there was an increase of a few yards in distance compared to the Max and Pro as well.

Since these irons are also designed to cater to beginners, it is important that they have a good amount of forgiveness. Luckily, the Mavrik irons are very forgiving and are consistent with it which is another pro.

That’s not to say that you won’t find better forgiveness in other irons but if you pick up some Mavrik irons, you won’t be disappointed either way.

The Mavrik Pro irons have a very thin top line and from heel to toe, you can see that the head is smaller than average. The Pro utilizes the urethane microspheres and when you hit the ball, you feel a tremendous amount of feedback.

These Pro irons are best suited for those who are a bit more experienced with golf as solid ball strikers.

The center of the Pro iron is very soft but when you miss the center, you can feel it firm up, but the urethane microspheres prevent your hands from stinging if you do hit it off-center and even if you are a beginner, you will be able to feel the difference between a pure contact and a mishit clearly.

When comparing to other pro irons, you may find that the Mavrik Pros are a little louder which is not a bad thing per se as they are still relatively loud but if you are looking for silent pro irons, then these might not be the best fit for you.

The Mavrik Pro irons are great for control but even though they still provide good speed, it is not as fast as some players may want which is partly due to the lofts which are some of the weakest in this line of irons.

Another thing that was found impressive in the performance of the Mavrik Pro irons is the amount of forgiveness they could put into such a compact head. They also have a fairly low spin which gives you the ability to shoot straighter shots.


  • Great distance with a straight ball and good trajectory 
  • Very forgiving for beginners and gives a high level of feedback without stinging your hands
  • They are not too expensive considering their quality
  • You can control the ball easier with the artificially intelligent club face


  • The Mavrik Pros can be a bit loud in comparison to other irons
  • Even though they are forgiving, the club heads are relatively large
  • Some golfers may find it hard to get the ball in the air with the strong loft

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Callaway Mavrik Irons Forgiving? 

Yes, the irons have a big top-line and offset and are very forgiving and will give you the ability to shoot further, higher, and with more precision, than you thought you could.
Even if you hit the ball with the wrong part of the club face, the technology that was used to make it will do its best to perform either way.
It also lets you know through its feedback whether you hit the ball with the right part or not which can be very helpful especially for new beginners who are still trying to figure out the best position and placement.

What Handicap Is Mavrik Irons For? 

These irons are best for those with a mid to high handicap who are looking to get their game improved without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money.
They are designed to be able to hit the ball far and with less spin which is what people with mid to high handicaps struggle with, but these irons will help boost confidence as well as performance. 


To conclude, if you are a golfer with a mid to high handicap and are wanting to get some game improvement clubs, you should look no further than the Mavrik Irons because they have been engineered to pick up on the parts that you are lacking so that you can play the way that you want to.

Not only do they perform well, but they also look very professional and modern with impressive, innovative technology behind every design decision which is why they have earned their spot in the golf club market.

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