Callaway Warbird Golf Balls Review

Finding the right golf ball can be difficult – especially when you consider how important it is for your game to choose the best one for you.

Many new golfers underestimate the importance of their golf ball, and this is where a number of issues in their performance arise. Callaway is a market leader in the world of golf and has produced some of the best golf equipment out there.

But do the Warbird golf balls live up to these expectations, or are they a blip in Callaway’s catalog of successes? Today we’ll answer this question by reviewing the golf balls in terms of performance, price, and more. 


Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Callaway has designed these golf balls with both distance and speed in mind. The construction is two-piece for high energy output and an impressive launch height. They’re excellent for beginners to moderate players who are wanting to extend their swings without adding more effort on their part.

The Warbird name has become well known around the golfing industry and associated with impressive performance, so it should come as no surprise to you that these golf balls are an excellent choice for many golfers. 


It’s extremely common for golfers, no matter what level you’re at, to always be reaching for a better distance. After all, distance is a big contributor to lowering your handicap. If you’re looking for a ball to enhance your distance, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re happy to confirm that Callaway’s statement that the Warbird balls are designed with distance in mind rings true the moment you hit your first. The driver’s distance was impressive, and the further roll was even more so. The only issue we had with this was that the accuracy of your shot could be faulted with a bouncing ball. So, you’re putting your faith into the ball when hitting with the driver.

However, if you’re focusing more on distance than accuracy, we couldn’t be happier with the driver’s performance. The irons were even more delightful, with the extra distance also showing with them – particularly the wedges. The extra distance that the Warbird balls offer is definitely something to get used to, and you might even have to reacquaint yourself with your clubs and the new distances that they can achieve.

Having said this, Callaway stated that the Warbird balls enhanced distance, and that’s exactly what they do. So, if that’s what you’re looking for in a golf ball, then we recommend you try these out for size.

Golf Ball in Yellow Background


On the topic of distance, you have to both consider the positive and negative sides to added yards. Yes, you might be getting closer to the finish line with the added distance – if the winds are in your favor. If not, then you might not welcome this extra distance so warmly.

Especially with long clubs, you might find that the bounce back off your ball steers it in completely the wrong direction as what you were aiming for. This can throw your game off and become quite frustrating. Using the Warbird balls with short clubs for smaller distances with less power shows more accuracy in the shots.

So, if you can get used to the reduced accuracy of long shots, you might still find these balls useful. 


The spin on the Warbirds isn’t the best, so if you’re looking for a high spin model then you’re out of luck here.

However, Callaway hasn’t designed these balls to be for low handicappers, so the target audience might not care that they’re not getting a good spin on their shots. If you’re looking for a golf ball with good spin, we would recommend looking elsewhere.


These golf balls are made with a two-piece construction, one of which is a high-energy core that is larger than most golf balls would feature.

This encourages a better distance on each swing, no matter what speed you’re currently at. The fact that the Warbird golf balls work with a number of different swing speeds means that they are an excellent option for many people, including beginners, advanced players, women, and seniors.

The Feel 

If you’re a seasoned golfer, we’re sure that you know what we mean when we say the ‘feel’ of a golf ball.

The feel of the Warbirds was rather firm and strong, and we think that it would take some getting used to before you were confident with these balls. However, a firm golf ball is not necessarily a bad thing. Hitting these balls with the driver felt powerful and strong – and the results confirmed this.

The flight was impressive and even after the ball made contact with the green, it still remained in motion. The ball continued to roll a fair distance, so you cannot dispute the additional distance that these balls offer you. The ionomer coating to the Warbird balls is said to enhance the feel and control of these golf balls – by Callaway.

We can agree with this to an extent, although the feel was lacking some grip that we were previously used to. However, there still is an impressive amount of feel with the Warbird balls that can help your game out so that you’re not completely alone. A responsiveness of 100 to 200 yards can’t be turned away, after all.


The design of the Warbird balls was subtle and simple, while also helping its users who wanted it.

On each ball there is a black arrow which can be used to align the ball properly and make the most out of each shot. Whether this was intentional by Callaway or not, we still enjoy this happy little accident and think that beginners would benefit from it. Speaking of durability in its design, we were happily surprised at the condition of the ball once we were finished with it.

Many more expensive balls have scuffed at how we used the ball, but not the Callaway Warbird. It came away from the game looking as good as it did right out of the box. Again, many people might not care about a scuffed ball, but we’re trying to convey the fact that it didn’t break in half the moment we placed it on the tee.

Choose between traditional white or neon yellow for your golf balls. We recommend the neon yellow if you’re just starting out so that you can better spot your ball if it has flown off target.


The Callaway Warbirds are an impressively low price, which we were surprised to find. Many other golf balls are much more expensive and perform almost the exact same. 

So, if you’re looking for some beginner balls that you don’t have to spend too much money on, we would happily recommend these. Sure, you’re not getting the most professional golf balls out there, and advanced players might find them slightly lacking compared to a premium model, but you’re not paying for a premium model either. We’d say that the price is lower than what we’d expect from the performance.

What We Loved 

For starters, the distance of these balls is excellent. Callaway has delivered with the extra yardage, which is perfect for beginners and intermediate players. We also enjoyed the firm feel to the Warbird balls, as it felt powerful and strong enough to withstand any club.

The design of these balls is impressive and helpful for beginners. They’re durable, easy to spot on the green, and even feature an arrow for accuracy. Finally, we appreciate the low price for a dozen golf balls. Too many balls targeted for beginners on the market are too expensive. These balls are cheap enough to get lost and for you not to worry about it too much.

What We Didn’t Like 

These balls don’t have enough spin to impress low handicappers, so they aren’t ideal for advanced players. The accuracy is also something to be desired, as the extra yardage can throw you off course and cause you to switch up your game mid-range.


Overall, we found the Callaway Warbird golf balls to be impressive at what they were designed to do.

If you are a beginner who wants to work on their distance rather than accuracy, we would highly recommend these golf balls. They’re great value for money, durable, offer a good feel, and (of course) offer a few extra yards for your long shots.

The low price means that you can work on your distance with these balls, then quickly replace them once you move on to achieving better accuracy. If you’re an advanced low handicap golfer, we wouldn’t recommend the Warbird golf balls for your game.

They don’t offer enough accuracy or spin and might end up hindering your game rather than helping it. However, if you’re a beginner golfer looking for an inexpensive long distance ball, this is the one for you.

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