How Far Is The Back Net At Topgolf?

If you are looking for fun, food, and a bit of gaming interaction along with your golf experience, then Topgolf should be your first stop.

Since the development of Topgolf, its popularity has skyrocketed throughout the last few years, as it is a driving range with a lot of technology and fun features.

The back net at Topgolf’s driving range is extremely high and far. If you’ve seen it or been there, you already know that. Ultimately, we are asking, ‘How far is the back net at Topgolf?’ So let’s find out.

What Is Topgolf?

You’ve found one of the most exciting entertainment destinations in Topgolf. It is a place where you can go for any kind of event with the assurance that everyone will have a good time no matter what the occasion.

A giant dartboard target is located in the outfield that allows players to score points with registered golf balls. A player earns more points as they get closer to the center and as they move further in distance to the other targets.

Topgolf is a fun place to play even for those who aren’t golfers! Depending on the setting, players can choose to play solo or in a group of up to six players.

The Scoring At Topgolf

Regardless of where Topgolf is located throughout the world, all Topgolf facilities have the same scoring zone. As a result, the points could be scored much more easily and the game would be ideal for all levels of golfers. The scoring zones are separated into seven different colors.

  • Red Zone – up to 25 yards
  • Yellow Zone – up to 50 yards
  • Green Zone – up to 90 yards
  • Brown Zone – up to 125 yards
  • Blue Zone – up to 150 yards
  • White Zone – up to 185 yards
  • Range Net (Trench Zone) – 215 yards

We do recommend the target preferably if you are aiming and shooting for a high score. However, if you are trying to go the full distance, then you will need to hit the net right at the back.

Now that would be impressive! I think it’s safe to say that if you do hit it over that net then that is a safety violation, so it’s a good idea for all of the Happy Gilmore players out there to not do this. In that case, there won’t be any points on that scoreboard for a while.

What Is The Distance Of The Back Net?

A Topgolf back net measures 150 feet in height and the range measures 250 yards. TopGolf does not require you to shoot over the net but instead to hit a target within the net.

In this sense, the net serves as a back fence. The Trench net is at 215 yards and the net is roughly around the 220 mark.

During the exit shot, the ball will have a velocity of approximately 180 mph, whereas you will need a club speed of 150 mph.

In order to consistently reach the back net at Topgolf you need quite a bit of skill on your part and you’ll see that the best golfers like Bryson Dechambeau are able to do this without difficulty.

As a member of Topgolf, you will be able to obtain information about your golfing ability, like swing speed, ball speed, cadence, and other things, thanks to the technology in the golf course.

Are Golfers Required To Bring Their Own Clubs?

It is very important to note here that golfers do not need to bring their own clubs as there are branded clubs available at the site, and you will not be charged additional fees for club rental.

It is worth noting, however, that most of the Topgolf sites will allow you to bring your own clubs if you are truly looking to get the most out of your experience.

What Are The Number Of Games Available?

There are many options for playing different kinds of games as well as enrolling in classes and learning how to play golf.

The location of the facility can affect what games are available, and one facility may have more games than another. Las Vegas has the most advanced facilities. Here are a few of the most common games:


This is the key game in which players receive points based on the accuracy of their shots on the range. There are six targets that range from 30 to 200 yards and each player has ten shots for one match. The most points are earned when players hit the farthest targets since they are the most difficult to hit.

You can play it individually or in a group, and it’s suitable for every type of player.


Practicing your short game is the objective of this game, as the name implies. The red target will receive five shots, the yellow target will receive five shots, and the green target will receive ten shots.

Man Hitting Golf Ball With Driver

Quick 9 – If you are a novice, this game offers nine shots distributed among the red, yellow, and green targets. For experts, the targets will be brown, blue, and white, making the game more challenging.


In this game, the red ball will be the first ball to be hit before players move on to the colored balls. It is a snooker game adapted for golfers. So players must hit the red ball first. It is the player’s goal to get the ball into the hole.


The name of the game tells you that this game aims to train golfers to handle the pressure they would experience if they were playing golf on actual golf courses. There are nine sections in the yellow target which must be hit at different levels in order to win the game.

After the first level, the value increases by two and then by three, and golfers can lose points if they hit the same target three times or more.

Top Score

Golfers who would like to practice their distance will find this game useful. Getting points for hitting the ball long and straight is the goal of every golfer. The players who reach the flag closest get the maximum number of points, so those who hit the longest distance.


If you want to measure your hitting distance or practice speed and distance, this game can help you. This game encourages players to earn points by focusing on the furthest targets, which are the trench and the white target.


Instead of short game shots, this game emphasizes full shots. There are five shots each player gets at the targets red, yellow, green, and brown. Each target is further away, so the challenge is greater. The longer the shot, the higher the score.


There has been Topgolf for about 21 years, but it still feels like it was something that was just invented yesterday. There are over 30 states where you are able to witness this phenomenon, which has become quite a revelation here in the United States.

If you read this article you were able to answer the question, ‘How far is the back next at Topgolf?’ We have informed you about the different games that Topgolf has to offer, and we have told you about the rules regarding bringing your own clubs and golfing skills.

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