How Much Does A Golf Cart Weigh

The weight of a golf cart will depend on a range of different factors, as well as the brand you go with and the accessories you add.

You can get both electric and gas-powered golf carts, and whichever type you choose will come with specific extras that increase the weight. Batteries, for example, will affect electric-powered golf carts, whereas gas-powered carts might be weighed down with fuel.

This article takes a look at the weight of a golf cart more closely, as well as the difference in weight between different types of carts. Let’s jump right in!

How Much Do a Golf Carts Weigh

Golf Cart Weight

When picking a golf cart, you don’t want to be left with something too heavy for you to maneuver effectively. The biggest difference in weight will come from how the vehicle is powered and the engine.

A typical gasoline engine golf cart, made for two passengers will have a dry weight of around 700 pounds. For four passengers (meant more for transportation than golf itself), this increases to 1000 pounds dry. For six passengers, this increases to 1150 pounds.

Golf carts with 12-volt deep cycle batteries start at around 900 pounds and increase to 1500 pounds and carts powered by lithium-ion batteries range from around 660 pounds to 1220 pounds.

Not only is the weight dedicated by how the cart is powered, but you also need to consider how many seats you want, any onboard added luxury items, the construction of the frame, speaker systems, storage space, and tire and suspension packages.

Electric Golf Carts

There is a difference between electric golf carts running on a bank of 12-volt deep cycle and a cart running on lithium batteries.

You should consider this when selecting a golf cart model and if you ever need to tow the vehicle. Always opt for a vehicle that does not exceed vehicle towing specifications.

If you need to lower towing weight, you can always uninstall the batteries and carry them separately inside. However, this is not always convenient and can cause hassle, since you would have to reinstall the battery bank later.

The type of batteries can significantly impact the weight of electric golf carts. Lithium batteries weigh a lot less than lead-acid batteries.

A lithium-ion battery pack will usually weigh around 90 pounds, whereas a lead-acid pack will weigh just over 300 pounds.

The weight savings also brings up more amp hours for longer running times, but more runtime will come with even less weight.

A 48v cart will have more batteries than a 36v golf cart and this means a higher overall weight.

There is also a difference in horsepower. A deep cycle battery machine has much more horsepower than lithium battery-powered machines, yet since weight and factory speed are limited, it’s impossible to work out if this translates to torque, power, or speed reduction of lithium models.

Lithium batteries are also great for storage as the storage that would be taken up with deep-cycle batteries, is now available as onboard storage.

This does not alter factory load capacity specification, yet it allows you to bring more items onboard. Fewer batteries will also lower the weight and this will also enable you to bring more cargo with you onboard.

Gas Powered Golf Carts

Gas-powered golf carts weigh a lot less than electric golf carts in most cases as sometimes, batteries can add significant weight.

Gasoline engines also carry spare fuel as part of the onboard cargo. This fuel counts as cargo weight instead of the gross vehicle weight, but it will carry one battery onboard for the starter, which adds to the gross vehicle weight.

They usually have a 5-6 gallon fuel tank and at about 45 miles per gallon, this allows you to ride between 225-270 miles between fuel stops. This doubles when you ass a spare gas can to your cargo and can make you go for even longer.

Gasoline weighs 6.2 pounds per gallon and this adds 31-38 pounds to the vehicle weight. If you ever need to lower the weight, you can tow the vehicle with the fuel tank empty.

Speciality Golf Carts

There are golf carts for luxury preferences and stylistic whim on every occasion too. Some styles of golf carts are ordered from factories and some are mass-produced.

Specialty golf carts are styled as limousines such as classic Chevys, Rolls Royces, custom hot rods, Dodge pickups, Hummers, and Jeeps.

Some local municipalities allow these carts to be used on public streets. However, for them to be street legal, they should have turn signals, taillights, headlights, side mirrors, brake lights, and some local regulations might even have more requirements.

However, since these added extras add weight, it means the vehicles can fluctuate widely in overall weight.

The weight can also be altered by safety cages, added lights and racks, fuel tanks, and higher capacity batteries.

Should you need to find the weight of a specialty golf cart, you should contact the manufacturer to ensure you can tow or haul the cart if you need to.

Multi-Terrain Golf Carts

These golf carts come with gasoline and electric motors, yet not all models have both types of engines available to order.

They have raised suspension, all-terrain tires, a higher speed range, maximum fuel capacity, and upgraded shocks. They’re great for large property cruising and can handle trail riding or light off-roading.

A lot of golf clubs use these for transporting equipment, groundskeeping, or even on-course food and drink.

They are also what is used in large venues such as stadiums or airports to transport guests.

A four-passenger cart with a 429cc off-highway vehicle gasoline engine suited for multi-terrain weighs and equipped with onboard storage weighs around 875 pounds.

If you add in 6 gallons of fuel, this increases to 912 pounds. The same cart, but with a 48-volt engine that is electric and holds six 8-volt batteries, weighs 1125 pounds.

If you have this four-passenger cart with one 58-volt lithium-ion battery, this weighs 895 pounds.

Final Thoughts

We hope by reading this article you have learned how much a golf cart weighs and what impacts its overall weight.

Remember, the weight of a golf cart is determined by how it is powered, whether it is a gas or electric, and how many added extras you decide to splash out on.

It also depends on the model, and how many passengers you want onboard. If you are buying a new golf cart, we recommend you do thorough research into what type would suit you best, and so that you know you will be capable of towing or hauling the vehicle if you ever need to.

If you need the specific vehicle weight, contact the manufacturer and they should be able to help. Happy golfing from us!

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