How To Adjust Callaway Mavrik Driver

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Callaway Mavrik driver club head
Callaway Mavrik Driver club head

Callaway has been a leading name in the world of golf since its explosion onto the scene in the early 80s. From the offset, Callaway has been at the cutting edge of golf club design, and their clubs are often regarded by pros, players, and critics as being the best in the business.

At present, there are 18 players on the PGA tour who swear by Callaway’s clubs, as well as 17 on the European tour, and five on the LPGA.

This unflinching confidence from many of the world’s best golfers is a good indication that when you’re buying Callaway clubs, you’re buying the best.

The Mavrik driver is a three-club series by Callaway that hit the scene in early 2020 to instant critical success and player admiration.

In this article, we’re going to show you just how easy Callaway has made adjusting the Mavrik series so that you can tailor your driving experience to precisely the way you like it.

How And Why Is The Mavrik Driver Adjustable?

The Mavrik driver, the Mavrik Max, and the Mavrik Sub-Zero are adjusted using the exact same method. The Optifit hosel has two cogs that move independently of each other, and are identical on each of the three clubs.

Callaway Mavrik Driver Hosel Adjustment Settings
Callaway Mavrik Driver Hosel Adjustment Settings

When it comes to golf clubs, the adjustment that golfers tend to tweak the most is the loft. On the Mavrik, you can increase the loft by 2°, and decrease it by 1°.

By increasing the Mavrik’s loft, you should notice more spin and more ball height. With a decrease in the loft, your drive will be low-set and have less spin on the ball.

Mavrik Driver Loft

The three loft adjustments of the Mavrik driver and the Mavrik Max are 9°, 10.5°, and 12°, whereas the Mavrik Sub Zero has a choice between 9°, and 10.5°.

The loft adjustment for the Mavrik Driver and the Mavrik Max, therefore, would be 13° for the first increase, and 14° for the second.

By decreasing the loft of these two clubs you will bring it back down to either 8°, 9.5°, and 11°. The Sub Zero driver’s loft can be raised by 1-2° to be 10°, 11°, and 12.5°, as well as decreased by 1° to sit at 8°, and 9.5°, depending on your preferred loft.

Mavrik Driver Lie Angle

Just as the loft angle can be adjusted on the Mavrik, so can the lie angle. You can choose between draw (D) and neutral (N) lie angles, with each Mavrik having a slightly different standard lie angle.

The Mavrik has a 59° standard lie angle, whereas the Mavrik Max has 59°, and the Sub-Zero has 56°. Between the lie and the loft, there are, therefore, eight different adjustments that you can make to get your Mavrik Driver singing exactly how you imagined it would.

If you aren’t exactly sure what adjustments are right for you, the best way to know for certain is to play a few rounds and change the loft and lie after each round, or even as you go.

Callaway Mavrik Driver Optifit Hosel Adjustments

When buying a Mavrik Driver, as with most premium clubs, you will receive a manufacturer’s wrench that is purposed for adjusting the Optifit hosel.

To make the process of adjusting your Mavrik’s hosel as simple as possible we’ve included a step-by-step guide below.

Callaway driver hosel adjustment settings
Callaway driver hosel adjustment settings
  • Locate the screw that’s behind the club head and, with your wrench, turn it in an anticlockwise direction until the screw loosens.
  • After enough turns the clubhead should be completely freed of the shaft, and you will need to raise it to remove it.
  • Once the club head is removed, you need to rotate both cogs to align with your desired loft marking. Do this by lining up the preferred degree dash over the hosel.
  • Then raise the top cog and rotate it to the point where the D is in line with the loft mark if you want a draw lie, or the N if you’d prefer a neutral lie angle.
  • Once you’re happy with your loft and lie markings, you will need to affix the clubhead over the hosel and make sure that the line markings match up to the white dash of the hosel and the driver’s head.
  • Then take the wrench and screw the head back onto the shaft by turning in a clockwise direction.
  • Make sure not to over-tighten the head by stopping when you hear a double-click. This click will help you to realize when the club head is securely in position, without the need to over-tighten and possibly snap the screw.

Callaway Mavrik Weight Adjustment

Each club in the Mavrik series has a 5-gram weight that’s located at the back, on the underside of the club head. Using the manufacturer’s wrench, you can, quite easily, swap the weight for a lighter or heavier weight. However, Callaway doesn’t recommend this, as the 5-gram weight is considered optimal, and matches the driver perfectly.

Callaway Mavrik driver club head with weight screw removed, and a driver tool lying next to the club head and screw
Callaway Mavrik driver head with weight screw removed

If you know for sure that you would prefer a slightly heavier or lighter weight, then, by all means, you can go ahead and swap out the weight yourself.

There are seven varying weight options available to you that are compatible with the Mavrik. These weights start at 2 grams and increase by every 2 grams until they cap out at a whopping 14-gram weight.


The Callaway Mavrik is an impressive easy-to-hit driver that’s great for beginner golfers who aren’t hitting super accurate drives just yet.

Because of its adjustments, the Mavrik can also be tweaked to be an incredible driver for low-handicap players and professionals alike. The Sub-Zero is the preferred club of experienced players who can hit 106+ mph drives.

The versatility of the entire Mavrik line is what sets it atop the pile when it comes to premium drivers designed for an easy hitting time.

By highlighting the loft and lie, as well as offering a step-by-step guide to the Optifit Hosel, this article aimed to give you the necessary know-how on adjusting the Mavrik driver series. Which, in turn, will hopefully increase your driving distance and steer you in the right direction – toward the green.

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