How To Hit A 3 Wood

No one is going to deny the fact that a 3 wood is arguably one of the most challenging clubs you can have in your bag, especially when you find yourself positioned down the fairway. Starting with a solid stance is the first step to a good shot.

In order to drive the ball with distance and accuracy, you need to aim well and swing your club at a steady pace. At first, hitting with a 3 wood may seem difficult, but as you practice, the more confident you’ll become with your swing.

One of the most versatile clubs in your bag is the three wood, a club that can be used for different purposes. As well as being able to handle the tee shot, this club can also be used from the fairway or even used to play bump-and-run shots around the greens.

As part of this guide, we will be going through a more in-depth discussion on the 3 wood and pointing out the key techniques you should be using to hit the ball exactly where it is supposed to go.

As well as pointing out any common mistakes you may be making, we’ll show you how to correct them so that they don’t happen again.

The Correct Way To Hit Your 3 Wood

In this section, we will explain the exact steps you need to take in order to learn how to hit your three wood correctly.

Our aim is to get you to make direct contact with the ball in order to get it to go where it needs to go, ideally on the green.

Step 1

Start by standing with the ball to the left of your center of gravity. The best thing you can do is to stand in front of the ball and look as if you’re ready to hit it. You should make sure to align your body so that you can hit the ball from the center.

The ball needs to be aligned with the left edge of the chest when you step to the side. Using the ball’s size as a guide, you can position the ball slightly ahead of you.

Ideally, it should be placed one or two ball lengths to the right of your front heel, depending on how deep you want it to be.

Step 2

Keeping your back flat, bend forward slightly at the waist while keeping your head up. To drive the ball with the 3 wood, you should apply the same approach that you would use to drive it with the tee. During your approach, bend forward so that you are facing the ball.

To make sure you’re able to move the club back and forth freely with little effort, it is a good idea to do a test swing.

There isn’t much difference or difference when you use your 3 wood compared to your driver when you’re in doubt. Make sure you keep the same motion for both clubs in order to hit the ball farther.

Raising your shoulders a little will help prevent your back from being out of alignment with your hips. You may wish to adjust your position in order to achieve a strong, compact swing if you feel uncomfortable.

Step 3

Balance your weight evenly between both feet and spread your legs so that your stance feels strong. Back swinging and down swinging are both important parts of hitting a 3 wood shot. You won’t be able to swing smoothly and consistently if your stance isn’t strong and balanced.

Make sure your balance is correct by taking practice swings whenever necessary. You need to have the same speed on your downswing as on your backswing.

There are many golfers who rush the downswing in order to hit the ball more powerfully. Keep your swing consistent throughout your swing for maximum power and accuracy.

Step 4

Aim slightly below the center of the ball. As close to the middle of the ball as possible is the best way to hit the ball far. You can get more distance by aiming a little lower. When you aim a little lower, the ball will lift more into the air.

The only other thing you need to do is strike the ball like you would when driving it from the tee. Your driver should be aimed at the center of the ball. The head of a 3 wood isn’t as flat as the driver’s, so it has more loft. Loft boosts the ball’s trajectory.

Step 5

The fifth step involves hitting the ball with the club’s open face. The flat portion of the head of the club must always face the ball as you strike it.

You will need to make sure that the center of the clubhead makes contact with the center of the ball. Whenever this occurs, the club will be able to lift the ball with great accuracy and power.

Step 6

Follow through with your shot by bringing the club over your shoulders. Do not stop your swing after hitting the ball. Let the swing flow naturally. Turn your torso in the direction of your target. The head of the club should rest behind your back as you carry it over your shoulder.

What To Avoid

Man Showing How to Hit a Draw with a Driver

Here are some tips on what to avoid when hitting your 3 wood and how you need to correct these yourself.

Leaning Back

In order for the ball to launch nicely, you will need to do the right things and make good contact. You should almost chase the ball through impact and the follow-through after you convince yourself the club has a sufficient loft.

You can start out by doing some half swings so you can keep your weight center, and on the way through, feel the extension through the shot with both your lower and upper body driving at the same time.

Your Grip

If you are having trouble with this shot, another idea is to experiment with going down the grip slightly. As a consequence, the ball will be a bit closer providing you with a bit more control, while the club will be swung in a more vertical plane as you approach impact.

A Bad Set-Up

Stop setting yourself up for a poor shot! A sweeping action is needed to achieve the perfect one, and that action can only be achieved if you place the ball in the optimal position at the address.

Club golfers neglect something that is so easy to practice and that is yet so important for a successful round of golf.


Now that you have a good understanding of how to hit a 3 wood correctly, you will be able to apply the right technique to hit a 3 wood correctly. Ensure that you avoid making any of the mistakes we talked about and that you are able to correct them if they apply to you at this time.

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