How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight

Golf is a game that is centered around pure accuracy. There is more to this sport than just swinging a club and hoping for the best.

Driving the ball straight off the tee can be the difference between getting a birdie or a bogey. If you have the right technique and some practice then your golf game can only improve – practice really does make perfect in this sport. Here, we are going to talk through our top tips on how to hit a golf ball straight.

Making Sure To Drive The Ball Straight As Well As Far

When it comes to preparation, it is all in the small details. It is all about how you tee off. You need to tee the ball high, and to do this you need to make sure that you put your golf tee in the ground only slightly.

Then you need to place your golf ball onto your golf tee. It is important to note that a high tee will let you to strike the ball when you are using an upswing. In fact, you can get the most distance from your swing if you use a high tee.

Then, you need to put the ball high in your stance, so you should stand in a way in which the ball is aligned with your left toe.

By swinging from this stance you will be able to get the largest swing. It is important to mention that you need to take care that the golf ball is not situated beyond your left foot.

Now, you need to take a wide stance. It is true that the further apart that your feet are from each other than the more range of motion that you open up to yourself.

In fact, you will find that this large range of motion will help you to really get power behind your swing. It is important to remember that you need to ensure that you maintain equal weight on both of your feet and that you are situating your head behind the golf ball.

When you are gripping your golf club you need to ensure that you grip your golf club high. It is key that you use leverage to put much more power behind your shot, and you can do this by holding the golf club higher up.

Make sure you hold the club towards the end of the grip and this will really help you to maximize this leverage.

It is true that gripping the club high up will ensure that you can put power behind your swing but you will need to focus on accuracy. When it comes to grip you need to adjust your body position so as to attain the best overall grip on your golf club.

Taking The Swing

Now it is time to draw your golf club up and back and get ready to take your swing. When you do this, you really need to make sure that you shift your weight onto your right foot and you need to make sure that you keep your eye on the ball. When you do this do not use too much backswing, and now is the time to bring your head further behind the ball.

Now, it is time for you to swing. To do this you need to bring your golf club down and then strike the ball. When you do this you must make sure that you hit the ball from beneath on the upswing of your golf club. As you do this it is really important to ensure that the golf club face is striking the ball directly in the center.

Trying To Drive The Golf Ball With Control And Accuracy

This is an alternative method that can really help you to hit a golf ball straight. This method involves you need to tee the ball halfway, and to do this you need to make sure that you put your golf tee in the ground with some level of depth.

Then you can put your golf ball on the tee. It is key that you utilize approximately half of the length of the tee, and you also need to remember that teeing too high or too low will alter your drive.

You then need to ensure that you place the ball low in your stance, and you must stand so that your golf ball is merely a few inches behind your left toe.

By putting the golf ball in this positioning you will find that you have less swing range and much more control.

By making the decision to set the ball back further in your stance, you will find that you will ultimately diminish your power. If you put your golf ball further ahead in your stance then you will ultimately reduce accuracy.

You need to make sure that you take a narrow stance and this means that you need to stand just wider than shoulder width.

By taking a narrower stance, you will ultimately constrict your range of motion and this will in turn give you more control. Be careful not to take too short a stance or this will end up massively altering your swing.

Make sure that you grip lower on the club – do this by placing your hands lower down on the grip area of your club.


Hitting your golf ball straight is an important element of playing golf, and this is because without an explicit aim you will ultimately be hindering your gameplay and also your progress.

Ultimately, without a swing with good aim, you will struggle to get through a game of golf. There are a lot of different techniques that you can employ to attempt to do this, it is all about working out what is the best for you.

You might find that some techniques work better than others for you, but it is important that you spend some time really trying to work out what is the best for you. Once you have done this then you can absolutely go for it. What are you waiting for? It’s time to straighten up your golf swing.

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