Nitro Golf Balls Review

If you’re not a professional golfer the chances are you haven’t put too much thought into which type of golf ball suits your game. This could be holding you back.

Nitro Golf Balls Review

Higher quality or premium golf balls will help you lower your score.

Usually covered in a urethane cover they offer greater spin control and hold up on the greens more consistently. 

Once you know this, finding the best balls becomes a little easier, but with so many different types of golf balls on the market, it can still be hard to find the right one for you.

To make things easier for you we are going to help. We have reviewed Nitro Golf and the golf balls they have on offer.

We will take a look at how each ball improves your game and look at any pros and cons.

Without further ado let’s get straight into the article.

Who Is Nitro Golf?

Before we start looking at the golf balls Nitro Golf sells, it is a good idea to take a look at who they are.

Though not widely known, Nitro Golf is one of the fastest-growing golf companies in the sport. 

They believe in producing high-quality products that not only ensure performance isn’t compromised, but also improve it.

For the last 25 years, they have aimed to sell high-performance golf equipment at a reasonable price that any golfer can afford.

As well as golf balls, golf sets, gloves, and bags are also available on the company's website. 

What Golf Balls Do They Sell?

When taking a look at Nitro Golf it is clear they know what they’re doing when it comes to producing good, affordable golf balls.

They have a strong reputation for selling cheerful, rock-hard golf balls at a cheap price. This can be seen in their product list.

Nitro sells a wide range of golf balls to ensure every type of golfer is catered for.

The best golf balls available on the market are Nitro Ultimate Distance, Nitro Crossfire, Nitro Maximum Distance, Nitro Glycerin, and Nitro Long Distance Peak Performance. 

These are the balls we will be taking a look at in this review, so let’s get started with the first one.


Nitro describes this ball as ‘virtually indestructible’ which makes us take an interest in the ball immediately.

Coming in a variety of colors including pink, orange, yellow, or traditional white, the ultimate distance golf ball includes a handy reactive two-piece titanium core. 

This core helps maximize energy transferred from your club to the ball. As a result of this, your ball should travel further.

When we took a look at this type of golf ball we liked the neat symmetrical dimple feature which helps reduce drag. This feature could also assist in hitting longer shots.

The name of this ball implies it will help you hit the ball as far as you possibly can. If you were to hit this ball sweetly off the tee, you can expect it to fly high and far.

We would say though that this ball is better suited to beginners who want to increase their distance, not better players who want more control of the ball.


  • Super affordable - These Nitro golf balls are available at a very reasonable price.
  • Vibrant colors - The vibrant color of each ball makes it easier to find them when you hit the trees or the rough. 
  • Hit the ball further - These balls will improve your drive game, getting you closer to that pin in fewer shots.


  • Rock-solid - This ball is rock-solid. If you don’t usually play with harder balls you will have to adapt your game. 
  • Less spin control - The dimple feature can make it difficult to spin the ball, making it less suitable for players with a lower handicap.


The Nitro Crossfire balls are a good alternative if you’re unsure about the ultimate distance balls.

Though they are still built to maximize energy transferred from the club to the ball, these balls are made to last.

Nitro Crossfire golf balls are coated in a DuPont lithium Surlyn cut-proof cover.

This reduces wear and tear on the ball, keeping them looking nice and new for much longer. 

When compared to the ultimate ball, the crossfire is a lot softer, which would suit you if you don’t use harder balls.

However, we still found this ball a lot harder than other commonly used golf balls.

Like the ultimate distance golf ball, the crossfire is again better suited to beginners.

Having said that, more experienced golfers could invest in this ball if they want a good solid option to practice with. 

They offer great value for money and can help you hit the ball further.


  • Good value for money - Another great budget-friendly option.
  • Softer - The lighter feel gives you more control of the ball.
  • Brightly colored - It would be impressive if you lost this bright red golf ball.


  • Loss of distance - Some golfers who use more popular branded golf balls have reported losing distance when using the crossfire balls.


For us, the best thing about the maximum distance golf ball from Nitro is the fact it fits USGA specifications.

This means the ball is completely legal to use in competition. On top of that this ball comes with all the features we have previously mentioned.

Out of all the golf balls on offer from Nitro, we would say this is the one designed with every level of golfer in mind.

Whether professionals would choose to play with such a hardball is another story, but we can see what Nitro has tried to do.

Making the ball legal in competition is a big step to ensuring a wider range of golfers uses the ball.

If you like the ultimate ball from Nitro you should definitely give this ball a try. You can expect this ball to also maximize the length of your shots.

Despite being designed to target any level of golfer we would still say this ball is better suited to beginners or less experienced golfers who want to practice or start entering competitions.


  • USGA approved - USGA approval allows us to use this golf ball in competition.
  • Cheap for an approved ball - Approved balls normally cost a lot more but this one doesn’t.
  • Colorful - This is another ball you will struggle to lose.


  • Extreme bounce - The maximum ball bounces hard so take more care when playing on a dry course.


The first thing you will notice about the glycerin balls is the extreme neon colors they arrive in.

A pack of 15 balls contains balls that are green, pink, purple, yellow, blue, and orange. 

Above all else, these balls will be an entertaining topic of conversation on the course.

In terms of performance, these balls are a lot friendlier to play with.

When compared with other Nitro balls, the glycerin ball is a lot softer. 

It also offers a lot more control when it comes to spinning the ball. This makes the ball a better choice for lower handicapped players.

Aside from being a fun ball to play with, they are ultimately a perfect ball choice for anybody who wants more control of the ball but also wants to jazz things up a bit so why not give them a go.


  • Perfect for golfers looking for fun - If you’re looking for some fun on the course give these balls a go.
  • Very affordable - Like all the Nitro balls, the glycerin ball is awesome value for money.
  • Greater spin control - You have greater control over this ball.


  • Doesn’t increase distance - Most of us buy Nitro golf balls to hit the ball further. This ball doesn’t help us do that so it may seem less appealing.


The final ball on our list is also USGA-approved. In our opinion, this bright pink ball could be the best Nitro has available.

Despite being a long-distance ball, we must say the ball has a rather soft feel. The soft feel along with 70 compression makes spinning the ball possible.

If you’re a lower handicapped player wanting to try out Nitro balls this is the one we would recommend.

Don’t worry if you can’t spin the ball yet, these balls are still great for beginners who need help hitting the ball further. 

The aerodynamic, symmetrical 352 design increases the lift of the ball whilst also decreasing drag. You should see a positive impact on your game in no time.

The fact this ball is also USGA-approved is a huge bonus. You can train and compete with this ball whenever you want.


  • Nitro’s best performing ball - This ball is the best ball Nitro sells.
  • Not too hard - Nitro faces criticism for how hard their balls are, but this one is perfectly fine.
  • Bright pink - The bright pink color will ensure you don’t lose your ball, even in low light.


  • More expensive - Despite still being good value for money, this ball is one of Nitro’s more expensive products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nitro Golf Balls Actually That Good?

In all honesty, when you compare Nitro golf balls to other brands of golf balls like Titleist, they do fall short in when it comes to performance.

However, it must be said they do cost a lot less, representing much better value for money.

They are a great option to have in your bag when you’re looking for more distance in your shots.

Are Nitro Balls Legal?

Not every nitro golf ball can legally be used in competition.

In fact, only the long-distance peak performance and maximum distance balls are USGA and R&A approved. 

This means they are the only two Nitro balls you can play in tournaments with.

Which Company Makes Nitro Golf Balls?

Nitro golf balls are made by Nitro Golf themselves in a knitting works in Florida.

Originally called Nitro Leisure Products, the company quickly changed its name to Nitro Golf.

Final Thoughts

Overall Nitro is a great fast-growing brand that sells high-quality golf balls at an affordable price.

Though Nitro’s balls differ slightly, most of them are created with one thing in mind, hitting the ball a lot further. 

If you want to hit the ball further this great, but if you want more control over the spin on the ball you might need to look elsewhere.

Having said that, the long-distance peak performance ball does offer more spin capabilities. 

Better suited to beginners who are looking to develop their game any of the Nitro golf balls are a good choice, but one that can be used in competition does make more sense.

More experienced golfers should definitely pick the long-range ball because it gives you more control. 

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