Perfect Putting Mat Review

Are you an avid golfer? Are you struggling to fit in time for the sport that you love? Well then it looks like you should look to purchase the Perfect Putting Mat.

Putting is one of the hardest aspects of being a golfer. Ensuring you are hitting the ball with the correct technique and power can be a very difficult skill to master. Golf tournaments can be won or lost when it comes down to the putting.

When it comes to putting, practice really makes perfect. However, if you have a busy schedule, you may not be able to get to the golf course as much as you would like. Fitting in your practice is essential to making sure you remain on top of your game. This is where putting mats come in.

Putting mats allow you to effectively practice your putting at home, in the office, or simply anywhere you feel necessary. Of a variety of putting mats currently available, the Perfect Putting Mats are arguably one of the best available for you to use.

Continue reading to follow an in-depth review of the Perfect Putting Mat to see how it could enhance your golfing development.


The Perfect Putting Mat is endorsed by and is the official putting mat of professional golfer Dustin Johnson. Dustin Johnson is a very successful golfer winning the 2016 U.S. Open at Oakmont Country Club and also the 2020 Masters Tournament with a record score of 268.

He has also won the PGA Tour 24 times and the European Tour nine times. Johnson ranked number 1 in 2017 for a time of 135 weeks after, 10 years after he turned professional in 2007. 

To have such a prestigious name in golf endorse this putting mat, perfectly highlights how this product is a whole standard above its competitors. 

The Product

Every putting mat will try to sell itself as the most upmarket and top-of-the-line product compared to its competitors. However, when it comes to the Perfect Putting Mat, the product has some serious grounds to claim itself as the best of its kind. 

These mats are a perfect home or office solution to rapidly improving your golf game. Got some time on your break? With the Perfect Putting Mat you can fit in several puts, no matter your skill level, to keep up to speed.

With a consistent track record of helping people rapidly improve their putt game, it is time for you to get involved! 

No matter how experienced you are when it comes to the golfing world, this putting mat is expertly designed to be easy to use as it includes technical training aids and it features no gimmicks.


Technical Aspects

The mat has a length of 9.5 feet and has printed markings that display distances of 2, 4,6, and 8 feet.  These markings are an excellent feature to practice your putting from different distances to see what sort of level you’re at. At a weight of 7.5 pounds, the Perfect Putter is lightweight enough for you to take to work or move around the house with ease. 

Constructed with Crystal Velvet TrueRoll Technology, the mat uses a similar turf to a golf course to provide a realistic putting experience all from your bedroom or office.

The Perfect Putting Mat also includes two holes, one is the regulation size and one is the reduced size. Two holes allow you to begin putting a larger hole to then eventually use the reduced size. This will effectively enhance your development as it forces you to adjust to the sizes and gives you something to work towards.

Additionally, are you tired of constantly retrieving the ball once you have put it? Well, you do not need to worry about this putting mat as it instantly rolls back to you! 

The putting mat also has an elevated end to further test and develop your skills in putting. Unlike most flat putting mats, the Perfect Putter tests your skills in power by placing a ramp at the end to accelerate your development as a golfer.

Skill level

One of the best features of the Perfect Putting Mat is that it is all-inclusive to friends and family. Even if you have never played golf before or you are a seasoned professional, you are bound to have endless hours of fun. Ideal for parties and family bonding, get the kids involved in golf at an early age without the pressure of being out on a golf course.

Everyone knows how much they enjoy mini golf so why would you not want to replicate this fun within your own home? 

The Perfect Putting Mat will allow you to get comfortable with the use of a golf club before you even think about venturing out onto a golf course. If you are already an experienced golfer then this putting mat is sure to accelerate your development. 

Reviews From Professional Golfers

Dustin Johnson

The mat’s endorser himself claimed that the Perfect Putting Mat did wonders for his confidence and became part of his daily practice. 

If a former world number 1 was using this putting mat for his own development, then I think it’s a sign that you should follow suit.

Matthew Wolff

PGA Tour professional Matthew Wolff claimed that if you can make a putt using the Perfect Putter then you can make any putt. 

If this is not motivation to get a Perfect Putter of your own, then I don’t know what is.

Marc Leishman

PGA Tour Champion Marc Leishman stated how the mat was awesome for him and his family. He said it was great for his kids as it helped to teach them the correct alignment and gave them great confidence in their putting.

Leishman perfectly summarises how the Perfect Putter is very inclusive for people of all skills, including your children.

As an added bonus, all three of these pro golfers gave the Perfect Putter five stars.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Effectively Practice Putting?

To effectively practice putting, the first step is to get a putting mat, such as the brilliant Perfect Putting Mat. Ensuring you get the best out of your putting mat entirely depends on your current skill level.
If you are an experienced golfer, begin putting from longer distances into the smaller hole to really test and develop your current skills.
Whereas if you are inexperienced in the golfing world, use shorter distances and the smaller hole to get yourself used to the putting technique.
Use the longer distances and smaller holes as a target for when you become more comfortable with the golf club.

Why Are Putting Mats Elevated?

Putting mats are elevated to force you into adjusting the power you hit the golf ball as there is the added inclusion of the ramp. These are effective skills to translate onto the golf course as the green can sometimes be inclined or on a slope.
This means you would have to adjust your potting power and accuracy just like you will have practiced with the cutting mat.

Does Practicing Putting At Home Help?

Practicing putting within your own home can definitely aid your golf development. Having a putting mat within your home or office means you can more regularly fit in practice as you do not need to travel to your golf course.
Having a putting mat also isolates the practice of putting as you do not need to use the full whole. This will greatly assist you when it comes to playing on the course as you would have spent hours using the mat to practice.
When practicing, also make sure to use the mat outside to counter factors such as the weather that you will face when you are out on the course. If this is not possible then you can still ensure sufficient development whilst using the mat indoors. 


To summarise, if you are to purchase the Perfect Putting Mat (which you should!) you are bound to get a high-quality product that is endorsed by one of the greatest golfers in the business. 

The Perfect Putting Mat has a variety of fantastic features such as Crystal Velvet TrueRoll Technology, ramped finish, and an automatic rollback. These features allow the mat to be very inclusive for all ages and skills and leave no one out from enjoying the sport. 

No matter what age or skill level you are, you really cannot go wrong with this excellent Perfect Putting Mat approved by a host of the best golfers in the business.

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