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Golf is a great way to kick back and relax, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be very frustrating as well sometimes.

When we are practicing our swing, it can be immensely satisfying to watch our balls rocket straight down the fairway.

By the same token, there are few things more frustrating than watching your ball veer off course straight into a bunker or lake.

If you are looking to solve this issue, you may be thinking of buying more expensive balls. However, if you are struggling with your technique then more expensive, professional equipment is rarely the answer.

Snell Get Sum balls are both affordable and offer the feel of playing with a professional ball. In this review, we will examine what these balls can offer to improve your game while out on the course.

The History Of Snell Get Sum Golf Balls

Snell Golf was founded in 2015 by Dean Snell. The company was originally based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, but many of their balls are now made in a factory located in South Korea, which also produces products for TaylorMade.

Their main focus is producing high-quality golf balls for players of all skill levels. They also sell other products such as golf towels, gloves, beanies, and caps.

What Sets The Get Sum Golf Ball Apart?

Compared to other brands like Titleist, Bridgestone, Cobra, etc., the Snell Get Sum golf ball is exceptionally cheap, costing only $24 for a box of 12.

This makes them an excellent choice for beginners who want to play without spending too much money.

However, don’t think the low price indicates that they are low quality. These balls perform just as well as some professional $30 balls and are designed to help beginners improve their short game.

They are made with a Surlyn cover, which gives them a soft feel and helps to optimize their flight and trajectory.

This also makes them much more durable, although some golfers may find them too soft, especially when putting.

With a low-compression core, these balls can achieve higher speeds from much slower swings, which makes them a very forgiving choice for beginners still learning to perfect their technique. 


Snell Get Sum Golf Ball

Snell Get Sum Golf Ball


These balls are designed to give amateur golfers a good balance between distance and control. They have a slightly softer feel than most premium balls, which means they will fly further and straighter without requiring a fast swing to do so. Get Sum balls are designed to offer much lower spin than their competition.

This includes both hook and slice as well as backspin, meaning your ball will travel slower through the air and won’t be as likely to veer off course to the left or right. 

As such, long shots with these balls will travel much further, thanks to their lower trajectory and high speed. It may be easy to assume that these balls won’t perform as well for short shots, but that isn’t the case.

While they aren’t as powerful as some other premium balls, they do provide a solid amount of carry, making it possible to hit shorter shots with confidence.

With a good wedge, you can put just enough backspin on this ball to perform accurate shots over a small distance. The only people they may not be suitable for are those with swift swings.

The increased impact from a fast strike will significantly deform these softer balls upon impact, which will cause a lot of energy to be lost. This ironically means that the harder you hit this ball, the less distance it is likely to travel.

Overall, Snell Get Sum is ideal for those looking to get started with golf, but not willing to spend a lot on balls. After all, if you are going to hit your first dozen into bushes and lakes, then you’ll only be more devastated if they cost you an arm and a leg.

Get Sum balls are affordable, reliable, and perform much better than you’d expect. They are also fully tournament legal and approved for use by the R&A as well as the USGA.

Other Features

One of the best features of these balls is their durability. Unlike some other cheaper options, these balls are constructed to last.

The Surlyn covers are designed to protect against water damage, while the cores are formulated to resist fading and cracking.

The Get Sum balls come in boxes of 12, which should be plenty for most players. If you’re planning to buy several sets at once, consider checking out their bundle offer for five boxes of balls at a discounted price. 

In addition to being inexpensive, these balls are also available in optic yellow coloring. This makes them easier to see on the green and a great choice for anyone who finds they frequently lose track of their ball.


  • Affordable.
  • Designed to reduce unwanted side or backspin.
  • Softcore for higher speed and better durability.
  • Available in optic yellow.
  • Good for both short and long shots.


  • Not suitable for those with very fast swings.
  • May break sooner if hit with heavy metal clubs.

How Do They Compare To Other Brands?

Even though they are cheaper, Get Sum balls aren’t necessarily inferior to other options. For example, the Wilson Staff DX3 Soft Spin is a similar product that costs only slightly more per dozen. Since these are three-piece balls, they have a slightly harder feel to them, but they are still very forgiving and easy to use for inexperienced players.

The Wilson Staff balls only come in white, which won’t be too much of a problem for most players. If you do have issues with frequently losing your ball, then the optic yellow Get Sum balls will be a much better choice for you. While you can find plenty of alternatives to Snell Get Sum balls, with many of them in a similar price range, they are still one of the cheapest and best balls for beginners on the market.

Low Spin Golf Ball

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Compression Of A Snell Golf Ball?

The standard compression for Snell golf balls is between 85 and 90 percent. Balls with lower compression will have a softer feel when you hit them with the club. Their composition allows them to travel further, and at faster speeds when hit with slower swings. They are also more durable and unlikely to crack when hit with excessive force. 
One disadvantage of softballs is that they tend to travel slower when hit with a fast swing. This is because the greater elasticity of the ball causes more energy to be lost when they are hit with the club.

What Are The Dimples On A Golf Ball For?

Golf balls are instantly recognizable thanks to the distinctive dimples that cover their outer layer. Many people have looked at these dimples and wondered if they serve a purpose. In fact, this texturing is crucial for giving the ball its spin.
When struck with the club, the air is forced into these dimples, which creates rotational energy in different directions depending on where the ball makes contact with the club.
One of the main forms of spin that golfers intentionally put on a ball is backspin. High levels of backspin will give the ball a higher trajectory and prevent it from rolling when it lands.
This is great for experienced players who can use this technique to make their shots much more precise and accurate. Sidespin on the other hand is rotational energy to the sides, which can cause the ball to veer off course. A spin that carries the ball away from the player’s dominant hand is called a slice, while a spin in the opposite direction is referred to as a hook.
These days, many clubs are designed to help reduce slice, so even less experienced players can reliably hit straight drives.
There are also golf balls like the Get Sum range made by Snell that have shallower dimples on the outer surface to cut back on the unnecessary spin. 


There are many different brands of golf balls available today. When choosing a new set of balls, there are two main factors to keep in mind: performance and price.

At the end of the day, Get Sum balls are never going to compete with more popular brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, Callaway, Nike, and Pinnacle.

That said, for complete beginners, these professional balls aren’t going to provide much of a benefit, and you will only be more annoyed with yourself for shooting them into a lake.

When compared to other brands, Get Sum’s balls may not be comparable in performance, but they are far superior in terms of affordability. Price aside, these balls are a great way for amateur players to improve their game.

The softer feel will make them travel longer distances at higher speeds, without you needing a superfast swing. Furthermore, the shallower dimples on the outer Surlyn layer will greatly reduce unwanted spin, which will give you significantly more control over the ball and where it lands.

Overall, if you’re looking for a cheap set of golf balls, then there’s no question about it: Get Sum balls are the way to go.

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