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There are varying degrees of characteristics that golfers look for in their golf balls. It is very game dependent, i.e., where and how you are playing. But one thing that all golfers strive for is a ball that enhances their natural performance abilities. A ball that works for them and their specific game. 

TaylorMade has made and delivered all things golf equipment, including pro golf balls, since 1979. They are a well-established name in the golf market, and its products are widely used. We find it hard to fault them.TaylorMade soft response is a great set of golf balls that tailor to a specific golfer and a specific golf game.

We’ve put together a review of TaylorMade Soft Response golf balls. We will take a look at the features and advantages of this model of a golf ball, and show you the ropes of how it shapes up in the world of golf.

TaylorMade Soft Response

TaylorMade Soft Response

This is a golf ball that is gaining prestige in the world of golfers. It is a good choice for beginner players and even players working their way up and building their skills. Soft Response has a three-layer construction. Three-layer construction means it is formed with three different material layers.

It has shallow dimples to increase flight duration, a core that is low-compression, ionomer casing, and is generally a softer ball. Definitely a ball for golf players with an average swing speed looking to make their ball go that bit further with more of a push behind it. Let’s get into the main features and best bits.

Key Features

Shallow Dimples

The shallow dimples around the ball casing are U-shaped. The benefits of shallow dimples are a longer, faster drive. The higher number of dimples mostly dictates the strength and overall launch of the drive. Air interacts with the dimples, making the ball more streamlined in its uplifting.

In fact, the dimples on the Soft Response are designed specifically to work with the golf ball and make it stay in the air for longer. It is called an increased flight time. So if we take a look at the players in mind that may have a bit of a less powerful swing, they will get an increased performance if they try this ball.

Ionomer Cover

Ionomer covers tend to be harder than the alternative, urethane cover, that golf ball manufacturers use. They are known to be a great choice for beginners and people in the early stages of golf, but they also have their places with more seasoned golfers as well. Ionomer covers allow for a greater level of control when you tee off. They are hard, but still maintain a softness to them, which is appealing for a long drive and a stronger spin overall.

An ionomer is quite adaptable across the terrain and suits most types of weather and external forces in the golf game. In the case of the Soft Response ball, the ionomer is complemented by two more, softer core layers. They all work together to create that firm but somehow soft drive that your game may just have been lacking.

Color Choice

You can choose from three different colors; pure white, matte yellow, and matte red color. The pure white ball is the only choice that isn’t finished with a matte coat. Generally speaking, a ball without a matte finish is better for your overall golf game performance, as it is less restricted in terms of spin and drive. But, if you did fancy standing out, and have a bit more experience on the green, there’s nothing too deterrent about trying the matte colors too.

The yellow matte is somewhat luminescent, which is great for those players who need increased visibility of their ball. It can never hurt to have a golf ball that you can keep track of more easily! The red matte also stands out from the green, which again isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s not to everyone’s tastes, but it does mean the ball stands out and can be tracked easily and found more easily too, should it go astray.

Speedmantle HFMq

This is a term coined by TaylorMade. It is their own brand of golf ball material layer. This is an inner coating. Its design is mainly firm while managing to maintain elements of soft qualities too. It is the second layer, which serves as the middle layer of the Soft Response ball. It protects the inner coating from the outer coating. Its design is intended to increase the initial and overall speed with which the ball takes off after impact. Which, we have to say, it certainly delivers on. The Speedmantle HFMq combined with the dimple alignment gives the ball a definite, distinctive, and longer flight pattern that you wouldn’t get with other balls and a weaker swing.

ZnO Flex Core

A ZnO flex core is basically a hi-spring, but the low-compression inner core of the golf ball. Let’s break that down into bite-size chunks. A high-spring core is a soft core. That means it’s made with softer materials than other balls out there.

There is also a focus on the elasticity of materials used, to create firmness to juxtapose the softer elements. Now, when we say compression, we are talking about the core of the ball and just exactly how tight or lose the core threads are bound together.

Soft Response has a 35 compression, which makes it, self-proclaimed ultra-low. Ultra-low compression balls, like most of the other features on the Soft Response, are built for players with a weaker swing. The compression and mechanisms of the golf ball will increase the drive of your hit and swing.

So, you can go further without any more power behind your game, just by choosing the right ball for the task. And, this is definitely the right ball for that task.


  • Not Overpriced

TaylorMade Soft Response doesn’t put you too drastically out of pocket. It is an average price for the quality of the ball.

The costs vary depending on where you buy the ball from, but it is worth shopping around as there are often deals and deviations in cost.

Which, all things considered, is a great deal. You will struggle to find a ball of similar quality for such a price on the current golf ball market agenda. You get a high-quality product for a decent price, what’s not to love?

  • Well Made

No one could argue that this ball isn’t well-made. It has everything you haven’t even thought of in terms of performance and power.

It is a softcore, held up by firmer layers and specific dimple U-shaped sets, which all come together beautifully to create a little ball not to be looked over.

Maybe you struggle with arm strength. Or you could struggle to get a powerful enough swing to drive the ball further distances.

Even if you’re just playing around and looking for ways to keep up with your golfing buddies. Soft Response is worth the trial.

  • Trusted Brand

We may have mentioned that TaylorMade is well-established.

Well, we stand by it.

TaylorMade knows what they’re doing when it comes to making golf equipment. And, their addition of the Soft Response golf ball is no exception to that rule.

You can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to get a quality product, with a fair price, that will do what it claims to do.

  • Stop Time

Another important factor to consider when buying any golf ball. How well does it stop? In the case of the Soft Response, the answer is very well.

All the differently designed layers come together to not only give a higher drive but also a great stopping action.

The ball will stop as expected, with minimal roll or distraction. This only adds to the appeal of the whole thing.


  • Not for Everyone, Of course, you want variety in your golf game. Even if this is a good ball to suit some golfers, it really isn’t a fit for everyone.

More professional, or experienced, golfers will probably need to look for an alternative golf ball product to suit their different needs.

  • Distance Focussed

One of the main attractions is the way the ball is designed to increase distance in the air. With that in mind, it makes it less attractive for some golfers who have no problem with getting the ball to fly. A more versatile design that encompasses different things may work better overall. 


All in all, you can’t let this ball slip by. TaylorMade has thought through and followed through with a thorough and pleasant design.

It’s made to increase drive, flight, and accuracy over distances for people with a less powerful swing. It can really up your game if you’re out of practice, or just coming into the world of golfers. All the great features come together to form a steady, reliable, and powerful golf ball.

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