What Golf Ball Does Tiger Woods Use?

Tiger Woods is the most famous golfer on this planet. Woods has had an illustrious career that is stacked with major honours. He is not just one of the greatest golfers of all time, but one of the greatest sportsmen of all time.

Woods has 82 PGA Tour victories which are the joint highest with Sam Snead and have also secured 20 hole-in-ones in his career.

Following this, he also has 7 consecutive PGA Tour wins and has qualified for 142 consecutive events without missing the cut.

Such a successful career from Tiger Woods has meant that he has eyes glued to his exploits throughout his whole sporting life.

Many of you avid golfers out there would have wanted to mirror Tiger Woods’s skills at one point by using the same golf clubs and even golf balls. However, are you even sure what golf balls Tiger Woods even uses?

Continue reading to discover his history with golf balls and the balls that he is currently using in the present day. Golfers have a keen interest in knowing what golf ball Tiger Woods uses when he is out on the green.

Tiger Woods Brand Deals

Throughout his career, Woods has had many partnerships with different brands in order to create the perfect golf ball that is up to his specifications.

For a large part of his golfing career, it is widely known that Tiger had an extensive contract with Nike. Nike swooped in to win Tiger’s loyalty for years to come with an offer for 40 million dollars in 1996.

At the time he was a prodigious up-and-coming player attracting the attention of major brands. With the expiration of old contracts and the creation of new ones, offers only grew. The second contract in 2001, for example, promised Tiger a whopping 100 million dollars spread out over a five-year period.

However, despite popular belief, these Nike balls were in fact manufactured by Bridgestone and were just simply branded with the iconic Nike swoosh.

Golf balls are often outsourced by large sporting companies, but Tiger Woods still shocked the nation when he announced his ball, the one he used to win the U.S. Open by a massive 15 strokes, was actually not a Nike product.

Life After Nike

Tiger must have been surprised when Nike announced in 2016 that all of its golf operations would cease. The company would cease to manufacture golf balls as well as clubs.

In spite of being under Nike’s wing for almost two decades, Tiger’s equipment had to undergo a major overhaul.

Due to the fact that he had been using Bridgestone golf balls for most of his career and successes, he decided to contact them directly to request a signature ball.

Bridgestone was a brand that Tiger had already been working with so he knew he could trust them as a brand going forward.

Tiger has been using Bridgestone golf balls ever since and has worked very closely with their team to manufacture what he sees as a perfect golf ball. So what golf ball does Tiger Woods currently use?

After rigorous testing, the golf ball created was the Tour B XS Tiger Woods edition. Yes, he even has his name on the ball.

Golf Ball Resting Next to a Hole

For Tiger, green side performance is essential as he has a preference for a soft cover so that he can hit the shots he wants. In particular, he likes to hit the low spinner that will stop rapidly. The Bridgestone Tour B XS caters to these needs without sacrificing flight and distance.

Contrary to what you might think, the collaboration with Bridgestone was not just a money-grabbing publicity stunt.

These golf balls are actually used during every major competition by Tiger Woods, so you know you are not getting conned.

If you were purchasing this golf ball, you would know that you were using the exact same balls as the greatest golfer to grace this planet.

Features Of The Ball

A unique aspect of the Tour B XS Tiger Woods ball is that it allows players to play the exact ball Tiger himself plays. This includes the stamping on the ball reading ‘TIGER’ and Tiger’s preference to always play a number 1.

The ball itself features Bridgestone’s REACTIVE cover technology and is based on the Tour B XS. With this cover, you will get more distance and spin without sacrificing the feel around the green.

It is designed to fit Golfers who swing their clubs faster than 105mph, which is no small feat in itself. As one of the most aerodynamic options on the market, the dual dimple technology reduces drag significantly and enhances ball trajectory.

On approach shots, this masterpiece of a golf ball really shines. It is so precise and gives such great spin that you can make them stop dead on the green, which sets you up for an easy putt.

It is designed more for golfers with faster swings, so those with swings under 105 mph may not be able to adapt to it at first.

Nonetheless, as you can tell by the thousands of positive customer reviews, it helps golfers improve their game and take their skills to the next level.


So there you have it, the truth is out. Tiger Woods uses the Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition, one of the best in the industry.

However, it is now apparent that Woods had been using these Bridgestone golf balls before he officially partnered with them in 2016…if that makes any sense.

As you would expect with Tiger Woods, he has created a great golf ball that is definitely worth trying out with your own skills.

It is important to remember that these are signature balls designed to suit Tiger’s style of play so they may take some time to get used to.

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