What To Wear To A Golf Outing As A Woman

We are not all going to be super confident with what to wear to a golf outing, especially if this is something that we have never experienced before.

How are you supposed to know the etiquette or the dress code if you have never been before? Well, this is what we are here for. If you are planning on going on a golf outing but are unsure as to what to wear then you should read on for our best pieces of advice, and also for our style recommendations.

When it comes to golf style, there is the assumption that you have to look boring and that you have to blend in with everyone else – but this is not the case!

You will actually be surprised at how much flexibility there is when it comes to what you can wear when you are playing golf.

It is also important to note that men and women actually have separate dress codes. Additionally, it is important to note that what you can wear really depends on where you are playing golf. It is true that tournaments will have different rules and also clothing etiquette in contrast to a driving range.

The General Golfing Attire Etiquette

So, there are some general rules that both men and women should follow when they are outfit planning for a golf outing.

There are some garments that are a huge NO in the golfing world and this is especially important to bear in mind when you are planning what to wear.

Here’s the thing, men will have to wear collared shirts whereas women will be expected to wear modest shirts or collared tops.

It is important to note that men and women should not wear t-shirts or denim shirts to a golf outing as this really does not suit the occasion at all.

When it comes to trousers, men are permitted to wear trousers or if it is especially hot then they will be able to wear knee-length trousers.

When it comes to thinking about footwear, shoes that have soft spikes will be recommended for the golf course, and you can’t forget about the socks that you choose.

These socks must compliment your outfit completely because they will add that extra point of interest to your complete outfit.

What About Golfing Accessories?

Let’s think about accessories for a second. You will find that hats and sunglasses and also gloves are optional extras, but you will find that they can really enhance your performance in the game and they can also add to your professional golfing look in general.

If you decide to wear a hat then you will be permitted to wear a clean baseball cap or a straw hat, or during the cold weather, you will be allowed to wear a beanie. If you are wearing a hat then you need to make sure that you remove it when you are entering a building.

If you are especially keen to wear a golf glove then you will need to wear this on the less dominant hand and this will help you to enhance the grip that you have on your golf club.

It is important to mention that purses are not allowed for both men and also women, if you have anything you are wanting to carry with you then these things will need to be kept in your pocket that is on your golf bag.

The Do’s And Don’ts

Our general outfit advice for you when you are playing in a golf tournament is as follows… You should wear a polo shirt that you are comfortable in.

Alternatively, you will be able to go for a colored blouse with or without sleeves. You can also opt for a v-neck or for a button-down.

If the weather is slightly more unpredictable then you will need to keep a sweater, a cardigan, or a light jacket handy just in case.

You are allowed to wear shorts, skirts, slacks, cropped pants, or even capris. As long as you opt for bottom-half encounters that cover you from the mid-thigh area down to just above the knees.

You can also wear skirts that have shorts built into them as this will be a bit more practical for playing golf. Or, if you are wanting to cover your legs fully then you can wear long pants.

When it comes to shoes and socks – you should wear shoes that have soft spikes and these will be especially helpful in giving you that traction on the golf course.

You should pick socks that match your outfit completely, and opting for ankle-length socks is especially recommended.

Important To Remember

There are some style tips that will really help you in your golfing endeavors, and these might seem fairly obvious but they are style notes that you might find yourself taking for granted.

You need to make sure that you tuck your top into your bottoms just so that it does not come out during a game of golf. A top that is not tucked in can end up hindering your gameplay.

You need to make sure that your skirt or your shorts cover the knees completely because private clubs will not entertain skirts or shorts that come up four inches above the knees.

You could also consider wearing a belt through the belt loops just so that your pants will stay in place – and this is one less distraction during your game too.


It is true that golf courses do have a lot of expectations when it comes to what men and also women should be wearing. This is especially important if you are entering a golf tournament.

However, if there are any pointers that you have not found the answer to here then you should get in touch with the course management. They will be more than happy to help you with any queries that you have – you are better to ask than to just assume in the world of golf.

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