What To Wear To Topgolf?

Top Golf is an interactive driving range designed with technology to keep track of scores and make it super fun for everyone. It’s not only designed as a driving range but it’s also designed to be a great party venue.

It has a range of fun interactive games to play when you visit, for beginners and experts but also has the added fun of being a bar as well that serves food and drinks.

Its party side is a big part of it as it offers private parties for smaller groups and can also do corporate events and hold a load of people for bigger events. It’s even got lessons for those who are keen on getting started and want to become a good golfer.

Whether it’s rain or shine, Top Golf has the appropriate accommodations so you can play no matter the weather. So, whether it’s a party, casual visit, or genuine practice, Top Golf has it all.

Things To Consider

When visiting a driving range, the primary purpose of your visit will be to hit some golf balls. This may mean just having a bit of fun with friends, like a friendly competition, or just seeing how far you can whack a ball.

You may be going for some genuine practice, where you’ll be fully there to hit some balls with intentions, this may require dressing more appropriately for golf.

You might also be there for a party, whether it’s a casual birthday party or a smarter corporate event you’ll want to dress for a party but may also want to dress in something that you can hit a golf ball in.

What To Wear?


First of all let’s consider the casual, everyday clothes you’d wear whenever you’d leave the house. For everyone this will be slightly different, some people may consider this sportswear, smart casual, or even slightly dressed up, similar to what they’d wear to a party.

However, whatever you consider casual wear, Top Golf will accommodate you, they don’t have a dress code so this really leaves it up to you to wear what you want on your visit. Whether it’s a tracksuit or a polo shirt and chinos you’ll fit in.

Golf Attire

As far as wearing golf attire goes, there is no policy that requires you to wear proper golfing gear, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it if you want to.

If you’re practicing your driving, then you may want to up the ante and wear golf gear to help you get the feel for what you’ll be wearing when playing properly.

You and your friends may be going there for a golf themed party and the attire or dress code may be golf like attire as a sort of half joke so that everyone knows the group is together. Or you may just feel that it’s appropriate to wear golfing gear when going to play some golf.

Party Outfits

As Top Golf hosts many parties, you may be attending for one of these. Typically, party outfits and golf are not usually associated so this could be slightly trickier to plan around.

However, as previously mentioned there is no official dress code at Top Golf so you can literally dress for the occasion.

You may be attending a party with a formal dress code; it could even be a fancy dress party and you may have to go outside the box and wear a hilarious costume. However you’re informed to dress, just make sure you’re able to have fun and be able to swing a golf club.

Top Golf also holds corporate events which will fall under the party category, typically they’re usually smart casual events, especially if it’s an office type party.

However, that doesn’t make a difference as you’d be able to wear this at top golf, or again if your corporate party is fancy dress, it’s appropriate at Top Golf.

Extra Information

The good thing about Top Golf is that it’s always suitable to go there, meaning that it’s always weather permitting and whatever skill level you are, you’re able to go there.

The great thing about the weather conditions not affecting your visit there means it gives you more flexibility when visiting, you don’t have to dress just in case it rains as that doesn’t matter, they also have temperature controls, so having to add extra layers isn’t an issue either.

Also, with regards to skill level, you don’t have to worry about the people there dressed as golfers taking it seriously, you can dress as you want and participate.

Top Golf also provides lessons for those who genuinely want to get better at driving, there’s still no dress code for this, but it’s definitely a good idea to wear something that allows a decent range of movement just so you can learn properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Top Golf?

An entertainment complex, with high tech golf games everyone can enjoy. With great food and drinks, climate-controlled bays, with music and an energetic feel.

Does Top Golf Have A Dress Code?

Top Golf doesn’t have a formal dress code and believes fashion is a good way to express yourself. But also, still follow the rules of how you would dress in public.


So ultimately Top Golf doesn’t have a dress code, this basically means you can wear almost anything. However Topgolf does have a range of things to do there so it would be an idea to dress for the specific occasion you’re there.

Casual visits and golfing visits wouldn’t be too much of an issue, this would be perfectly fine to wear something that you’re able to hit some golf balls in and be able to hang around casually for food and drinks afterwards.

When it comes to party occasions this is where it may become slightly more difficult, as some party clothes, especially smart casual can be a bit more restricting and may hinder your swing slightly, so this may be something a bit extra to consider.

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